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4 hours ago

Easy hike with the 3 & 6 year old. Beautiful view of the valley near the end.

Four of us late 50s and early 60s years of age hike this trail and loop! Loved the challenge of going straight up at the beginning and then the loop of Fat Mans Pass and the tunnels and rock formations! Would recommend plenty of water on this hike and stop when you need! Mostly enjoy the diversity of this hike!!

I love this trail and try to go with my dogs at least once a week. It goes back and forth between slightly steep inclines and level ground. For an inexperienced hiker, you may need to take a few breaks before reaching the top but it is definitely worth it. I usually am able to finish the entire hike in about 45-60 minutes if I am not rushing but going at a steady pace. I also will usually end right before the loop because its mostly flat and I don't feel as though it adds too much to my overall workout. With that being said, its definitely worth doing the loop at least once because there are a few cool rock formations to see. If you decide to complete the loop I recommend paying attention as its not incredibly well marked.

Easy trail almost 1.5 miles. The only challenge are the steps other than that.... beautiful scenery!

We did this today, but via National Trail at Buena Vista Lot, and it was great. Made it to Fat Man’s pass and turned around.

Fun hike! Get there early if going on the weekend because it gets busy.

Excellent hike and weather today! Highly recommend!!!

10 days ago

Wow! The views on this trail are 5 Star views. The slippery snow on the trail and the few spots of mud made this hike SUPER hard for my 9 and 11 year old with special needs. And the effort I had to put in to ensure they didn’t fall made this one of the longest 1.7 miles of my life. My 15 year old flew over the same footing. But even with the slipping and sliding, we loved this hike. So beautiful! I can only imagine how pretty it would be at other times of the year.

Loved it! Easy and peaceful with beautiful views.

Epic.. I’ve yet to find a more peaceful hike!!

Really liked this one. Close to town with a beautiful view of the city. Some tight rocks go thru. In a couple of places it might seem like you lost the trail but sure enough you have to go thru rocks in very tight spaces. It’s not hard, just fun. Not for big people maybe.

We love this trail! Easy access, easy walk! Great for my old dog who is easily tired.

Easy. No tennis shoes. Recommend hiking shoes or boots.
This trail is all about the rocks.
Lots of fun. Good workout.

wonderful hike. It's perfect for a great workout and vitamin D

Moderate hike with nice views

It’s an easy trail with a beautiful view. It’s amazing to see the arch and the beauty of the looming mountain faces. Worth doing! Wonderful hike when you only have limited tine to hike.

Great , fairly easy trail that gives great scenery and nice Canyon. Take Scout Cave trail in way back to make an afternoon out of it.

Easy flat trail, cool arch!

Beautiful trail! There is a good balance of rocky areas to flatter surfaces. There is a amazing tunnel and fat mans pass is really cool I think you can only fit through there if your a child but you can still get through it by sliding down the rock. Sliding down the rock is really fun just be careful not to hit your head!

1 month ago

Great hike to do with kids. We did the Chuckwalla connecting to Turtle Wall. The kids loved the climbing/bouldering opportunities! Very wide defined trail. Definetely will do again for the "natural playground"!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail! There were lots of hikers. We saw no bikers. The beginning of the trail was a thin trail with a cliff edge. It was quite a difficult ride in the beginning for our (4,6,9) year old boys. Lots of hiking/biking. After about 800 ft. The trail widened a bit, then it was wonderful. It was both challenging and fun. It was just perfect.

I come here to trail run. Its a fun place and the rocks are nice to eat a quick snack and hangout!

The arch is cool. Short and sweet. Saw a toad.

I enjoyed the hike, easy but challenge enough for someone that is starting to hike. Beautiful view of the Valley and the mountains in the North East.. It was a little muddy but nothing really bad.

1 month ago

Really enjoyed the hike. Little mud but not too bad. Views were awesome.

Great trail. Beautiful views

Amazing sunsets, good climb but nothing too difficult.

The trail was ambiguous at some points but very scenic with interesting rock formations and moderate traffic. Great photo oops at Fat Man’s Pass!

Gorgeous sunset hike! My advice would be to wear good shoes; you’re Nike Frees aren’t going to cut it on this one. Especially with the rock scrambling. Not a terribly difficult hike, just right. The view overlooking the city at night is to die for. Note to self: bring head lamps for sunset/night hikes.

Rocky at some parts, sandy at others but overall absolute quality trail

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