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Wonderful hike with lots of altitude! Def got my heart racing. We finished it up with a rest at the top in about 2 hours.

switch backs almost all the way up but beautiful views from the top

Good trail, great views!

mountain biking
13 days ago

It was a good time challenging uphills and fun down hills

13 days ago

Hiked from the parking lot at the top of Spruce Knob to Seneca Creek, and it was well worth the hike up the next day. Camp sites can be found all along the creek and I didn't see one bad one. About .2 miles before Judy Springs is the "prettiest camp site in WV" unfortunately we couldn't make camp there as we had to hunker down for a storm but the site featured a waterfall as well as a mill stone table. This is easily one of my favorite trails in WV.

14 days ago

Great trail but it is not located in Babcock State Park as listed. It is in the New River Gorge National River Park NOT Babcock State Park near Clifftop WV. Please make this correction in the Trail description as it creates confusion and hikers are traveling 20+ miles out of the way to the wrong location to access this trail. It is located near Fayetteville WV where you can view the New River Gorge Bridge not at Babcock State Park. Really great trail but it is listed in the wrong location.

I would do it once but not as a repeat hike. It’s more of an ascent or climb than a hike. The view from the platform is lovely but it is of the valley below and not of the rock formations. We were under the impression that the trail led to the actual rocks so this was a bit of a letdown. Progress markers on the trail would be a great addition. One and done for us.

16 days ago

I really enjoyed this trail. It is a climb on the way to the viewing platform but it is well worth it. The trail was wide and well maintained.

16 days ago

Starting from behind the mill gives you a steeper climb than if you start from the entrance off the road. The view was nice. Trail was overgrown when I went.

scenic driving
16 days ago

It is beautiful here! We drove the loop which leads down to New River and let the kids play in the water. Great place for taking pictures.

18 days ago

Great view of bridge. Wide trail, Easy walk for littles.

19 days ago

Nice cardio hike. Beautiful viewpoint at the top.

nice walk around the lake very easy

The hiking trails are nice but the best part is walking down to the falls and climbing on the rocks. One of the prettiest state parks in West Virginia. It is a must for any WV hiker.

19 days ago

This is a nice 5 mile hike. Most of it is in the woods and it ends along a lake. All Trails labeled it easy. The sign at the park says difficult. I’d go with moderate. It’s rocky and there are some up hill stretches. The trail is very clearly marked. You can begin and end at a picnic area with bathroom facilities. There’s a sign at the park entrance that says “pets prohibited.”

This is a nice hike that is set up for everyone. Well maintained path to the observation deck that included benches for people rest along the way. The bonus to this hike is when you get to the top and can go out on the fins of Seneca Rocks.

This trail is amazing! The view is gorgeous and it is an easy hike - perfect for an afternoon hike.

Great hike. Definitely watch for rattlesnakes in the open part of the clay run trail

28 days ago

The trail itself it’s not particularly difficult it’s got about two steep inclines. The only draw back is there is a section of the trail where there is a large collection of trash; i.e. beer bottles, rusted metal items. Aside from that, which could be a park maintenance problem, it’s a lovely hike!

It was ok, but definitely would not do again. View is lovely, but nothing spectacular or worth all the people on the more narrow switchbacks. I would count it as an easy climb if crowds were low.

I’ve walked this trail a lot, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s an easy hike to a gorgeous view, and it’s never super crowded along the trail.

Seriously. The view is incredible.

Also, they’ve been renovating the trail for the last year or so, so it’s even easier.

Just a fun, quick hike.

1 month ago

what a beautiful little park tucked back into the hills. nice park for kiddos to play at or have a picnic and moderately challenging hiking/biking trails. definitely worth the detour during our cross country road trip!

The falls were pretty, we started right near the lodge, where the falls is, rest of the hike was just forest, peaceful but not as exciting as I had hoped it to be.

1 month ago

Moderate is the perfect way to describe the difficulty - a gradual ascent up to the platform through switchbacks, your heart will be pumping but not so much that you need to stop very often. The view is wonderful & as it’s a mostly shaded path through the woods it can be done on even hot days. I recommend parking in the heritage house lot rather than taking the trail from the visitor center & just stopping by that after the hike.

This trail was wonderful! It actually has two entrances, if you take the one behind the mill, it is a very interesting hike.

Went on the hike yesterday morning, and the temperature was perfect. We took the North Mont Chateau trail and veered off into some other trails, and at the end clocked in at about 11.5 miles (with 175 floors climbed)! The hike is marked well and has some great views. Walking in between some of the massive rocks, seeing the Iron Furnace and seeing the mini-beach at Cheat Lake were some of the biggest highlights. The overlook of Coopers Rock is amazing but was extremely crowded. If you come during early morning, you may have a better experience. Overall great hike, definitely worth the 5 hours for me. Check out some of my photos. Sitting down afterwards was great haha

Steady climb up. Lots of switchback but a great trail. Very we maintained. Ton of people out- kids and puppies included. It is a good bit of cardio and is not a light walk. Proper footwear is encouraged . The overlook platform is very nice. We climbed a little past that on the rocks. This is only suggested if you are confident in your skills and have proper shoes on. There’s a lot of climbers utilizing this as well. Moderate is a good rating.

Lots of downed trees, recent rain make for a muddy hike. Lots of wildlife to see and hear. Well worth the hike. I will return in the fall.

This was a great hike. A lot of forest views. We went up to Balanced Rock and kept going until we came out at the "farm" where the Yellow Birch Trail started. It had rained the day before, so boots were definitely nice to have. You can go down to the Elakala Falls if you continue down the right, over the hill, where you can see somewhat of a trail. The rocks are slippery (obviously), so use caution. There wasn't a lot of traffic on this trail. In 2 hours we only passed four people. If anyone else is into stickers for their water bottles or laptops, the gift shop by the actual Blackwater Falls has a ton. Great trail!!

Great hike. First day was 10 miles through a beautiful forest. The last half mile is a little rough straight down the mountain to cranberry river. Second day was 12 miles all road walking except the last 2 miles straight up the mountain.

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