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beautiful trail. towards the halfway point is a steep downhill portion of the trail that you will need to hike back up. bring water and enjoy the view.

Great trail!

3 days ago

Great trail with fantastic views !!! Does not take long so if you are just wanting to get out for a quick hike .... this is perfect

3 days ago

Super good interval trail. Quick turn around time - under 1.5 hours round trip.

trail running
5 days ago

Great trail, but a ton of people.

great cardio workout and great views of North Scottsdale and the city.

Loved it! Nice and challenging after making the turn to head back. Very crowded, get there early.

Loved this trail lots of people but incredibly peaceful. Took my son next time we’re going to take our dog

Short hike straight up. Don’t forget to stop every couple minutes to look back. It’s gorgeous!!!!

great views! lots of people, but, friendly. could use more parking.

This wasn’t really a “hike” to me. Golf carts will take you up from the lower parking area. The cathedral is beautiful. There is a gift shop and beautiful views. There is a gorgeous property on the right - whoever lives there is a very lucky person! It’s breath taking!

One of our favorite hikes! Well maintained trail, nice workout!

This was my second overall hike and the easiest of the three. The other two were Toms Thumb and Sunrise Peak. It was a moderate hike and the highest point was only 20 minutes in. Really nice views. Very expensive homes and a nice golf course. Near the end it said strenuous ahead. Going down wasn’t bad but coming back was hard. Lots of steps had my quads burning. Fun hike.

trail running
15 days ago

Very fun trail run. For someone coming from Colorado, you get to go up and down steep hills at lower altitude and the up and down sections run fast for how steep they look. If you go to the end, you'll be dumped out in a neighborhood and have to climb back up and over to return.

16 days ago

This was my first time hiking, overall good hike for a novice hiker. It's pretty up and down so you get breaks to catch your breath. The hardest part is at the very end, there is a sign that says "strenuous ahead" and if you go beyond that point it's tough but if you don't it's pretty easy!

trail running
16 days ago

Excellent for trail running. I did the 6.74 mile out and back trail and was able to run 90 percent of the trail as it wasn’t too treacherous but that may be subjective. My favorite daily runner when I’m in the area.

Liked this view of Sedona

22 days ago

I really enjoy this park. There are so many different trails that you can take a different one each time. Also as a mother to a newborn, it’s stroller friendly. There is a lot of wildlife such as ducks, geese and rabbits. My only suggestion is, bring bug spray. Being close to the water there are a lot of mosquitoes out there.

Perfect length

great walk and explore not hard apt all

Challenging up and down hike, not technical but good balance ( loose rock, steep steps and narrow mountain trail) cardio fitness required
Great views and workout !

Good workout!

nice treck

So beautiful! Good workout!

Great views - good morning walk

Great family hiking trail!!! We saw two Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Spiny Dessert Lizard, Quails, Rabbits, and amazing views!! Highly recommend this hike. It was a little busy but people were very friendly. Our 8 year old kept up with no problems. Take plenty of water and sunscreen. Enjoy!!

1 month ago

good for kids

Nice trail, good workout. The way back is definitely more difficult, especially with the sun beating down. Made it to about the 70 mark, then turned around due to knowing I'd have to go back up a decent incline and it wasn't getting any cooler. stunning views, the people were, meh...not the friendliest but that didn't stop me from saying hello. recommend, probably during the week.

best park in the east valley, with a variety of activities near the library, and nature preserve. please be courteous when using this trail as a spike in littering has occurred recently. thanks.

We started this hike with a climb to the summit on the summit trail. Once we reached the top, we explored the opposite side of the rock and some of the rocks along the edge, eventually following the contour of the rock until we found a spot where we could safely make it down to the trail below.

Once we were on the trail we picked our way through the stones along a rough section of the trail until we arrived at the climbing area. From here we caught the base trail along the north side of Enchanted Rock until we hit the junction with The Turkey Pass trail We turned right and headed south with about 200 feet of additional elevation gain. This saddle between two higher points makes the perfect spot to cross back over to the south side of the rock. Once on the other side we went around Frog pond and caught the mail loop trail back to the car. Thankfully this last section had a little shade for as we finished out the hite;

Overall the majority of this hike is pretty easy with just a few locations with some elevation gain.

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