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22 days ago

A broad, paved, easy path and a nice way to get your exercise in outdoors.

I have done this trail twice, both times in the fall, and it has had beautiful fall colors. It is a fairly easy hike along the lake with a few climbs and lots of roots. Trekking poles will come in handy. We hiked on a Sunday afternoon and there were quite a few people out there but still peaceful.

1 month ago

A nice local trail with a variety of terrain and pleasant views of one of the lakes on the Greensboro watershed.

Nice walk ... not very interesting, but nice.

1 month ago

Definitely a workout. I found it pretty hard on the knees, optimal for biking I'm sure. Lots of wildlife. Quite the beautiful hike with many different types of terrain. Whoever has been responsible for clearing the Tropical Storm Michael damage from the trail, my hat goes off to you. There were so many trees down, but I never had to cross an obstacle on the trail. Job well done!! Looking forward to my next visit!

Great hike on a well marked trail.. I have found that you get more of a workout if you do the loop counter-clockwise. A lot of remnants from tropical storm Michael still remain. One huge tree blocking the trail. You must detour into a small ravine, cross a creek and hike back up to hit the trail. Can tell a lot of the trees from the storm have been moved off of the trail and repairs made to a bridge and such. Saw much wildlife, to include squirrels, frogs, and a curious deer that showed up a few times during my hike. Will hike again soon!

This trail is great! My dogs loved it! There are 3 different loops and potentially over 3 miles of hiking.

Loved seeing the bald eagles nest! Went back with binoculars and saw a baby in the nest. So neat. The turtles sunning in the Yadkin was neat. Easy to do.

Makes me sweat

trail running
3 months ago

Live right near it, pretty fun nice views, watch out for snakes though because I have stepped on one on more than one occasion!
Overall great time.

This is a super easy trail, relatively flat and not too rooty, but still quite nice. it is rare to come across many people in the leg past the bridge. You are also along the banks of Lake Brandt almost the entire time so you have a nice cool breeze in sumer. Plenty of wildlife, herons and gulls in the lake, an occasional snake, and deer tend to hang out in the area a lot as well.

3 months ago

A pretty walk through the woods. The trail is well marked and not too crowded early in the morning.

Great trail along the lake.

Nice trail, easy, some paths that cut and take you onto main road iffin you do not know the route!

4 months ago

This is one of our regular spots, thankfully it stays fairly quiet on the trails and in the fields.bLove to bring my dogs here.

Sometimes hard to find parking at the trail head. The lot is very tiny. I like this trail because you can loop rather than going out and back.

Pretty basic woodsy hike from the Corridor Trail parking area on Hauser Rd. to the Yadkin River where it intersects with the Bean Shoals Canal Trail. Encountered a beautiful green snake and a sizable black rat snake on this trail.

This is a neat trail. There are signs with information posted on them throughout the trail. The information describes the plant life you'll encounter as well as some of the wildlife you could encounter. The possibility of seeing bald eagles along the river section is exciting. I'll likely come back during nesting season to try and see and photograph the eagles. Horne Creek was larger and prettier than I had expected at one of the crossings.

5 months ago

Not bad for a quick hike close to town. The few climbs will get your heart rate up.

mountain biking
5 months ago

good trail...I usually hit this twice a year when I do the Greensboro trails tour...a but "rooty" in some areas but all in all good "flowy" trail...got some good pump sections that you can really get ripping on...

My new favorite trail. Has everything - lake view, deep shade for hot days, berms, pump parts, all single track, technical challenges but not impossible, well groomed. Ride up on green way to Wild Turkey trail for more miles of single track. Awesome for Mtn biking!

6 months ago

Definitely a moderate trail; lots of flat straight-aways with the occasional steep incline in-between, great place to go for a jog. Wonderful scenery and great views just yards away from Lake Brandt. There was enough tree coverage overhead that even though it was raining, I barely felt it.

I, personally, walk my dogs off-leash on this trail, for the same reasons I'm sure others do-- it is a bit less trafficked than other surrounding trails, and biking is not allowed here. I can speak for myself in that, I've given my dogs off-leash privileges because I've taken the appropriate measures to train them in proper hiking etiquette, both on and off leash. I'm well aware this is against leash laws, but my dogs have never, ever given me a reason to take this privilege away from them. If they did, they certainly wouldn't be off leash.

Generally, people are very kind and accepting about this here, despite the previous review and general sentiment on other surrounding trails. Any negative encounters I've had are almost always dogs mirroring their owners; that is, if you immediately tense up and exhibit reactionary, anxious (and often rude) behavior, so will your animal. If you calmly call out and politely ask me to leash my dog for the moment we cross paths, I'm more than happy to respectfully oblige.

There's plenty of trail around for everybody to share, in all capacities. Mutual respect goes a very long way.

Nice quick hike a couple miles from my house. Moderate hills. Good little workout with my Doxie.

road biking
7 months ago

This is a flat, fun ride or walk. It can be quite busy, and folks don't pay much attention (walkers) to other traffic, including bikers, skaters and such. Give a "on your left!" to the walkers, if you are riding! Lots of bugs on warm evenings, that's an issue. Can be quite pretty, deer do make an appearance.

Like the trail but there is no parking! Enough spaces for 5 people to park? Have gone 3 times and never been able to get a park there. Always end up risking it and parking in one of the neighborhoods near them.

Would be beautiful in the late spring , summer and Fall. Good for dogs and older kids.

8 months ago

Loved the trail ~ DID NOT LOVE the fellow hikers who had their dogs off-leash. We have a leash law in Guilford County, however you would not know it hiking this trail! What are these people thinking? I was hiking with my dog, who is CGC certified, and felt very uncomfortable when we met 6 dog owners, all different and not together, with their dogs off- leash. This is against the law!! Will not hike this trail again!

lots of wildlife, tons of turtles all sunbathing on logs, blue herons walking on the water edge, and toads hopping around in the forest.

9 months ago

We started at battleground trail head. I liked starting here and taking a break at the marina (bathroom and vending machines are there) We are new to trails and found this one pretty easy, there were maybe two hills that were tough. Fun for our dogs too!

Great trail once you get off the pavement. Lots of American Beech, my favorite tree.

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