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Pretty good hike. Very nice view at top but not that hard.

Make sure to bring a potato!! Fairly easy until the incline. There is a section that splits between the easier longer route to the top or a shortcut but it is really steep! Overall, great scenic hike with an awesome view at the top.

2 days ago

Definately a place to check off the list & a unique site as the 2nd tallest waterfall in the NF, but go with expectations. This is NOT a hiker's hike. You will encounter grafitti, trash, sewage, loud human noises, partiers & the trail inexperienced (read: don't know trail ettiquette). While it's rated moderate for the rocks & a short hill, it's fairly easy. Kids & small dogs could make it.


Go super early and during a weekday otherwise it's a tourist hangout unless you like being around a bunch of other people that lack trail etiquette.

Otherwise great butt workout via Burbank trail!

3 days ago

1/9/19 - Chasing that sunset....

trail running
4 days ago

Great trail to run!

Short but intense uphill climb, beautiful view of the city and the valley all at once. Gets pretty crowded, and beware parking cops.

Great trail for the family!!

Awesome hike, lots of snow.

I did this hike before the fires and really loved it

Beautiful trail. First snow hike. Trekking poles are a must, if I didnt have them I would have probably slipped down the mountain. I got here earlier today at 8am and I was one of the first ones here, it was pretty empty. Keep in mind it's a weekday. It is pretty tough if you haven't hiked in a while, I contemplated giving up multiple times. The trail to the peak at some point was hidden in snow and I felt that it was best if I didnt continue, plus my crampons broke. I'll be sure to finish this trail in the summer.

This was my first hike at this location and hiking in the snow. Great workout...crampons and trekking poles helped. Completed in 9 hours. Since it was supposed to rain later that day it was super windy and began snowing on the way back down. Hiking in the snow was awesome and the scenery was beautiful. Can’t wait to do this one again in better weather conditions to be able to absorb more of the scenery.

Be prepared for the incline and take some potatoes! The view is worth the hike on a clear smogless day.

Very fun and interesting trail. Really cute waterfall and something really nice to see during the winter!

Excellent views and great workout!

hike was great. Be sure to bring a potato up there too. lots of shade. It's about three miles long.

hiked on 12/19/18

absolutely amazing. micro spikes were a must. hiking poles are extremely helpful, i don't summit without them!

started at 8:30. got to the top by 1. ate lunch for about an hour. got back down by 5. next time I will start an hour early because the sun had set by the time we got back to the parking lot.

this hike can be dangerous for those who don't come prepared. we ran into someone who slid 100 feet because they were in Nikes and no micro spikes. luckily they weren't alone. not sure what the current conditions are, i would call the ranger station a day in advance to make sure.

anyways, had a total blast doing this. i definitely recommend getting some miles in before doing this one because it is mighty strenuous. can't wait to train properly and do it again!

Hiked to the peak without micro-spikes, worst mistake ive ever made. Almost fell off a slope but thanks to someone near by helped me up, very dangerous without spikes at the moment.

best wire of entire ie!!...by far!

great view at the top. lots of incline at the start but definitely worth it! if you go early in the morning you could enjoy the view alone.

Kind of anti-climactic at the end just going to the saddle, but overall a really great hike and lovely views along the way.

This hike never gets old! I have been doing this hike every other week for the past six months for the exercise and for the fantastic view of valley below this peak. On a very clear day you can see well beyond downtown LA (looking west) and east towards San Bernardino. If you are fortunate to be up there when a marine layer of clouds roll in, the view is much more spectacular! Not much shade so take a hat and be sure to take more than a bottle of water (I normally take at least four bottles - more on warmer days). It amazes me that I see quite a few people hiking up the trail with little or no water!!! On warmer days flying bugs can be a nuisance so repellent would a good idea to take along. The hike itself is doable (I am 62 and slightly overweight) and I have been averaging about 1:10 going up and less than an hour going down. Give it a try!!!

fun, 2 hour round trip and that's with a few quick breaks. def worth doing

Very nice hike but it gets packed with people.

Overpopulated thanks to IG but only to the flag. I would recommend starting on the left side of the gate it will grant you a more solace steady climb to the top.

I do this hike up to the wisdom tree several times a week before work. It’s a fast intense hike. You can be up and down in 45 minutes, including a short stop at the top to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Pacific on one side and Burbank on the other. Many people leave notes of hope at the top in a big trunk under the famous (fire surviving) wisdom tree. The flag is planted by an amazing guy who’s been raising it there in honor of 9/11 for years.

When I have time, I continue on to the Hollywood sign, which will take you as long if not longer as it took to get to wisdom tree. And, yes, you can only see the back of the sign. This is NOT where to get your shot of yourself in front of the sign for Instagram. Year after year, I see tourist attempting this hike in everything from flip flops to designer heels. They don’t make it very far.

Lately, I’ve been going down the Burbank side of the trail that meets up with the fire road below. It adds a good 45 minutes to an hour to your hike. Accessing it from the main trail is a challenge because it’s difficult to find. This is very steep and sheer rock at points. I like it because it’s usually empty so my dog can be off leash.

NOTE: You can not park at trailhead. Park down below and walk up through neighborhood.

Awesome 4 mile hike. The mine at the end of the trail is super cool

Amazing views! A little icy but manageable.

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