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my favorite of all the trails to the fire tower. Best views especially after the leaves fall. Well marked and reasonably dry 2 days after heavy rains

12 days ago

We underestimated the difficulty of this trail. Going counter clockwise there was a very steep section with what could be best described as a cliff to one side. We had our 5 and 7 year old and a dog. It was steep enough, wet enough, and coverred with enough leaves that we considered turning back, but after scouting ahead a bit, it seemed it was safer going forward than turning back.

After that sketchy section, it turned into a wonderful hike with views on both sides of the ridge.

We'll probably do it again when the boys are older, but we'll do it when it's dry and we'll do it before the leaves start falling.

Great view of pond

on Peary Mountain

25 days ago

I was disappointed because due to logging, this trail is a mess and not marked well at all. It's so easy to get off course and follow the wrong path.

on Mount Cutler Trail

25 days ago

Definitely an exciting hike, far from boring. The summit is beautiful and there is a lot to explore. Although the climb up is very steep and rocky. I normally love a good challenge, but I definitely think this one is better suited without kids (my husband carried our 3 year old on his back and I am currently 3 months pregnant). We did a lot of sliding on our butts on the way back down and had a mini panic attack here and there, but I would love to come back to this mountain someday and do some more exploring, likely when I am not pregnant and without kids. Haha. On another note, make sure to keep an eye out for the red trail markers. They are a bit hard to find in some spots.

Loved the trail. Perfect for a short walk if you only have an hour or two. We took the Bob Chase trail up and then the loop back. Next time will also take the South Face trail but we were short on time. Nice, gradual ascent easy on the knees and nice views in several spots of the mountains and lakes. We will be back!

Nice trail, after about 40 minutes of up thru the woods ,trail opens up to ledges with beautiful views
Then runs along them to the top, we stopped at the southwest ridge took about 1.45 minutes and had lunch, and headed back . Great trail we will be back

on Peary Mountain

1 month ago

Not the best marked trail but beautiful

great short hike. my husband and I were up and back in an hour. great views. we kind of got confused because as I checked gps as we climbed we were not showing up on the trail, but it could be that my gps is off. however following the trail back down we gradually converged with the trail shown on the map. i think there might be an error in where the trail is drawn on the map.

short, easy, good for the dog and walking distance from my house

very nice trail with some good views. a littl bit of a scramble over a rock ledge.

Do yourself a favor and stop before you get to the top. The way up is beautiful, with expansive views, though the top is a mess of radio towers and cables.

We did the the ledges on the way up, and it was great fun. We did up and back, and did not do the full loop. My 8 year old girl really wanted the adventure of going back down the ledges. It’s definitely not for everyone, admittedly, but we had a ton of fun. unless you want a good adventure, the ledges are not for all. Great views in all directions, the view of Mt Washington and the presidential range to the north was really quite special.

Great hike! A bit hard in some places, but the views were nice!!

2 months ago

Fun family hike, good steep climb.

great views for a little effort

Been hiking Pleasant Mtn for 10 years on the Fire Warden Trail and the trails off Mountain Rd, but have never done the SW Ridge Trail, for whatever reason. We have been missing out! This is now my favorite way to summit Pleasant Mtn. Many great views on the way up and a great workout. It’s rated moderate, but I would put it on the upper end of moderate.

The views at the main summit are always enjoyable.

Nice short hike

Did this one today! Wonderful hike up, great views, can’t wait to do it in the fall

2 months ago

I was pleasantly surprised by this hike. I took the Barnes trail up. It had some pretty good rock scrambles during the first portion and it leveled out a bit as I approached the top. There were a few nice viewpoints on the way up and on the way down. I didn’t enjoy the descent as much. There were a lot of bugs and it was mostly wooded. Pay attention to the markers on the way down - many are faded and trees have fallen on the path in some spots. The last mile or so doubles as an ATV trail before reconnecting with the Barnes trail. I’d probably hike this mountain again but I’d go down the way I came up.

What a great trail! I have hiked Pleasant Mountain via the Ledges Trail before and almost did that one again today but at the last minute decided to try something new, and I'm so glad I did! the trail goes through lots of different zones - open forest, bare rock, grassy areas, more dense forest - so there's a lot of variety to keep the hike interesting. A few spots with nice views on the way up and gorgeous views of the Whites from the top.

Watch out for porcupine my dog got jacked up at the Vet

3 months ago

We really enjoyed the views! Could have been marked better . Some very steep areas . Hike down with a 9 year-old and a one year old on back pack.

Finally got to hiking the mountain in my hometown-we went on a hot day so it was difficult with my asthma but if we’d done this hike on a fall day I’d rate it moderate. Trail starts out steep right away! But levels out as you go. We found a BUNCH of blueberries on the trail, bushes everywhere. Overall a fun hike and pretty views.

Wonderful trail with beautiful views. It’s moderate but definitely. strenuous if you aren’t in good shape. Took my dog along. Saw a few people along the way. From Denmark road parking area it’s about 3 miles to the top. There is access from the other side of mountain that is about a mile shorter. Took about 2 1/2 hrs to reach the summit and about 1 hr 40 mins to get down. Stopped a number of times for my dog who was really struggling with the heat, and for ourselves on the way up to catch our breath. We had plenty of water. On hot humid days you will need about 3 liters of water for a person plus a dog. Trail is steep from the start until reaching about 2/3 of the way up, then there is relief as you hike the ridge. Definitely worth repeating.

Great hike for any age dog and owner!

The hike gets steep right from the start but that just means that you get to the great views faster. I found the views along the ridge on the way up to be just as enjoyable as the view from the top, if not even more so. This was my first time hiking alone so I was nervous about getting lost but the trail is very well marked by either yellow diamonds or cairns.

Great hike! Took about an hour and a half to get to the summit. I would say this is a moderate hike, like others have mentioned it starts right off steep right away and then levels off for a little before the last steep trek to the summit. Had great look out points throughout the whole trip. Would recommend for a quick day hike in a beautiful area!

3 months ago

Really enjoyed the variety to this hike. We went to the right to start, so up the front ledges. Reading the reviews i was a little nervous about the scramble because i'm not the most confident climber. But i found the ledges fun to climb and my husband only had to help me once. The first half of the trail up was very well marked, looked like someone had recently gone through it and redone it. Going down was a bit tougher (I think their spray paint ran out) but you just had to keep a sharper eye out. Going up the ledges allowed a steady pace with natural breaks up the hill. It looks like if you went up the other way it would just be a straight trek uphill. Would do the hike again.

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