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I didn't even realize this trail was here, right behind Ralston Middle School. A great escape into a quiet woodsy preserve. Very close to residential areas, but it's very serene. Be warned, for those who want to try to follow the loop marked out in the AllTrails app, there are a bazillion forks in the road - some with three or four options - and they're not well marked. A lot of the signs seem erased or run down. I ended up doing a crazy figure 8 instead of the loop in the app, and while it didn't really matter, it added some extra mileage. I think we did about 4.5 miles total.

A lot of the trail is shaded, but still bring sunscreen for the wide open stretches. When the fog burns off, it can get brutal. Also be ready to scoot over for mountain bikers who come by every thirty seconds, and keep an eye out for the plentiful poison oak. I think the only animals I saw were tiny lizards and a cute bunny, but there are signs for mountain lions. A lot of dogs are off-leash too.

There are some steep inclines, but they're marked on the trail map plaques. Bring good shoes because there's a lot of loose dirt and gravel. I probably would only come back here out of convenience, as there are a LOT of cyclists. However, everyone we crossed paths with was friendly and kind. One gentleman helped point us in the right direction back.

Drive up the fire road until there is a gate blocking the road, and use that parking area to save a bit of walking. The falls is absolutely beautiful; keep going, you’ll know when you get there, as you can go no further. My dog really enjoyed playing in the creek and hiking the trails without worrying about bikers. The last mile to the falls is slightly more technical terrain, very fun.

Trail is slightly confusing or maybe I was confused but overall was an amazing hike. Definitely moderate, not easy and it’s fairly long but worth it. Scenery was absolutely stunning but there is lots of poison oak.

short, easy, lots of shade, uninteresting view, good for beginners.

Nice easy and fast hike but a little brown. Lots of dead/browning shrubbery and trees which was sad. Not super lush but easy trail and good parking - there’s a small lot and there were plenty of spaces available when we went on a Sunday afternoon

7 days ago

Hard trail! amazing view at top. fav hike in the bay

on York Trail

8 days ago

Beautiful. Terrain is a little difficult.

Great trail run or run/walk. 650-700ft elevation gain over just under 5 miles keeps it interesting but not too strenous. Some steep climbs that had me winded but mostly rolling ups and downs, on a well maintained trail. trail travels through man different ecosystems/microclimates from golden grassy fields, to oak forest, redwood, and riparian.

Easy access from Harvey West if you are coming from the Eastside.

Hiked this yesterday with Sierra Club group. There was fog in the morning, which burned off, in the afternoon. There were a few nice vistas, the overlook at the top the most impressive, with 2 benches. Lots of poison oak but I had gaitors. One guy got stung by a wasp, which we were informed are active, this time of year. It was a strenuous hike, with gradual inclines. Bring at least 2 quarts of water, as there is none there. Many steep dropoffs along path make it somewhat dangerous. Moist, cool sea breezes made it comfortable. No good stopping points, other than at the top.

Went in summer so it was 90° hot and the waterfalls were quite lacking in water. Still overall pretty interesting hike.

Very quiet for a weekend. Not a lot of people on this trail. Pretty flat all the way through. Falls were very pretty, inaccessible due to restoration but you can still get pretty close. Would totally do the trail again.

Was there early September 2018 and there was no waterfall at the triple fall. It was all dried up. Overall, the hike was fairly easy.

One of my favorite hikes! Really nice views if you hit it on a non-foggy day, but the eucalyptus groves in thick fog are just as pretty. Challenging enough to feel like a workout but not too tough. Nice choice for dog walking too.

The fall is not rushing but a nice even flow right now.

A little too steep for me sometimes but overall really beautiful hike with amazing views, sun & shade and little food/horse traffic during the week!

Wide trail; no part was too difficult. Saw a gopher snake. Good views, and lightly traveled.

Kept to the trail areas closest to temples. Love the area so much!

Good trail. Soil and rocky. If you use poles the rocky parts are difficult to get a grip but it’s a good work out and is clearly marked. I’m more partial to narrow trails but you get good views of the San Pablo and Briones Reservoirs and the Bay.

Beautiful views and an easy loop with a couple side trails. Definitely moderate. Nice picnic table with a swirl of rocks to have a snack on, but it is windy and chilly in the morning, so bring a jacket!

It was worth it to get there early: get a good parking spot and beat the crowd to the falls! It was a lovely hike, and I was lucky enough to get a bit of solitude at the falls. There was a decent bit of water, even though it's been a while since the last rain. I'll definitely be coming back!

Awesome hike with my pup! Most of it is shaded, but there is a good stretch at the top that is not so you might want to avoid going in the hot afternoon. There is a leash free section that was fun for dogs. Given there isn’t many dog friendly trails in the area, this was a good find. It would also be great for trail running. Not too technical.

Great loop and a good challenge on the incline of you’re running. I go here regularly with my dog. If you don’t want to hike the full 6 miles you can go for a nice walk and turn around whenever you feel like. Trail goes along the creek and there’s no incline for the first mile.

Near the top is where the poison oak gets REALLY BAD, to the point where you can’t avoid even if you walk slowly and sideways. Wear pants/bring a long sleeve.

2 months ago

Is only 4 miles hike, but steep. Very nice. Will be back springtime when the falls are fuller.

This trail is a little boring, and the water fall is too small.

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