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2 days ago

open only Friday to Sunday right now

Nice place about 2hrs away from NOLA. Took the family here for my birthday. Kids loved it, but said they’d rather go hike back in Colorado. Lol We arrived around 8:30am and we left about 3.5-4hrs later it was packed.

More of a 'moderate' trail. A lot of fallen trees to climb over or under and, as other hikers have mentioned, the red flashes are sometimes hard to spot (this is primarily because the paint is a very dull red). Trail has altered 'direction' in places so the uploaded GPX shows the trail as of 2018-11-24. All in all a very enjoyable 'back to the woods' kind of hike.

i branched out recently this year to hike locally near my hometown in South MS because i no longer had as much opportunity to visited the smoky mountains, and CRAVED a good hike. Clark Creek fulfilled every bit of that craving and then some ! i had so grateful that this place exists. it is absolutely gorgeous and seems to grow each time i go. i always discover something new and i can never get tired of it. such a wonderful place !!

i have visited Clark Creek on 4 separate occasions. it is one of my absolute favorite places to hike !! the improved trail is very open and well-directed while still keeping the full natural, woodland feel. i have never had a bad experience at Clark Creek and each time i’ve discovered another waterfall !! there is SO much opportunity and plenty of options for those of us who prefer a rugged, “off-road” adventure. i do not, however, recommend taking young children. it is strenuous in many places and would be better for a young adult & anyone who aspires to maintain their physical fitness !!

Love coming here. We came back and brought the grand baby and she loved it too! Very nice and clean place

better marked this time. easy enough to follow visually or with the app. had to slow down a little to keep following the blazes due to fallen trees but that made it interesting. a beautiful forest with some grand old trees. just enough elevation change to make the exercise better. great trail!! thanks to whoever maintains it.

Love this place.

Even though it was stated to be accessible year round it was not 11-16-18. There was a locked gate prohibiting entrance.

1 month ago

All in all a nice trail. (I backpacked from Janice landing to fairley bridge landing.) Although it could use a little maintenance (a lot of trees blown down in the recent storms we have had and very grown over in places) and a few well placed bridges over the more treacherous water crossings would help. *mile markers would be awesome*

beautiful smaller waterfalls, we saw 3 of them on this trip. lots of friendly people on the trails. we will be coming back to do the primitive with the kids. had a great time it's a good leg workout

Nice trail. Stroller friendly. Made for a good run.

My go to trail. It’s 19 miles. I like campsite 1 &3.

live not for i hike at least once a week when weather is nice I see deer squirrels pigs read fox and if you lucky you may see and otter lot of ducks in the winter when you get next to the lake

Completed the trail yesterday with Troop 312. Big elevation changes make it a welcome contrast to our home topography in LaPlace. Made the loop in just under 3 hours with a lunch stop. The creeks were mostly dry, so we didn’t get to observe the waterfall. Beautiful day otherwise.

I’m so happy this place exists. After moving to very flat Louisiana from Maryland I miss being in a forest with hilly terrain. These trails fulfill all my hiking desires. Lots of variations: steep hills, flat trails, shade, sun, walks along the creek beds, even several areas with steps for those who want the solidarity of a staircase to climb rather than the hoof it on the land next to it. And of course, waterfalls abound. We saw at least four of them, and I think there are more. I saw lots of dogs on this trail as well, especially along the creek beds, and they looked like the happiest dogs on the planet. Worth the drive, I only wish it were closer to New Orleans!

Used to be good when it was maintained and well kept. Too tall of grass and bridges are out in various places.

This trail has so much potential if they would run a bush hog through it every now and then to keep the overgrowth in check. We had to turnaround after about a mile and a half in because the underbrush just got to high for my kids and dogs.

3 months ago

Love it , bring water shoes and hiking shoes!!!

Narrow road to the site. No signs along the way. First part of the hike was in the creek bottom. Feet will get wet. No waterfall.

Trail is 19 miles. I did the entire loop, camped at #6 overnight. Great place, not too many hikers, but this is August in South Louisiana. Deer flies were the worst.
Saw a bunch of Armadillos this time and a cool looking snake, but not much else. Two weeks ago I saw 2 sets of deer, a raccoon and a snake. There are also squirrels every time if you look.
This is a great place, I just wish they had more than 6 camp sites. I also bring all my water. I don't think I'd filter that lake water unless I was dying.

Over the past two weeks I've started a hike from the north and also from the south. The trail is overgrown, in some places the grass is above the knee and it is hard to see what is around your feet. Our hike from the south ended about 0.5 miles in when my dog was bit by a copper head he/I just couldn't see because of the overgrowth. The area is otherwise beautiful, but the trail is just too overgrown for me to hike again in the summer which is a shame. If you do go, heavy pants/boots/snake gaiters are recommended.

Love to take my dog out here and have a nice picnic by the waterfalls. I’ve done this trail several times and it’s always fun but I would definitely give it more than a “moderate” rating. Some of the trails are very tough/steep. Some waterfalls you will have to climb over many large rocks to get to. I would not recommend this for children if you are trying to do the entire path. But this is the best spot I’ve visited thus far that’s close to Baton Rouge

Always been the best trail to go to in Louisiana. Really wish there were trials as good as this one closer to BR. If you go before summer hits, the waterfalls should have water. If you go in the late summer a lot of them dry up. The trail markers can be hard to find sometimes...typically if you can’t find one that means you went the wrong way haha. Never had problems with wildlife (spiders, snakes) here. My dog loved it

4 months ago

Nice trail during the winter months. I went on January 10th, and it was a great day for hiking. No bugs, no other hikers, trail itself is clearly marked with blazes and junction/waypoint signs. Only 1 'steep' hill, with the wet leaves and clay soil it was pretty slippery and ended up sliding down on my butt for about 20-30ft. Northern Louisiana geography is much nicer than southern Louisiana. No swampy/marshy areas, at least during this time of the year. Probably wouldn't hike this during the summer months as it would be miserably hot and the bugs would eat you alive, just my guess. YMMV.

4 months ago

Not sure why this is rated as 'moderate', there's nothing difficult with this trail. Same as all the other trails in the park. Very easy. Better during the cooler months, load up on bug spray as always.

We drove to walk these trails and had a blast. well maintained and clear path markers. We enjoyed the fact that we could take our dogs on a leash. Beautiful scenery.

follow the red dots on tree’s or else you will get lost!!

I hiked this trail with a group of friends, 4.5 miles out and back. This was my first time on this trail and first time to visit De Soto National Forest. Both the trail and forest were beautiful. Some of the largest butterflies I've ever seen in my life. Saw a few deer as well. I was expecting the trail to be a little more narrow, but thats okay. Overall it was a fun trail, easy to find, and very easy to hike, (at least for this section.) I'd like to do a thru hike at some point of it, most likely some time in the fall or late winter. The Mississippi heat is real.

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