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White Clay Creek Preserve/Review of the Mason-Dixon Trail

I hiked sections of the Mason-Dixon trail starting at the park office on Sharpless road in Pennsylvania. NOTE: Pick up a trail map on the porch of the park office building itself, there are none at the bulletin board in the parking lot. Followed the light blue trail markers for the Mason-Dixon trail south into Delaware. This section is very scenic and very easy, some of it gravel covered with some muddy areas. This part of the trail follows the White Clay Creek. At the "Nature Center" for White Clay Creek State Park in Delaware, I followed the trail markers to get to the Tri-state marker for the Mason-Dixon line. This area of the trail was probably more of a moderate level, definitely has a backwoods feel, not well marked and some areas it is difficult to follow the trail. I found it fun because this section winds it's way back and forth between Pennsylvania and Delaware. I did find the both the Tri-state corner marker and the Arc Corner marker, then headed back via the Arc Corner trail and then back on the Mason-Dixon trail back to the parking lot in Pennsylvania Total hike was about 8 miles and took me about 4 hours in heavy waterproof hikers and a hiking pole. A bit of advice: DON'T PARK IN DELAWARE: they charge $8.00 per car if you have an out of state tag ($4.00 for Delaware residents) between March 1 and November 30th, while the parking lots in Pennsylvania are free. You can hike into Delaware from the Pennsylvania side at no charge.

This is one of my absolute favorite trails in the Philadelphia area. It is a great walk along the white clay creek. This trail is long so bring lots of water it also crosses into Delaware. Please note that the trail is a little hilly and can be muddy.

25 days ago

This is one of my favorite trails in the area and is good for all ages and in nice for almost everything.

nice little walk. took about 1.5 hours.
through fields and a little through woods.
not bad views over fields.
well marked red trail.
parking enough for about 20 or so cars.

Great scenic route..Obviously would be better in spring/summer

We added on for a 6.7 mike 3 hour hike on a nice January day. We crossed the creek at Belles Mills and wound our way on the other side of the creek. So close to Philly and lovely gorge hiking. I would give 4 because at times you hike near roads and houses. Well marked yellow signs help keep you in track.

Great trail, a few areas need better blazes but a good January walk in the woods !!

Great day for a hike. Good views, nice to be by the water.

Love love love this trail, never crowded and great mix of up and downs

3 months ago

1st snow of the season this morning.

Park is closed to the public Wed-Sat for firearm hunting until February. Pretty disappointing as this information was not on the website beforehand.

I love Washington Crossig Park. I walk our dog here 3-4 tiles a week. Love it!

Great Park for hiking

awesome trail with various elements. Boulders, woods, and grass fields. A nice surprise for being in the center of the state.

trail running
3 months ago

Paved path with great lighting. If you’re new to the city like I was, this was an easily accessible running path with lights and lanes to make you feel safe! Definitely would like to do this again. Not traditional trails so you may be disappointed if you’re looking for dirt.

3 months ago

Took my Jack Russell Piper out to hike there today. Lots of fun we had the place to ourselves, she wasn’t a big fan of meeting the horses but other than that we loved it. It’s got just enough inclines/declines to keep it interesting but manageable with my repaired knee. Will be taking all three dogs the next time!

Nice place. What a great use for a large retired farm.

great hiking trails very rough and Rocky. very hilly.

The creek views are pretty but hiking the entire length and back (Penndel Trail) gets a bit mundane as the scenery and terrain doesn't change much. Most of the trail follows a relatively wide and flat pathway with a lot of traffic. A good beginner stroll, but doesn't offer much to someone looking for a more rugged or challenging hike.

4 months ago

The first half of the hike was great but after the half way point the All Trails map took us way off course which was disappointing. I recommend the blue trail over the white trail.

Not that well marked and gets a bit confusing with alternative trails that are available...

4 months ago

Very nice loop with good variety of flat and hills. Many roots and rocks on the trail so need to be mindful of your footing. We did the entire loop on a sunny Saturday afternoon in October. Parts near the roads are more heavily traveled, but it is still a peaceful trail.

Great float MTB trails. Ups are not too difficult and the downs are tight and challenging. Great beginner track.

A very nice area to hike, my dog and I had a good time. Trails are wide enough for two people to walk next to each other with room to spare, except for a couple of spots that were a little tight. The hiking trails had several rocky areas that were a little slippery due to the rain earlier in the morning.
Parking is questionable and very limited. I'd like to go back again soon. Take the side trails if you are looking for an actual hike if not the main path is crushed gravel and very wide.

5 months ago

awesome trail! wish there were maps along the trail.

Such a beautiful trail!!! Went in the morning during the sun rise and it was incredible.

Really nice, mostly single track with a handful of slightly steep (but short) ups and downs. Lots of rooty paths to wander. Went here with a mixed crowd of ages 26-66 and a couple of dogs. Would definitely return!

One of my favorite places in West Chester. Pretty busy on Sundays but the rest of the week is not bad. Multiple trails that you can use and intersect.

Nice trail but it’s poorly marked and in some areas poorly maintained you just have to pay attention on the loop back towards Pakim pond very nice elevation changes though

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