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No waterfall and currently there is a foul smell where the waterfall is located. I suggest coming back after it rains, usually this is a nice hike.

3 days ago

Water fall is empty at times but a great short trail.

The beginning of the trail to the waterfall is easy. If you decide to continue up the trail to the left you’re at an incline until you reach the Deer Valley Loop. That’s another mile-ish loop and then you go back down the way you came.
There isn’t much shade on the trail, only when you reach the abandoned structures along the way.
It’s really woodsy in some areas with streams, and there are lots of birds & lizards. Overall very beautiful, and quiet on the harder trail.

Steep run and a well kept trail. The view in fantastic.

A little harder than moderate at some of the road diversions. Warm and sunny! Loved it. You can see the ocean from some spots.

16 days ago

I am so happy I finally did this after living here all my life. It is a little tough but a great work out! And so beautiful!

Easy hike and great for kids. Lots of colorful dragonflies this time of year.

19 days ago

If you’re looking for a good hike to get a sweat going, this is it

20 days ago

Busy trail with lots of dogs on leashes. It was steep so might be a workout. Beautiful view from the top made it worthwhile. Consider a stop at the old Idaho State Pen while there. It’s at the bottom of the trailhead and very interesting.

Great hike!! The ruins are quite interesting. Nice that they have a write-up on the home that used to be, complete with pictures. The falls were very nice, even though a bit light, as there has been no rain lately.

We wanted to take the entire loop, so we made the decision to follow other hikers’ advice and start out on the Rising Sun Trail. Taking this way gets the steep incline portion out of the way in the first leg of the hike, which really helped to make the rest more enjoyable.

At first we thought the falls were closed, because of an early sign saying “area closed”, but this is misleading. There is another way to the falls just behind the ruins, as this was essentially their back yard.

The way back alternated on a paved road and hopping over the tiny stream, and it was really nice...easy.

Loved it so much nature to see and explore and not a hard hike at all.

Both trails that run along the north and south side of the creek are CLOSED. Nothing indicated when they would reopen.

great trail for beginners.

29 days ago

OK hike. Lots of people, decent view from the top and facilities available at trailhead. Cigarette butts, on trail and at peak, and graffiti detract from the experience. If you're more of a solitude seeker there are other trails nearby that may suit your tastes better but this is worth the trip if you have never done it.

30 days ago

Great little hike

This must have been an excellent trail before the fire, but the blaze has changed this area drastically. It destroyed the trees and vegetation (though a surprising amount of greenery has re-emerged) which provided shade and something to look at and appreciate while pushing uphill. However, now it’s just a boring grind under a punishing sun. I can tell this trail once had a lot going for it. Hopefully it will again one day soon.

Great trail!

Easy hike through nice houses... Disappointed waterfall but then again it's so cal so was expected

Really enjoyed this ride. Takes you thru some beautiful & “hidden” parts of Fullerton. Would give it 5 stars ‘cept for the numerous walkers & runners, many with dogs and ear buds. Don’t assume others can hear you.

Great trail for walking the dog!

Great hike. Beautiful, rather easy. Kids loved it. Not long.

This is a very simple trail. A lot of sun and no shade. it has very nice views of the yellow hills

1 month ago

Nice trail with some steep sections and loose sand. Great vibes of Boise.

Good place to take the kids for a quick hike or if you are just getting them into hiking. Our kids easily did it at 4 and 5 years. There is no shade, but since it only takes about 45 minutes it's not a problem.

1 month ago

fun hike. free parking lot

on Table Rock Trail

1 month ago

I suppose the rating really is subjective based on what each individual is searching for. If what you’re looking for is untouched nature and peace and quiet, you’ll not really find this here. It’s HIGHLY trafficked as one of the most popular and easy to access trails and you’ll see some graffiti on the rocks. The hike is uphill all the way but not very strenuous; you’ll see people of all ages on the trail. You’ll also see a lot of dogs. Unfortunately, not everyone complies with the requirement for a leash so be prepared for that IF your dog is reactive or if you’re not a fan of dogs. We take ours on a leash and they do well! It is HOT at this time of year so make sure you bring plenty of water. There is one area where there were a few trees providing shade but that’s the exception and not the rule; that’s one of the stops we made for a dog water break. No trekking poles required.

The trail is composed of finely packed dirt for the majority of the way and the end yields a pretty epic view of Boise. All-in-all, if you’re looking for a quick work out or short hike, this meets that intent.

Cold Springs rd. closed and barricaded heading up to the trailhead due to damage from the fire and mudslides. Parked below and attempted to walk 0.3mi to the trail head, but was turned away by a park ranger doing his rounds. Will try back in a few weeks!

Visiting from SC, this was a perfect loop trail to tackle with my 7 and 10-year-old boys. We loved the ruins, the hollow “slide” tree near the ruins, and the awesome views of the Pacific. Then a quick trip to the beach to cool off!

1 month ago

Went out with family to this hike. It was 80 degrees with a slight breeze. Perfect hike and something great to do in a weekend. Not too crowded Either. Beautiful views. It is uphill the whole way and then downhill all the way back. No shade really. Bring water. Nothing too strenuous. A lot of younger kids on trials , so kid friendly. Dogs welcomed too.

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