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Amazing Views of Lake Mary, Lake George and at the end the lovely Lake Crystal.
This is a moderate hike with some great elevations, so if you are a beginner then consider this a hard hike ( not for distance , but only because of elevation and lots of curves )

Great views and very relaxing once at the lake

5 days ago

Beautiful hike. Moderate but challenging because of the altitude. A little smokey at the beginning because of the fires, but cleared up before we got to Crystal Lake. Cool, clear water with a few people jumping off rocks into it. Saw a few people with fishing poles too and they all said they weren't having any luck. Seemed to take about an hour and 15 minutes to get up there. This was with many stops and a really slow pace.

13 days ago

Great hike, very beautiful.


We did this with a group of about 20 friends ranging from 50 to 5 years of age all of us in different levels of fitness. It’s not as easy as Devils Postpile but it’s beautiful. The trails are steep and if your not used to the elevation can make it that much more challenging. We packed up a few poles in hopes to get a golden trout and a few brought swim wear. It was amazing but for a 38 y.o. Who does light waking a few times a week I was winded but my camelbak was my best friend and Motrin was my best friend the next day. Enjoy!!

Absolutely stunning. BUT, I would not rate this as easy. To get to the top of the arch was tricky, the trail is dusty which makes it slippery, there are lots of roots sticking out that can trip you up. The trail is narrow with no protective barrier on the side that leads to quite a drop. There were frequently broken trees over the path that we had to climb over. We are fit so it wasn’t too hard but my parents had to stop before we could reach the end. I wouldn’t recommend this for small children either.
That said the views were stunning.

FIVE STARS FIVE STARS!! The lake is absolutely stunning and the hike was very easy/moderate. It is also dog friendly so I would pack your pup, a lunch, and maybe even a couple beers and soak in the view for a while when you get up there! Gorgeous!

Great hike with lots to see

Amazing hike streams, flowers, waterfalls and lakes. Awesome hike with a small 1000 ft climb and 5 mile loop that typically are only seen on a 10-20 mile hike.

16 days ago

On our first afternoon camping at Lake Mary, we ventured up the trail to Crystal Lake. With hiking and meandering around the lake, we logged about five miles. The trail to the lake and back is shorter but a steep climb. The views of the Mammoth Lakes are increasingly rewarding the higher you go, especially at the crest when veering left before approaching the lake. Crystal Lake is pristine and worth the light hike around it, too. There was an abundance of wildflowers blooming, especially on the south end of the lake.

18 days ago

Harder for less experienced hikers, elevation gain can be intense. Took our two year old up in a carry pack and it was well worth the views! Beautiful views of George, Mary and a glimpse of Horseshoe Lake along the way. We found a spot on the rocks and the water was ice cold- perfect after the hike! My toddler loved eating her lunch here and then wading in the water. Worth it.

We hiked on July 17 to Winnemucca Lake first, going clockwise on the loop. The wildflowers were amazing! Even without the flowers this would be a beautiful hike. On descent from Round Top Lake, I only encountered a couple of people. I think most of the traffic to Winnemucca comes from Sonora pass, doing an out and back. My husband had gone on alone to check out 4th of July Peak and said the views were stunning. We agree that ascending through the wildflower side was better because you tend to focus on footing when descending and might not get to enjoy looking across the fields as much. Very happy with the route direction we chose. One note, please leash your dogs! Mine is not friendly to other dogs and it was a bit stressful fending off a couple that romped over to us.

went and hiked around this area back in April of 2018. didn't get onto the bridge like I wanted, but still something to see.

Beautfiul today. Still plenty of wildflowers, although I can see they are started to wane. Not a lot of people on this hot day, although we didn't get on the trail until noon.

Took my 2 daughters, 9 and 10, and they were troopers and hiked up to Crystal Lake. We started around 1, took some rests, ate a snack at the lake, heard some thunder and watched some lightning on the way down, and it took us about 2 hours. If you go on a summer afternoon be prepared for thunderstorms! But it was a pretty hike, nice lake views along the way, and a beautiful destination.

23 days ago

Great views of baker, hiked to Mason lake and the ridge trail. Hike was closer to 7 or 8 miles total, also pretty steep. Some wildflowers and great views. Lots of people at the lake.

24 days ago

Great views on the way up and Mason Lake is awesome. Watch out for bugs at the lake itself

26 days ago

Great short hike with fantastic views. Lots of shaded areas to rest. Bring your swimsuit for the end!

Awesome hike up to a gorgeous lake. It is steep uphill but downhill is a breeze!

Great hike for wild flowers. Very busy even on a Tuesday. Be ready for dogs off leash.

Great hike....loved it but very steep, what a beautiful lake and a small stream on the back side of the lake! Lots of bugs and warm this time of year...

Incredible views with a stunning lake at the end, very worth the hike.

Great views! The trail was exactly what the description said.

No snow and went on sunny day when Mt. Rainier was out. The lake was gorgeous and there’s not a lot of bugs.

I read a review that said to hike this loop counterclockwise, and it was the best advice! Beautiful hike, definitely hike it counterclockwise. The uphill is easier that direction.

1 month ago

If you are looking for a short scenic hike in the mammoth lakes area. This is a great choice. The views as you climb over the lakes are beautiful. Actually I feel the views on the way up are more impressive than Crystal Lake itself. It was about a 2 hour round trip for us and my girlfriend is not really a hiker. However it is a constant climb on the way to the lake. Like most hikes early morning is always the best time in the summer. No people and the light on the lake and mountains is amazing.

We stay at Whaleshead Beach Resort and hike to this beach with the kids and dog. Great beach and low traffic.

I would not call this hike EASY!! It’s uphill and the trail is twisty and rocky but it’s rewarding when you get to the top ! And then you can hike downhill

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