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This was a good hike! Not too steep not too difficult! Gorgeous views and we saw a moose right next to the trail.

2 days ago

Quick easy hike. Caught and released a few Brook trout at Hoover lake.

4 days ago

Easy and short hike but it gets rocky and steep at the end. It was crowded and there were lots of dogs. I went there on a Sunday at 4:00pm. I saw some people swimming and fishing . Overall nice hike

Very nice hike. The views are incredible. And to have the stream right along the trail was awesome! Will definitely do this hike again

good short hike and very nice falls.

beautiful hike all the way through and the prize at the end the waterfall perfect.

I agree with Chris, this is more of a moderate trail. By the end my friend and I were very sore. The pain was well worth seeing the falls. Take lots of water!

6 days ago

A good viewpoint of the Great Salt Lake. Many birds and other wild animals on the island. The inverted reflection in water is so beautiful, like mirage!

What happened to the rope swing

Short and sweet! There are a lot of bridges to help you along the way and make it easier for your kids.

Pretty short and easy hike until the last bit as it gets a little steep/rocky right before the lake (still doable for kids or beginners though). Went on a weekday around 2 pm and it wasn’t crowded at all. Great views, great for swimming, and dog friendly!

fun destination hike with a great payoff. falls were amazing. most of the trail is fairly ez, but there are a couple of steep sections.
took the whole family, my 9 year old struggled just a bit.
took 2 hours.
GPS had it at 4.3 miles.

8 days ago

Great trail. It's well covered and stays pretty cool. The slightly steeper parts are well staggered, good exercise but not too difficult. Very beautiful location.

Short. Easy with kids. Beautiful.

Beautiful lake, just a short hike from the trailhead. Would definitely recommend getting there before 10 to avoid the crowds and get decent parking. The hike down to the lake is short, but a bit steep towards the end. There are several other trails on the opposite side of the lake if you want to explore further. Rope swing isn't there as of today, but the lake is still very swimmable. Lots of trash along the popular swimming spots - please respect nature and pack out what you pack in ✌

10 days ago

Most of the 3 miles is on the paved Provo canyon trail so we just parked at the upper falls park and went from there.
There is a side trail that leads to 3 additional water falls if you're up for the adventure.

10 days ago

Beautiful! So so beautiful!!! But hard to find. Really should call it Hidden Falls. Wednesday I tried finding it but was confused by the map also I was thinking it was the upper part of Bridal Veil. Two different trails. So Saturday late afternoon/ early evening and after researching I was able to find the trail. Lot of people down where it is paved but very few on the trail. It is steep but doable even for a 5 year old. A lot of it is shaded. Once at the bottom of the Falls my daughters (17 and 5) and I decided to see if we could find the trail to take us up to the next part of the Falls. It was hard to find and it took my 17 climbing up part of the rock face to find the trail for us. The trail was narrow and if you are afraid of heights the bottom of the Falls is great. But the real treat is going higher. So so incredible!

11 days ago

This was a great hike for our dog and an ‘Out of Shape’ backpacker (me). We hiked to Fehr, Shepard, and Hoover lakes. We spent time playing around at Hoover and Shepard lakes then hiked back to Fehr lake to camp overnight. Fantastic weekend trip including one of the best lightning storms we had seen in a long time. Fun times!

trail running
11 days ago

This is my favorite hike of the season. I’ve done Cecret Lake, Big Baldy, Silver Lake and Battle Creek Falls. I’d give it a 5* if it wasn’t for the amateurs hiking on the trail. If you see a trail runner, move over and let them pass. Falls were refreshing and great to cool off under before I headed back down.

11 days ago

Spiders! This hike may be wonderful any other time of year, but please note that right now this area is infested with millions of spiders. There are several news articles about it. We got 5 mins into this hike first thing after sunrise and brushed away a few cobwebs thinking nothing of it. We came to a pass where we couldn’t get through the trail without facing several webs with three large spiders and turned around only to realize we’d been surround by webs all over the trail. Even driving off to leave the island we could see these webs and large spiders from the road. If they are your thing and don’t bother you, it’s a gem. If you prefer to avoid spiders, definitely not your hike right now.

13 days ago

Great for kids an goes straight up till the waterfalls

14 days ago

We hiked to Fehr Lake and then to Shepard Lake...or what we thought was Shepard Lake but must have just been a pond now that we have WiFi and cell and can look at the map. LOL! With one of my kids having some stomach troubles, that was really as much as we were able to do anyway. Gorgeous trail with beautiful lakes, views, and wildflowers. We’ll definitely need to go back and to the whole thing when everyone is feeling well!

Great hike. A little steep at places.

15 days ago

This trail is marked “easy” but it is not!! It is definitely “moderate” and if you are an inexperienced hiker, possibly even “difficult “. There are rocks and tree roots to navigate especially along the last section leading to the falls. And it is a challenge for small children. Most kids under 7 that I saw on the trail were not happy. One 3 year old was afraid of how high up we were along part of the trail and cried for a good part of it

Now all that being said, it is a beautiful hike!! Lots of shade, wildflowers (even in dry July), scenic views across the mountains and the waterfall did not disappoint!! Just be prepared with water and snacks, especially if you have kids with you.

15 days ago

Not really a hike but gave some great views!

15 days ago

I completely agree that this hike should not be categorized as ‘easy’. However, it was well worth the hike. Beautiful falls.

Absolutely gorgeous. Should not be rated easy but it depends on which parts you hike.

16 days ago

4 Miles out and back to Hoover lake

This trail is awesome. Four large lakes to see and the first one is less than a mile in. Great for kids and dogs and overnights.

18 days ago

Our family loves Lisa Falls, but it is very disappointing that people have tagged the rocks. Very disgraceful!

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