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The road was closed 10 miles away from the start of the trail 8/18/18

Great. Except for tree size, it has the same cathedral feel as the Redwoods. Stay home. I don't wanna share.

paved, great for strollers and kids

trail running
13 days ago

beautiful view. uphill, downhill, and flat terrain. easy to get to if you're in Portland. trail, stair, or road options. very dog friendly. usually occupied by a lot of other people. not a secluded area at all. great for all levels.

well maintained, easy walk. bugs are bad in the evening.

Nice shading, good to see some wildlife. It is short, going around the entire thing is about 2 miles. Trails get super narrow. I came around 2:00pm on a Saturday and there was little to no one around, so very peaceful.

Trail is a nice loop, walked it with my dog. All dogs I came across were on leash. Park and restrooms are clean. Nice playground. Lake is good for fishing, paddle boarding and floating but too gross for swimming or wading.

closed due to bridge reconstruction

Nice short outting, great for kids, mostly shade which is nice when it's warm out.

Gorgeous, easy trail. Wish it was longer. Beautiful lake. Lots if room to picnic, swim and play.

1 month ago

Very pretty lake surrounded by mountains, well paved and maintained , it’s more like a park in the mountains

great for little kids, easy flat & wide trails. nice little creek to cool off in during the summer months.

nice for something

It was a great place to do some laps when you want to be out in nature and chat while walking with a friend. We got some miles in with great scenery.

1 month ago

Super familiar park for me. It's not a place to get solitude, but it is a great place to hang out or get exercise. The trails are varied, and some are less populated. There's often some kind of event going on, and there are many areas for kids to enjoy as well as adults. Though I've probably hiked every trail over the years, now that I have a GPS, I guess I'll do it all again while painting cyan lines on the map.

Homeless camps made me a little hesitant to run with headphones on. Besides that decent trail that is a viable option for a quick run but not a location I’ll be dying to get back to.

Great mountain bike trail for beginners.

Easy to follow, year round, dog friendly, can be steep in certain areas but very family friendly. Nice view of Portland at the summit, along with a basketball court, playgrounds and restrooms.

A nice, family friendly walk around a waterfowly area with nice views of the river and gorge to the southeast. I combined this walk with the Lewis & Clark Discovery Trail, hiking its entire length.

2 months ago

This park is not to bad. The facilities were clean, and I caught a decent 14" stocked rainbow trout here as my wife made her way around the lake. Once she was done I joined her on the mile hike aound the lake. if I had to nit pick I would have to say there are more bees than I care for, and you do run into people fairly often... even early in the morning.

2 months ago

Leave it to me to turn a half mile path into a 2 mile walk. I tried walking down every single path, but it was difficult to remember which I had already been down. Ended up walking in circles a few times. Very pretty grounds. I loved the stonework and stuff from a former time. The lady attending the gift shop was very friendly and informative.

Last time I was here I found a pipe case on the waters edge. I opened it only to find a small bag a spoon and 2 needles... junkie starter kit... I am sick and tired of taking my kids to all these parks close to the city and have to pick up fucking needles or dealing with groups of people smoking weed... I’ve grown up in this city now I can’t stand it. I will spend the gas to take my kids hiking outside the city limits.

I hiked this today after cycling all the way up from estacada- great workout if crowds bum you out this place is for you not another person anywhere!

beautiful view of downtown Portland.

Most of the trail is underwater right now.

Road to car park still covered with snow, but once you reach the car park the path become dry and view is great

3 months ago

Fun, scenic, and easy hike. My friend and I did this loop with our kids- ages 5yo, 2yo, and 11weeks. It was a gorgeous, hot, clear day (Monday, April 10 at 11:30am). We started on Mount Tabor Park Road by reservoir #5 and hiked clockwise. I would definitely do this again. The biggest downside was finding a place to meet up with my friend where we could both park.

3 months ago

Great trail for a family walk with young kids. Beautiful park and trail. The kids loved all the animal sightings, which included nutria, deer, turtles, and so many birds.

The park is a nature preserve, so that comes with a lot of restrictions; no dogs, no bikes, no trail running. These restrictions made for a very peaceful and relaxing experience.

Also we did not have to slog through spring mud thanks to the well maintained gravel trail.

I’ll be taking the family back in a few weeks so we can check out the other path that is only open seasonly.

power stations! sketchy picking up Trail on other side of power station. trail goes between private properties and Government properties. no bugs today April 19th. summer bugs will most likely be crazy near creek.

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