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beautiful drive but not somewhere I would like with kids, it's a busier road.

Great hike that only takes a couple hours to complete. Not too challenging for beginners and, as others have said, the view is well worth the climb.

What an amazing hike! This was very challenging yet very rewarding once you finally get to the lake.
There is a lower parking lot which is where most folks park. Getting up to the trail head is not that daunting and I could have made it in my Forester(or any vehicle with 8 inches or more of clearance). Compared to the drive up to Grays and Torreys, the road up to there is a cake walk.
The overall trip is 12 miles as listed here but there is a sign about a mile in that says the lake is 4 miles away. The last 2 miles of this hike is where the incline sets in(and you ascend over 1k ft) while the first 4 miles are fairly flat as you go through the valley.
Overall, this hike is manageable and the lake itself is beautiful. It is covered most of the way with a few river crossings that you do not need to remove your shoes for. It would be amazing to camp at one of the spots right next to the lake and have the views looking over the valley be the first thing you see in the morning

Stunning and not too hard at all. But rocky in parts

I loved this hike. We parked at the Rainbow Trailhead and hiked to the Reservoir from there (which I highly recommend). We ended up not going the full way around Rampart Reservoir, but still worth it. No real steep inclines. Fairly easy hike both ways.

We loved this hike. It wasn’t too bad at all. The road getting up to here after Judd Falls parking lot is rough and you should have AWD/4WD and some clearance. The incline up isn’t too bad. The last mile or so is steeper but not too bad. When you get to the lake make sure you hike up the rock in the center of the lake for some amazing views! One of the best hikes I have ever taken!

I hiked this yesterday; started at noon and finished a few minutes after 2. It was my second time on this trail. The weather was perfect and it was moderately challenging but had places of reprieve. The meadow just past the creek is so gorgeous and is filled with lush green grass, wildflowers, and tall sturdy trees along the perimeter. Once you make it to the split, follow the sign for Raspberry Mountain. It gets tough here. Very steep climb, but it’s shaded, so that helps. When you get to the large boulders, follow the trail through them and them hug the outside of them as you round out beside them. The trail seems to disappear a bit, but just stay near the rocks and after about 100 yards, you will see the rocks that you climb up to the top. The view is insane and totally worth the climb. The only drawback for me was the enormous swarm of gnats that cut my viewing pleasure short.

Great one to bring out-of-towners on. Has good shade for most of it to help you on a hot day with reasonable elevation gains. And the view at the top is fantastic.

Amazing 360 views from the top. Beautiful trail with a steep incline, levels out then another incline.

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1 month ago

Great fun and amazing vistas!

great trail, inclines a bit rough but overall not too bad. view is awesome at the top, not too much rock scrambling

This one is all about the views at the end, a worthwhile reward for (what feels like) a lot of up and down along the way. Know that you absolutely must scramble up the rocks at the top to get the full experience - we brought our toddler in a carrier and it wasn't an issue to climb up with an extra person to lend a supporting hand. I think I might have convinced my parents to make the move to Colorado after this one :) On a Monday morning, the trail was plenty empty - we only encountered two other groups along the way. Enjoy!

Beautiful views and hike is relatively easy until the last mile or so which is up and up. But so worth it!

A good challenge but nothing too intense - the perfect balance. Stunning views at the top! We took family here that lives at sea level and it was the perfect hike for them to start with
- nice and steady. Definitely bring a jacket for the top, it’s quite brisk!

The last mile is very challenging but worth the effort! Beautiful wildflowers, wild life and nice paths. Creek crossing an adventure! We weren't able to keep our feet dry! Unable to stay long at the top due to thunderstorm. Definitely recommend!

This was such an amazing hike!! Tough in the end but the views are off the carts of Pikes Peak, Catamount Lake and a 360 view of teller county!! Amazing

wide trail, in the sun all the time. your map doesn't go to the place the teal actually ends

Amazing views, wild flowers all over, but the last mile before reaching the lake was quite difficult.

Long slow incline followed by a good mile rocky climb. Be ready to get your feet wet a few times as the trail crosses Copper Creek a lot. No bikes allowed and only saw a handful of people. The lower area is full of wildflowers, pine, and deer. Well maintained wide trail with a few fallen trees. The lake has a great alpine lunch spot. Wanted to continue to Maroon Pass but rain and a touch of snow swept in. Wonderful Colorado trail.

Awesome hike, awesome views! Good to know there are creeks you have to cross so be prepared with shoes that can get wet or taken off! We just walked through in our socks and shoes, not as bad as it sounds haha.

1 month ago

Was a beautiful drive with the exception of all the trash along the way. We are working to perform cleanup there in the next few weeks. Really bad washboard road. But not horrible.

First time up to Rampart and it wont be my last! Started from Rainbow Gulch and walked clockwise. The trail was easy to follow but it did get pretty tight in some spots. There is a good bit of shade overall but some areas are full sun. The parking lot at the dam gets very hot, if hiking with dogs and crossing the dam keep an eye on their feet. Take lots of water and snacks and enjoy the beautiful views!

2 months ago

Gorgeous hike but if you plan on going in the near future leave early or wear good sun protection as it was very warm. My pup and I had a lot of fun and the scenery was just beautiful. I was warned that the Bear traffic was high right now and that they had cubs. The same with the Elk but we did luckily not encounter any as I would not like to interrupt a new Mommy that is out and about.

Great hike , lots of wonderful views , lots of shade

Incredible views! The snow is gone. It doesn't get much better!

This a great hike with amazing views at the top! There are some steep inclines at various points, so it will get your heart rate up. About half the trail is shaded and half not. We went on a Saturday and we only saw about 20 people total and the parking lot had spots open. Easy to get to and the trail was well marked the whole way.

Hiked to the first tunnel off the road. Not far and definitely worth the hike

Great short-medium length hike with a SPECK-TACK-A-LAR view.
Gain about 800' in elevation over about 2 1/2 miles going up.
Pay attention to the trail at the very top as I had a little trouble catching it coming off.

I arrived at the trailhead around 0715 on a Sunday and had the parking lot and trail all to myself for more than half of the way! The trail starts with some switchbacks and then levels out more until the last climb to the top. I like how there are some hills throughout the trail so you’re not just going straight uphill the first half and downhill the last half. It makes for a decent leg burn all around. The trail is well marked and wide enough to hike side by side with a partner most of the time. It’s also shaded throughout except a small patch through the meadow. I definitely recommend it!

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