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on McGinty Mountain Trail

nature trips
6 days ago

Good nature walk that keeps steep fast but a great view from the top. Crowded at beginning but empty by the end.

off road driving
7 days ago

We did this trail today in a Toyota Landcruiser. We couldn't find much information regarding the "squeeze" but it wasn't that bad and our Landcruiser with through it without any issues. This trail is actual two trails. You'll start off on the Orifllamme but will vector off to the Rodriguez Spur Truck Trail. I couldn't find much information on the Rodriguez Spur but overall the trail is moderate with a virtually stock FourRunner completing the trail without any issues.
Note - There are several rock garden bypasses. If your vehicle isn't setup for rock crawling take the easy bypasses. These are some SERIOUS rock gardens.

off road driving
7 days ago

I couldn't find any reviews of the Rodriguez Spur Truck Trail so I recorded our trip today.

NOTE - There is a "locked" gate at the start of this trail but its a false lock, simple undo the chain and drive through. Please make sure to close the gate when you're past and setup the lock as you found it. This is a moderate trail with many very technical rock garden bypasses. ONLY attempt the rock garden bypasses if you have a vehicle capable of serious rock crawling. The loop with take you to a primitive camp spot which has plenty of space for multiple vehicles and plenty of flat patches to pitch tents. The best test spots are a very short hike across the small ravine. There will be a very large and very flat plateau with great views and plenty of room for multiple tents.

On the Oriflamme Trail, many users commented about a big boulder that dropped onto the trail creating a squeeze. Yes the squeeze is there but it isn't as tight as people say. Our landcruiser made it past no problem.

Very fun and scenic trail. We will definitely do this trail again and maybe make a weekend camping trip out of it.

Sweet hike! The view at the end is awesome and is not crowded at all.

8 days ago

Did this hike with my two dogs. The last quarter mile is a steep scramble as the trail narrows and the vegetation is thick. Once at the top the views are great.

Great trail for the family!!

Beautiful trail. First snow hike. Trekking poles are a must, if I didnt have them I would have probably slipped down the mountain. I got here earlier today at 8am and I was one of the first ones here, it was pretty empty. Keep in mind it's a weekday. It is pretty tough if you haven't hiked in a while, I contemplated giving up multiple times. The trail to the peak at some point was hidden in snow and I felt that it was best if I didnt continue, plus my crampons broke. I'll be sure to finish this trail in the summer.

This was my first hike at this location and hiking in the snow. Great workout...crampons and trekking poles helped. Completed in 9 hours. Since it was supposed to rain later that day it was super windy and began snowing on the way back down. Hiking in the snow was awesome and the scenery was beautiful. Can’t wait to do this one again in better weather conditions to be able to absorb more of the scenery.

NIce, will marked trail to the Forest Service Lookout Tower. A lot of this trail is service road (approx. 4-5 miles). On our visit 1/5/19, there was a lot of snow for about the last 4 miles. I was the only hiker not using poles or spikes. If you are comfortable on snow and know how to avoid ice, you don't need either, It snowed on us on the way down and was VERY cold at the top (36° not accounting for wind chill).

14 days ago

the start of the trail is crappy....because dog owners either let their dogs poop on the trail or leave the bags of poop behind. other than the start , it's a nice hike. great views of mountains and one particular house.

14 days ago

Great hike! No one else for miles and amazing views. I got it on an overcast day so it wasn't too hot. If you have good clearance you can keep going down the dirt road and turn right on the 4x4 road. This will get you a little closer. Definitely bring a gpx track as this one can get confusing with all the different washes and roads. You are going through the canyon and up basically. Remember to stay to the left on the last fork before the summit ascent. You should see a bunch of dry falls you need to climb up. If you don't see them, you went the wrong way like I did. Look for the register and "Yak" survey marker at the summit.

hiked on 12/19/18

absolutely amazing. micro spikes were a must. hiking poles are extremely helpful, i don't summit without them!

started at 8:30. got to the top by 1. ate lunch for about an hour. got back down by 5. next time I will start an hour early because the sun had set by the time we got back to the parking lot.

this hike can be dangerous for those who don't come prepared. we ran into someone who slid 100 feet because they were in Nikes and no micro spikes. luckily they weren't alone. not sure what the current conditions are, i would call the ranger station a day in advance to make sure.

anyways, had a total blast doing this. i definitely recommend getting some miles in before doing this one because it is mighty strenuous. can't wait to train properly and do it again!

Hiked to the peak without micro-spikes, worst mistake ive ever made. Almost fell off a slope but thanks to someone near by helped me up, very dangerous without spikes at the moment.

best wire of entire ie!!...by far!

Great trail had a lot of fun however map is miss leading this is not a loop. You can make it a loop if you use the cut off trail.

12/28/18 — Whoa. The winds were wicked. Micro spikes needed from around 3.5 miles in until the peak. Snow was over the ankles in places near the top. Had the peak to myself.

Great hike this morning! Beautiful views! Steep hills that were a welcome challenge. We had a great time! As someone else mentioned, watch for dog poop.

Hiked this trail on 12/27/18.

The first 3.6 miles from the trailhead to Ice House Saddle were mostly dry with scattered patches of snow and ice along the way. The next 2.5 miles from Ice House Saddle to Cucamonga Peak were almost completely covered with snow and ice...you will definitely want micro-spikes and trekking poles from this point to make your way to the top if hiking in snowy conditions. We did the hike in 9 hours (7am-4pm) taking our time and making several stops along the way, but we probably could have done it in 7 hours or less if we were hustling a bit more.

Overall, it’s a beautiful trail that can be considered moderate to challenging depending upon your experience and fit. There’s a tranquil creek that runs parallel to the trail for the first couple miles and once you climb higher you’ll be awarded with stunning views of the valley. It’s a well maintained trail from bottom to top. Do it, you won’t be disappointed!

great hike close by. the last 1/4 of a mile is steep and narrow. great winter hike.

Beautiful hike last1/2 mike very steep. Use you sticks and all will be fine. Watch the signage small white sticks.

Great hike, nice views, not strenuous, trail well maintained and easy to navigate through.

Hiked to top. Lots of ice so wear spikes and bring poles!

What an amazing sight this trail is. Going through Arroyo Seco Del Diablo looks like you're driving through the set of an Indiana Jones movie. So Amazing! Trail is easy with a LandCruiser and did all the trail in 4WD high. We actually turned right from this trail to Diablo's Drop Off. Amazing!

Excellent hike!! Great clear trail! A large tree has fallen across the trail at the beginning! No way around had to go under! Views from peak are amazing! Even a view of Downtown San Diego, Point Loma, Ocean and more!

Good hike. Was iced over before the saddle, so I decided to turn back & stay the night at Cedar Glen camp since it was later in the day. Had a great view from the top spot at the camp.

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I just hiked this on 9th December 2018. Lots of spaces in the lot, I arrived at 6:15 am. Beautiful hike! Definitely harder in knee deep snow past the saddle. Micro spikes and trekking poles were very helpful as some parts were ice. Beautiful view! It took about 4.5 hours up! Check out my insta pics of it! ig: @yvonne_rebecca

Great trail! Super fun and beautiful. Must have take a wrong turn though because the trail just ended..no way to make it through so we just ended up going back the same way we came in. Got stuck too!! Put the wife to work. Bringing a shovel next time. Hah!

nice easy climb, gorgeous views at the top. unpopulated.

Great hike. Lots of snow. Make sure you at least have micro spikes as the snow turns into ice. We did not come down the DBB as few hikers warned us about it. We came down thru the ice house the same way we went up.

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