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Delightful short hike, only an hour drive from San Diego.
Easy parking, adequate signage. Once above timber line, view is spectacular over the open valley to lake Henshaw and Palomar mountain.
On a warm day the breeze from the SSW will be most welcome once in the plateau and on a cold winter day plan on a warm jacket.

5 days ago

Great hike! In love with this area. Outstanding place to park at the welcome center across the fire station! WOW! Take many pictures!

Thanks to big bro Marty for turning me on to this gem of a hike!

Nice hike, first mile or so follows a seasonal creek and walk through shady oak trees. Next couple of miles is out in the open with expansive views, can see Palomar Observatory, Lake Henshaw out in the distance. Eagle Rock formation is amazing and happy to see no graffiti. An added plus on this trail, it is part of the PCT - hiked this on April 12 and met lots of PCT hikers. They were from everywhere....Denmark, UK, all over US - very interesting chatting with them and hearing their stories. Would not want to do this hike when hot because a lot of the hike is in open area with sun beating down on you! Rate this hike on the easy side rather than moderate. Highly recommend this hike!

10 days ago

What a FUUUUN hiiiike!!! I would rate it EASY. Make sure to bring lots of water to hydrate and use sunscreen. ENJOY!!!!

13 days ago

18 days ago

Honestly this is one of my favorite hikes around Big Bear. Went up yesterday, about 10 miles. Parked at the blocked gate at the end of Rim of the World rd for free. Beautiful views, well maintained fire lookout. Chilly and windy up top but SO worth the view! Still some snow on the trail but won’t last long.

Super fun hike, way there is cake but the way back can be a little more strenuous in my opinion. Not too difficult though, a lot to explore.

Great trail! Small creek with shade for the first part, then be ready for the sun! Full sun to the rock formation bring water! We did this with an 8yr boy and 3yr girl in a off road stroller. Trail is rated Moderate but I rate it as a mix of moderate and easy. I am a 37yr female 40lbs overweight. The shaded parts of this trail remind me of a scene in Winnie the Pooh. Many breathtaking views. Park across the street from Warner Springs Fire Station #52 trail starts at the cattle gate located to the right of the fire station. Trail is well marked til about half way is a bare marker with arrows etched into it Follow The Arrows! I recommend this trail just bring enough water.

Great well maintained trail. Did this hike on Saturday and it truly is an amazing hike..don’t let the word moderate scare you away it is fairly easy hike with only a few uphill challenges!

Did this trail today, a beautiful clear Sunday. What an awesome hike! Arrived around 11am and there were about 20-30 cars already parked along the sides of the road. It definitely wasn't crowded though. We've been wanting to hike on the PCT "someday" and this is a great hike to accomplish that on. Well marked & maintained trail. Beautiful scenery that changes from a tree-canopied creekside path for the first mile and half or so, to rolling grass fields until you arrive at Eagle Rock. On the hike back we saw a couple groups of people on horseback. It seemed to go much quicker on the way back. Roughly 3hrs round trip including about 20min taking pix at Eagle Rock. We stopped at Lake Henshaw (like 10min away on the road back) to eat and it hit the spot! Great service and generous portions. Definitely recommended!

Great hike. Hiked it this morning.

Great hike today out to Eagle Rock. It was cool and drizzly, especially in the open areas. Directions on this app were spot on. Took about 2.5 hours at a leisurely pace. Beautiful changes in scenery and topography. Pretty easy hike.

great hike relatively flat great scenery

1 month ago

Great hike on the easy side of moderate. Great scenery along the whole route and the rock is a perfect backdrop for memorable pictures. Great for kids.
Only word of caution above the usual for SOCAL (heat, plenty of water, snakes) is watch climbing on the granite. It's a very effective skin remover

This was a great hike and was pretty easy overall. I think the key is to go when it is cool out. Had it been summer this would have been a very painful hike. Lots of landscapes and ending at eagle rock is awesome!

trail running
2 months ago

Took the butler peak trail. Trail running. Closed to cars. Amazing. Soft. Lil snowy. Epic views. And the tower. Just an incredible end to 5 miles up. Loved it.

Definitely go right towards the fire station to get to the trail. Just FYI...

It’s a really flat and forgiving route with a lot of nice scenery. My buddies and I had a good time. Y’all should check it out!

Loved it!! But I would say it’s an easy hike rather than moderate.

Had an awesome time on this trail today- took us about 3 hours there and back... we stopped a few times for pictures and had a snack at Eagle Rock. Most beautiful in the morning hours!

2 months ago

Ratings are wrong this trail is not moderate It's fairly easy with superb views of the landscape.

loved it , I've been back 3 times trying different trails ,each one is exciting

I would rate this on the more difficult side of moderate (length you should actually figure there and back, which I tracked at about 7 miles, plus elevation gain at some points are super steep, with super narrow trail). Trail was overgrown in many areas, and also incredibly (dangerously) narrow in some areas with what would be a very steep tumble only a trip/stumble away. Luckily not a crowded trail or I would have had to turn back, since navigating that trail with two leashed dogs + competing foot traffic would have been a no-go. Definitely could be marked more frequently/clearly. The only trail markers were all the way at fisherman's camp, which didn't even point us in the direction of the falls, so we had to turn back. A couple sections of the trail (crossing over some rocks) it would have been nice to have markers indicating where the trail reconnects after the crossing. We made it to fisherman's camp (someone stopped me on the way back asking how they get there, as it was their second attempt at trying to find it), but then unfortunately couldn't determine which way to go for the falls. I would rate this on the more difficult side of moderate.
After the first 1/4 mile or so the trail is mostly shaded; good for escaping the sun. There are some good vantage points for nice views, but mostly a very quiet hike where it would be easy to zone out and clear your mind if it weren't for having to so closely monitor your footing.

Also, at the trailhead it is posted that a pass is required to enter and must be displayed on your vehicle left at the lot.

I would go again if only to try to get all the way to the falls.

The pictures and other people’s reviews are somewhat deceiving. The Fisherman’s Camp Trail vía Tenaja Falls splits about a hundred feet from the trail head. Fisherman’s Camp is to the left and the falls are to the right. The trail that is 4.5 miles is the one headed to Fisherman’s Camp and while the river runs along this trail, you will not find any falls.

The trail is lightly traveled. You will find about a mile in that the trail splits into a lower and higher trail. You can choose to hike either trail because they both join up later in the hike. There are a lot of overgrown bushes and grass. So expect to move these out of the way. Which is why i gave it a 3 star rating. However, the views are amazing.

Nice hike with large trees providing shade for most of the hike. Easy to follow trail marked with PCT signs. We parked across the street from the fire station and crossed the road to walk through the cattle gate. The hike was about 6.3 miles round trip and ~900 ft in elevation gain. The Eagle Rock formation was really cool. I would definitely recommend the trip! You can even get some Julian Pie on the way home:)

Cool PCT hike. Rock formation is awesome

Went dogless as I was unsure of wildlife and temps; saw birds, squirrels, and cows. All dogs we saw were leashed. I will definitely be back with my dogs!

Drove up to Warner Springs to do this hike. We've always wanted to see this place in person and it did not disappoint. Moderate hike and easy to follow.

3 months ago

Lots of trucks and jeeps. Be careful with traffic. Start early during summer months. Pretty view once you get to the top.

trail running
3 months ago

It's an ass kicker of a trail. It's definitely not moderate. 4500 feet of elevation gain and pretty close to 14 miles. Be prepared for the leg burn

3 months ago

Beautiful hike, some of the best landscapes of San Diego. Park on the side of the road across the street from the fire station, enter trail thru cattle gate on right side of fire station. Pretty accurate ~6.3mile round trip hike. Little less than 900ft elevation gain per my gps. Would love to go here again when I have more time, it is a bit of a drive but worth it. It’s so quiet out there and we loved that there were only a few others on the trail when we were. Took us just under 2.5hrs at a steady 20/Min mike pace + stopping at the rock for a few minutes. Seeing the rock formation, there’s nothing else like it. Perfect weather on January 1, probably 70 degrees, a little on the dry side.

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