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I bring my 5 year old little girl out here frequently. She is able to complete the hike without any problems.

The map on the app isn't accurate. There is alot of small side trails that branch off the bigger ones. It is small enough though that you wont get lost.

Amazing to find such a large outdoor area in Clifton; great view of NYC and many geocaches for a bit of fun while hiking; spotted many deer during my hike which really helps make you feel farther from the city life

Nice to get out for some fresh air, but I could hear cars driving nearby the whole time, and the only sign I saw on the trail was very adequate: "Where's the waterfall?"

My weekly go-to—nice, easy

Nice quick walk about.

3 months ago

Great for the area (And Great on its own right)

4 months ago

The hiking isn't the BEST but there is a pretty sweet view you can get at the highest altitude looking at NYC. For the area, its decent.

4 months ago

You can hear the cars passing by at certain sections of the park. But overall it was a good experience!

Poorly marked —I would not go if you were a female running alone

Nice trail for beginners. Need people to clean up after themselves.

4 months ago

Nice, simple trail. Trail is well marked. Nice view of the NYC skyline on a clear day. Bring a quarter for the observatory tower viewer. We went around 11am in October and there was Moderate traffic.

4 months ago

The people here are very rude. Especially the one guy who works in the observation place. It’s also very strange that people sit in their cars and for hours there with out there being a view or something. At least get out of your cars and sit on one of the many benches they have.

Beautiful woods and river view.

Great running trail. I wouldn’t rate this trail as easy with the steep elevation changes

Not a strenuous hike. Very beautiful view!

You definitely need gps to find your way around. Trails NOT well marked. Very pretty woods and dog friendly.

Never seen the falls and i hiked the whole trail. Other then that we had a great time and enjoyed the hike regardless.

very nice trail

Decorte Park is a pleasant hike which is all flat...the first .5 miles is a well maintained boardwalk...at the end of the boardwalk you can go either left or right...i recommend if you go left (towards the NJ Tpke 95) that you do not make the left at the end...very buggy and ends up at a dead end by the train tracks...furthermore, make a right at the end of the .5 mile boardwalk and you will encounter many other 'linked trails' going into the North Arlington area. My friend and I managed close to 4 miles among the 'linked paths' - Enjoy JB

Nice trail, my first one. Good for beginners. I saw deer, beautiful view of NYC. I'm hooked many more to conquer.

Nice and a simple trail. Went with my family and thy enjoyed. Our daughter was thrilled as it was her first one.. Highly recommend this for kids as their first one.

We also saw some wild turkeys besides what other people have mentioned here on their reviews.

8 months ago

Easy to get lost (both driving and hiking) but the trail is pretty easy. Mostly flat. Took me 1.5 hours to hike the loop. Definitely recommended for beginner hikers.

Nice trail, the red lines don't follow trails exactly but with gps was totally able to find our way and figure out which trails to take. Definitely will use again!! Considering paid version .

The road was pretty much very easy to walk with few times when you needed to climb up.. views were very pretty including huge river.. be careful for snakes..

Good walk with family and dog. Lots of activities going on to spectate.

Would have been great to know that the trail is closed for "dangerous conditions" before driving there.

Well maintained trails, plenty of birds and chipmunks, some deer, frogs, and turtles. A shorter walk, but it's well worth it. You wouldn't even know you're five minutes from the GWB. Overall a nice escape with a nature center and owls. Be prepared for school trips in the spring and fall.

great place !

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