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I was looking for a trail during a solo Kings/Sequoia 3 day trip and wanted to look into a nice hike I can spend majority of the day with. I picked Mist Falls over all the other trails because of the end point being a nice waterfall. Growing up near Joshua Tree NPS I anticipated the trail to be fairly barren (meaning not much to look at) until the end of the trail but this trail proved otherwise and not disappoint! The first chunk of the trail has light shade and is fairly flat, then you shift into a denser forest before you get granted with a nice walk along the Kings River. The overflow from the river does feed into the trail, which forces you to maneuver a bit more off trail expected but it was easy to find your way back. Dense forest goes into fairly open canyon stone trail with a bit of elevation gain that increases in intervals. The last mile of the trail does get a bit strenuous if you're not careful with heat and your own pacing. The waterfall, however, does not disappoint and you're treated with a nice view of the canyon.
Round trip took about 5-6 hours including a short picnic at the end of the trail. Waterproof hiking shoes and bug spray are highly recommended!

spikes are a must have

10 days ago

Started a little later than I would like and almost made it to the top of the trail where it meets Condor Peak Trail. I would’ve continued but had my doubts that there’d be a good spot to pitch a tent up there. Next time I’ll set up camp at Lucas Camp and summit in the morning. That’s probably the last chance to fill up and process water.

13 days ago

The trail has some pretty great views of the mountains a few miles in. Past the waterfall (which is beautiful by the way), the trail becomes narrower and less maintained. Around the six mile mark, it’s nearly impossible to take a backpack because of the over growth on the trails. It become a much more difficult vs. “moderate” trail. We saw around 5 sites to camp within those six miles. It’s very remote—no sounds of traffic and no sign of people. Plenty of water, as the trails followed the creek (this may change, depending on time of year). If you visit the waterfall, be careful not to get turned around. We wound back tracking and adding 2 miles to our trek back to the car. The trail to the waterfall is off the out-and-back main trail. Lots of inclines going in, mostly declines going out. No cell reception whatsoever, but the app can still track you on the trail. The only trail markers were stacked rocks that hikers made, and sometimes there were orange or pink ties on trees.

**parking: we parked on the main road because the road to the trail was closed off to visiting vehicles. It was about .3 miles to the trailhead. You pass a few small houses along the road. There will be a few signs that tell you which direction for the trail.

This trail was awesome. It took a lot of convincing to get my girlfriend to climb along the cliff side right before the water fall but she made it lol.

Trail was great and in good shape. All downhill to cooper falls. Took trail past falls up to pallett mountain which becomes very strenuous so if your not a frequent hiker I would not attempt because you might get stuck out here after dark. We were going to take pct from Angeles crest to Bukhart but that section is closed for frog population rehabilitation. Falls were frozen and beautiful, be careful of the ice down to the falls.

Definitely not the easiest for a first time hiker but so worth it!

Good section of trail with great views, bring proper gear in the late season, ice is present and can really ruin a good day.

Solid hike! Good elevation over a relatively short distance. If you love switchbacks, this hike is for you! Gorgeous views at the top, and loved all the gnarly pines along the way. It is a good ways out on the Angeles Crest - maybe 40 mins past buckhorn- so give yourself plenty of time to get to the trailhead. As of early February, spikes were absolutely necessary. There have been three separate rescues off the same icy patch on this trail just this month- don’t risk your life with snow and ice!

Beautiful... and it smelled so good! Loved it.

Went with my friend, pretty hard if you are not in decent shape like me haha. Easy going in, hard coming back. Beautiful views. Got to see the waterfall and have a drink of cold water.

1 month ago

Really beautiful views and a fairly easy trail for the most part. The first mile there and the first mile back are the toughest. The first mile there is a steady incline and then the first mile back has some very steep portions as well. The trek through the forest is beautiful and the final views of all the crazy rock patterns and formations are worth the journey.

My small terrier loved the hike, and only needed a few short water breaks. I needed a few breaks on the way up the aforementioned inclines, but just going slow and steady seemed to do the trick most of the time. Took us about 4 hrs to go out and back.

1 month ago

Did this trail with my wife in early February, was un seasonable warm for this time of year. Great hike with giant trees. my GPS tracker said that the hike ended up being about 8 miles. we saw hundreds of lady bugs near the fallen tree bridge.

1 month ago

Very nice trail that crosses a bit of the PCT. Nice talks trees and the waterfall was empty when we got there. The climb up and down the ladder could be difficult for some but we made it without a problem. Watch out for rattle snakes we saw a baby one about a mile from the trail head. Overall very beautiful!

Not as good as Mt. Baldy but a real calf killer with all those switchbacks. The views from the top are not to be missed. Please carry microspikes (=Kahtoola) and trekking poles.

1 month ago

Geologically, the two miles nearest to Devil’s Chair are impressive: white, green, and red rocks, plenty of outcropping to see, and an impressive view atop the “chair” itself. Parking lot was pretty full but we arrived around noon, when morning hikers were leaving. No parking pass or fees required.
The hike is mostly well-maintained and up to to car width, with a few narrow spots amid scree, and a few spots at the last 100 yards near the destination where one should watch their step.
Impressive views, a little bit of shade during mid-day. I’m sure this would be miserable in the Summer. Today was windy, in 70s, and pleasant. Incline is very easy and infrequent. Good hike for kids who can manage the distance. The views and formations make this worthwhile, otherwise it’s a quite mild hike (therefore three stars).

One of my favorite hikes in the area. Icy conditions towards the top. Bring microspikes and warm clothes.

Just walking on hard dirt for a long time. Nice view at the end, but not worth the time. Better off exploring freestyle around this place.

Went sat feb 3, started trail at 0945, 3 hrs to the top beautiful, 2 hrs down. need ur spikes and poles, of course there were people who didn’t have either and were slipping and sliding, not worth risking injuries!

Come prepared and take no risk ( spend a little money on your gear). Beautiful trail and view

There's hardly any water, but a great workout!

1 month ago

We got to the trailhead around 2pm. We were able to get to the waterfall and enjoy our picnic on top overlooking the falls. There wasn't too much water coming from the falls but it was peaceful. As we were leaving the sun was setting and we got spectacular views of the mountains changing colors. We got to the car before dark. Overall a great hike!

1 month ago

This trail is a best kept secret at Kings Canyon National Park!!! First of all, driving back to this trail has more beautiful grand views, than any views in Yosemite or Sequoia National Parks. The first half of the trail has just enough mosquitoes to drive you crazy but its easy to speed through high mosquito zone. The second half of the trail opens up and has some of the best canyon views of a fast flowing river I have ever seen. The views of the falls at the end of the trail make it well worth toughing out the mosquitoes.

1.27.18 Great hike. Highly recommend proper gear. Micro spikes is a must and and ice axe Incase of any accident.
There are ranger doing checks to make sure everyone is properly gear. Be safe!

1 month ago


This review is actually from a week ago.

NBC News reported there were two rescues from this area this past week.

There was actually a third accident, mine was on Sunday. There is heavy ice at the top and Microspikes although great, can be useless if you don't pay attention to proper footing. The only thing that saved me after a three hundred foot fall was my ice axe.

My Fiance and I were able to hike out, although I had considerable road rash but truthfully had we not had our safety equipment, there was a lot more of a fall below me.

Please equip yourself before you go up and prepare yourself that if something goes wrong, you may be staying overnight in the freezing temperatures.

Other than that it was as beautiful as always.

This was my first experience with Baden-Powell. What a BEAUTIFUL hike!! It was 19-ish degrees at the bottom, and with windchill, was about 5 degrees at the top. We had to put on our micro-spikes at about mile 2.5; we couldn’t have finished without them. It was snowing a bit on the way up, with strong winds approaching the summit. It was very icy at the top! We were the only people on the summit, which was amazing! No view due to the winds. I can only imagine the views on a clear day. I can’t wait to do Baden-Powell again.

1 month ago

Not too difficult but by far, one of my favorite hikes......you better like stairs though! Make sure to pick a warm day to do this trek because it'll add to the overall beauty while keeping you energized to continue.

Great trip. Going over black rock pass is challenging but completely worth the effort to get to little five lakes on the other side.

Nice, challengingly hike with beautiful views of the mountains and desert. Hardly any trash or graffiti and not heavily trafficked. Enjoyed this hike very much!

Beautiful hike with amazing views!

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