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So very beautiful!

very beautiful views.

13 days ago

love this place. great boardwalks through the marshes

very nice trails. love how it leads to the beach.

on Cliff Walk

13 days ago

Very scenic! Be willing to rock hop to complete the entire walk. Bring your camera and plenty of snacks and plenty of h2O.

Sachuest has long been a good place to take friends and visitors who just want a pleasant walk with a great view. That requirement comes up often. The extra dimension that the many birds (and snowy owl a few winters ago) plus the deer and nearly hidden coyotes bring is a delightful frosting.

love hunting here lots of wildlife and great trails not bad for a daily walker or family trip easy to backpack thru for all ages

Great dirt road, enough elevation change to make it aerobic and long enough to be fun. Lots of friendly people and dogs. Make sure you take a few of the side trails. Mammoth Rock is very interesting and Dean Pond is beautiful.

20 days ago

nice hiking trail

It’s was very muddy but that’s expected this time of year. Very boring, not much to look at.

21 days ago

Made two loops, first just followed loop and park trails around, second followed swamp, mammoth rock, grouse, and whistling cave.

Park and Loop trails are nice and easy to walk around, great starting point, probably 3 stars on their own.
The real fun were the outer-lying trails, definitely 4 starts, would most certainly go back. Still fairly easy trails, mostly level terrain excluding a few areas, but much more enjoyable.

Dodging dirt bikes is not my Forte’

This is a great hike for a big group. Good for all levels. Could be marked a bit better but we loved waking along the water and the scenery was beautiful.

27 days ago

Very vivid trail via onshore. Second part is more beautiful part as you are walking near ocean line, jumping from one rock to another. Great workout for a day.

1 month ago

One of the coolest trails on the East Coast. Beautiful views of the rocky shores and water along the way. There are amazing houses/ buildings to look at on the other side. Very well maintained. The beach at the end is so perfect with clear water and pretty wildflowers. Took us a little over 3 hours.

I enjoyed this trail for a family hike. Wide enough for us all to walk together. It is good for dogs too! A bit icy. Only one big hill st the end of the loop. Good hike fir hikers of all levels

Trail is clearly marked and I saw tons of wildlife! Great quick hike

We do this every weekend, the dogs love it!

Short but a sweet, well maintained trail.

Went here with a 9 and 3 year old hoping for an easy path- there were too many places that the 3 year could not handle. Great trail, had to stop 1/4 of the way and turn back bc kids got tired.

Will definitely come back, sans kids.

Very easy trail if you hike like we do.

Many of the paths are overgrown with thorns!!

Many of the paths are poorly marked and could be quite confusing if you don’t pay attention.

Gorgeous! Highly recommend.

First time unplanned exploration so this review is just based on a very small piece of the forest. We spent most of our time on the old cart roads but the few single track trails we found we're more of a 4 star rating. Whisteling Caves Trail was the highlight of this short hike. l look forward to exploring more.

Would have probably been more fun going clockwise, but great trails. Easy to feel lost in nature right outside a city.

clean trails well maintained,

This is a great woodland walk. Unlike other reviewers, I found the loop to be 2.8 miles, using my All Trails app. It could be very easy to miss a turn and cut out over half a mile. Trails are nice, and I saw no walkers or runners. I did see six equestrians. I will become a regular on this trail.

I parked on Mill Road instead of the address provided. There was ample room for parking and finding the trailhead was easy. Hike was very quiet, alot of solitude. Didn't see anyone for the first hour I was out there. Kind of lost where the trail loops and gets you the turned around. Views along the water where beautiful, especially with the leafs starting to change. Enjoyed this trail.

3 months ago

Great walk. the south end of it does get slightly tricky so wear good sneakers. I started from the middle went north then did the entire length of the trail. it took me about 3 hours. but I did stop at the University there and walked the campus which was maybe 30 mins. I would definitely do it again

3 months ago

Beautiful views on the water. Friendly trail to walk.

Cool little hike. kind of hard to find trail, since its tucked behind some business buildings. fairly easy hike. took about 45 minutes with multiple stops for pictures. if your not very active you might get out of breath a couple times but it's not bad. multiple types of landscapes. ad of Oct 1st some of this area is open for hunting so WEAR BLAZE ORANGE!!!!

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