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Went counterclockwise since we did Emory Peak last spring break, so wanted a new experience. Started at 8am and didn't see any people the first 90 mins, but did come across deer 3 miles in. Had a nice long lunch on south rim. 7.5 hours including lunch and several breaks for photos. Great day hike and not too strenuous. Enjoy!!!

Fantastic trail with great views!

This is the trail to do if you come to Big Bend. We did Emory Peak along the way. Started at 7 am, took 3 hours to Emory Peak. Trail gets rough near the peak, but it's there. 2 more hours to the Rim from there, then approximately 3 more hours back to the trailhead. Including stops and lunch, about 9 hours to complete the 15 miles.

As far as preparation, we did bring toilet paper as there are bathrooms along the trail. 25L of water between 5 people was way more than we needed. Probably 2.5-3L per person would have been right. Admittedly it was cool and cloudy when we hiked, so warmer weather should warrant more than that.

The views are all there, just come prepared and it'll be a great hike!

4 days ago

This is a phenomenal trail. The view at the top and along the way is awesome. Parking is limited so go in the morning. Also there's almost no shade so go early to avoid overheating.

5 days ago

I was nervous before doing this and reading all reviews. I am a 30 year old that is a smoker and overweight and haven’t worked out in months. I did this trail had to stop a few times but other than that an overweight smoker can definitely do it! Totally worth it! Lots of stopping points to enjoy views. The best one is definitely from the top!

We are new to the hiking game and a little out of shape in our late 40’s so it was hard on the legs trying to keep up with the teens. That said the views were stunning!

8 days ago

Great family hike. On the trail at 8:30am. 8-10 year olds all made it without complaints. 3 hours round trip. Big fun!!!

12 days ago

Slightly challenging, awesome views at the top. Worth every second.

23 days ago

The views from the top are incredible.

My wife and I went out via Pinnacles (more elevation change) and returned via Laguna Meadows and I would recommend it.

We hike slightly faster than average but are by no means 'speedy.' The whole loop took us 5 hours of hiking with an additional 0.5 hr lunch break at the Rim. (We did not go to Emory Peak or take the NE Rim).

Trail Difficulty: Moderate (mainly just long)
Exposure: Moderate, plenty of shaded areas.

It was an ~80F day, I had about 2 L of H20 which seemed reasonable. However, I had at least one already that morning before starting.

We added Trip to Truchas Lakes for total mileage of ~28 Miles. Very long day! Fantastic scenery !

Beautiful trail. Strenuous, but manageable. Will definitely be back!

1 month ago

The girlfriend and I took this hike last week and it was fantastic. We’re amateurs in the hiking game and found this trail to be everything we hoped long, for us, slightly challenging, and scenic. Ran into a few grazing whitetail deer along the way a couple times who weren’t fazed one bit by our intrusion adding to the experience.

Long day way, but worth the effort for the stunning views. Do the full South Rim circuit (Southeast and Northeast Rim trails). Camping sites available along the South Rim. If there's one walk you do in Big Bend NP, do this one...

1 month ago

Not the best trail in Big Bend - that goes to Emory Peak & South Rim... but if you're after a shorter hike with outstanding views, do this one. Go very early or late afternoon and avoid the crowds. If you have a torch, sunset from the top is nice.

Backpacked overnight, not terribly strenuous. Views were spectacular. Will definitely be back.

Must do. Took Pinnacles to Emory Peak, Boot Canyon down around SE Rim, around South Rim back up Laguna in one day. ~17 miles in ~10 hours. Made for a long day but was incredibly worth it.

2 months ago

Amazing views, hard on out of shape legs, but definitely worth it.

Really tough hike for me, but well worth it! A picture can’t do justice to the views. Recommend staying in SE 4 campsite.

2 months ago

This trail is amazing, we did this with our toddler in the carrier. The trail is shaded and steep in some places but worth is. Many places to rest and enjoy the view, is totally worth the time and effort.

Loved every minute of it! I camped at SE1 and to say I was a happy camper is putting it lightly! The views were incredible. A saw enough people, but had plenty of alone time as well. It was perfect.

2 months ago

Nice short hike with some serious pay off! Great views!

Awesome views and very challenging! Loved every minute! My new favorite trail. Going down just a scenic.

2 months ago

We hiked this trail in evening, with the setting sun behind us, it made for some incredible views. However, it’s gets dark very fast as a lot of the Trail is covered by foliage. I preferred this trail over The Window, it was great!

Wonderful view from the top! Just beautiful

Ran it in 2:20 excluding ~20 minutes of picture taking. Nice trail with a variety of scenery & terrain. Really loved the Boot Canyon. The view is a big payoff

A tough hike with outstanding views lots of snow on the mountains which was refreshing to see. Took almost 6 hours to do 12 miles, stopped for snacks and views of amazing landscape a couple of times. Would highly recommend comfortable boots that you have trust in. Loved the Hike and the park.

Great views, campsites.

2 months ago

Well maintained trail that covers everything from low desert to high mountain with lots of trees.

By far the best hike I’ve ever done. Rewarding, and challenging.

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