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great hike! we did the eyebrow up and the at down. challenging enough without being a killer. views were ebautiful in several spots, and the view was incredible from the fire tower.

Great early am workout, peaceful.

great trail and a good swim opportunity on the fjord side, no beach but a boulder entry.

This is one of my favorite things to do in Acadia National Park but again I missed the sunset or sunrise from here on this trip. The view from the summit of Cadillac Mountain and from anywhere along this summit loop is absolutely memorable. One thing I did differently about this trip is to bring along a nice 70-300mm zoom lens so I was able to bring far away subject closer on this latest trip.

Did it on a foggy, drizzly morning, so no views, but still a nice hike. Started on the St. S. Mt. Trail and went as far as Valley Peak before turning up the Valley Trail and heading towards Acadia Mt., which added about another .7 miles. Glad I did not start out climbing Acadia Mt., as descending the wet rock on the steep side would not have been a good time.

I went up Mt. Acadia. I did this the opposite direction of the one most people recommend - first up to Acadia Mountain and then down the boulders and through the fire path back to the parking lot- this rewards with breathtaking views of the sound while hiking down from the peak, which you can't see very well while climbing up the boulders from the other side! It took me about 1:45 on a very hot day but might be around 1:30 on cooler days. My favorite hike in Acadia so far

This is a nice trail right on the Maine/New Hampshire border, it gains a fair amount of elevation over a short distance, so it is a decent workout. The view from the tower is great, and there are several spots along the way up with very nice views. I enjoyed being able to see the White Mountains at the same time as Maine's western peaks.

great way to see the world beneath you..breathtaking. the trail itself is easy.

Great hike. It was definitely tricky in spots, but well worth it when you get to the top. Fantastic views of the Sound. We went at about 4:30 and only encountered 3 other people on the trail, and we had the top to ourselves for quite awhile. My 14 yo and 10 yo handled it well. Definitely sneakers or hiking boots, and I wouldn’t bring a dog.

living near the base of this mountain I find it one of my favorite trails to hike.

13 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in the area. Great views! The ascent to south baldface has lots of ledges, I personally would not attempt it in wet weather. We took our time and went for a swim and it took us about 7 hours

Belle randonnée intermédiaire. Si vous faite cette boucle il est préférable de débuter par Saint-Sauveur et remonter Acadia. La montée sur Acadia est très abrupte. C’est mieux que de le descendre.

16 days ago

Great hike with great views! And it was awesome to dive into the emerald pool at the end of the hike!

I've done this loop three times now and will gladly do it again. On our last trip, we drove up to the summit and did this easy scenic summit loop. The view is the best in Acadia National Park. I can see far and wide, easily into Bar Harbor and all the ships nearby and the ocean beyond. You'll see spectacular Eagle Lake and Bubble Pond and part of Jordan Pond as well.

I only wish I had a binocular on my last trip. I had a decent zoom lens on my camera, a Nikon 18-200mm lens and that was what I used to see distant subjects. My wife and daughter took a relaxing nap after our picnic. It was an absolutely memorable experience.

Cool views from the edges of this trail. With the mist rolling in it felt like a different planet. Definitely a must-visit for visitors to Acadia.

Beautiful hike! Did Mt S first and Acadia second. Definitely the route to take. A lot of steep rock climbing but, my 9, 7 & 4 year olds were able to do it. 4 year just needed a few boosts. Took our family of 5 about 4 hrs with several stops for vista views and snacks!

Quick easy trail, awesome insights to the area history on the posters along trail.

Spectacular views. Easy walk & fun to jump from rock to rock!

We had a beautiful hike on this trail today. Following the advice of other reviewers, we hiked St S first and then Acadia. Shortly after you climb to the summit of St. S you are rewarded with amazing views of Sommes Sound. There is a good bit of boulder climbing on the way up to Acadia Mountain. We spent over 3 hours on the trail enjoying the views. By noon, there were a lot of people on the Acadia Mountain trail. If you want to a peaceful hike, go early in the morning!

1 month ago

Great views!

1 month ago

Very scenic with great views of our he region.

This is a great hike. Started with St. S so that we could go up the boulders. Hike is ok for athletic dogs as the rocks on the back side of Acadia get challenging.

Beautiful views but VERY crowded during daylight hours (and sunrise/sunset)

Favorite hike in the park. After this hike you can go across the field for a cool down swim at echo lake

Fairly easy trail hike even with a family of little kids, once you get to the ocean it is great to be isolated from the crowds

This is a great, challenging hike. The views are amazing.
I would not bring dogs on the loop trail. My dog has done Chicorua & Franconia loop with no trouble. He managed the N Baldface trail to the summit. The descent from the south was treacherous & not well marked. I had to lower him down in several places, without solid footing for myself.
I would definitely do this hike again, just without my dog.

You would be crazy to go counter clockwise and please do not bring your dog. My friends and I are not experienced hikers but all in excellent shape (iron man athlete and fitness instructors) and found it challenging- the trail is decently marked but you do have to scale boulders on the way up which can be intimidating if you are not an experienced hiker or afraid of heights.

With that being said the views are absolutely amazing and we were in awe along the ridge, indescribably beautiful. Took us about 6 hours but we took our time and stopped to take lots of pictures (make sure to look behind you on the way up!) Very worth it.

Challenging and fun trail - I did the Eyebrow Trail up and the AT Down. I did this trail years ago when it was foggy. I still loved the fun trail features like the steel cable and ladder rungs that are necessary when the trail is wet. I hiked this July 4 with my dog. There were only a couple spots that I had to help my golden retriever up, but the rest was easily done by her. I definitely would NOT recommend going down the Eyebrow trail as other have said, especially with a dog. The views from the fire tower give you a great 360 of the mountains! I was so glad my hike this time was clear. It was well worth the effort to see the amazing view! Screw Auger Falls a few miles from the parking lot on RT 26 is a great post-hike stop to walk in the stream and cool off!

Great hike with beautiful views! Had lunch at the Butterfly Gardens close by.

Classic photo-op trail! Packed with touring groups and families. Great way to get the young ones excited about “next time hiking trip”

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