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Such amazing views

4 days ago

amazing moderate hike with spectacular views of cliffs and narrows. The sculpted sandstone formations are breathtaking.

4 days ago

We stayed the night in Cedar City after visiting Bryce and Zion. This is the PERFECT hike to end the weekend before heading back to Vegas to fly out. This is a pretty easy hike. There are no markings but you can easily follow the trail. The water follows the trail most of the way so if it’s a fresh rain it may be pretty muddy. Fitbit said we did 4.93 in 3:49 with numerous stops.

Challenging but doable

Fun, challenging and endless views with mild weather yesterday. My first time hiking Camelback. Take plenty of water.

6 days ago

It was beautiful! I loved it. It is on the Navajo land. You must go with a tour guide. In the past there have been deaths here due to flash flood. So I decided to go with a guide from Dixie tour. The guide Melaney was great and friendly. I highly recommend going there early to avoid the crowd. Book in advance and follow all the instructions. It cost me $50 but it was worth every penny. Don’t recommend it if you are claustrophobic.

Great trail and an easy hike. It’s well marked and had little traffic while we were out. The overall hike is closer to 7 miles from the Staves Spring trailhead parking. The view at the end is totally worth it! Definitely recommend!

Awesome view at the top... pictures don’t do justice! Make sure to bring plenty of water... no fill station at the beginning and entire trail in the sun!

Difficult and worth it! Come prepared with lots of water and hiking shoes/boots. I wore fitness clothes (running tights and a tanktop) but am so glad I opted for hiking shoes instead of my regular sneaks. They really helped for the rock scramble at the end, and for keeping grip the whole way down.

Definitely trickier than the Echo Canyon side & more walking at the bottom cause of parking situation.

Hate to be in the minority here, but Camelback is just meh. My issue is the crowd and just the general traffic of the mountain. I have done this hike 3 times. The first time was 117 at my truck when I started out. as you can imagine there was only 5-10 people on the trail. The second time up was just about 10 degrees cooler and was also uncrowded. Today the temperature was about 76 and was very crowded and kind of unfriendly.

Yeah the hike is strenuous and a scramble for most of the way, but what I find lacking is soul.

For an in town hike I am all about Piestewa. People just seem happier, less aggressive and I like the views better. Given the opportunity a short drive to the mountains ringing our valley and points beyond seem to offer what brings me happiness and peace. I understand the draw here, but I think I'll reserve Camelback for the crazy hot months when the crowds are sane enough to stay away.

This was a little more challenging towards the summit. Ready to go back for more.

Only went half way up Echo Canyon Trail, because one of our hikers has a bad knee. Nice views and a good workout going up. Going down the footing is a little shaky.

1:30 to make it up... how’s a good time to go... great hike for kids... 12+.

Make sure you go very early in the morning if you want to complete this in the summer months. Pretty challenging hike -took me about 4 hours total.

love the history

21 days ago

I have no words. Saw this last year. Look, pictures of this make their way to commercially- old calendars and windows screensavers. This is out of this world. We went in 2016 and were told that soon, they would start limiting access. So glad we can went. The guide was awesome and showed us the best ways to get stunning effects with your iphone. Honestly I would love to go back and see it in different lights. This is the one trip you will never forget.

Not for beginner hikers. The extensive and steep rock gardens extended far beyond my anticipation! Invest in quality hiking or trail running shoes and a hydration pack.. carrying your water via bottle would be very uncomfortable as you use all limbs to make it up and down this beast. Once to the top; the 360 degree views are priceless!!! Definitely added this hike to my favorites!! Do NOT go off the trail and heed all signs! Have fun and be safe!!!

Nice workout. Started at 9.30u, a bit late on this very hot day. Only made it to the top with 2 Liters of water, good footwear and multiple stops but the views were worth it. When you’re halfway up you understand that the warnings at the start of the climb are there for a reason (not used to these in the Netherlands)

I parked my car at the gravel parking lot near US-89. I walked about a mile down the sandy road and came across a Hyundai with all wheel drive that was stuck in the sand. I helped push them along with another guy and they were able to drive back up the road for maybe 0.2 miles. They got stuck in the sand again. The other guy helping was a local. He went home and got his pickup truck. He tried using a tow strap to pull the Hyundai. No luck. I walked back up to the parking lot. After eating some snacks and drinking some water I walked back down to where the stuck Hyundai was. The Hyundai and pickup truck were gone. I guess they made it out okay.

My 1st real hike after moving here from the flatlands of FL. The last portion was a bit more challenging but definitely worth the work. Gorgeous view from the top

wunderschön zur Mittagszeit bei stattlicher Guidepreis von 50$pP

We are novice hikers but wanted to try something challenging while being in town. Pretty fit, but not hiking fit. This trail was extremely exhausting and made it to the top with multiple stops. Only brought two full water bottles. Could have used 4 if we did it again. However we started at 10:30am (terrible timing). Beautiful views from the top and glad we finally made it.

An easy in canyon walk. Very crowded but beautiful.

Great trail with amazing views of Scottsdale. Bit of a scramble at the end

Very under rated park.

1 month ago

A short but remarkable slot canyon. Beware, the 4 mile drive in is some of the deepest sand I have ever encountered. My FJ got us in and out without airing down but we passed 2 rental jeeps buried to the axles.

Great views. They are very strict on the time. You have to be out by sunset so plan accordingly

The bristle cone pines are amazing!!! Beautiful trees contrast against a stark landscape creating a wonderful journey. An easy walk/hike of 4 miles with a modest 500 ft of elevation gain on the way back. Very few people on the trail most walked to the first overlook for a photo, some went s far as spectra point but few traveled the 2 miles to rampart overlook. 25 campsites at the monument and plenty to do in the area. A great rest day on our Utah journey

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