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Great hike, the rain made the falls magnificent. Glad we did what was recommended and went up the steeper side and wearing a great pair of waterproof hiking boots is essential.

Follow the trail along the Tobyhanna Creek and it’s beautiful. Hiked a day after a rain. The path was the usual root and rock trail with episodic slippery mud. Benches are placed at scenic overlooks on the creek.

Great trails in beautiful woods! “The loop” is a bit of a waste unless you’re trying to add a little distance to your hike.

What a spectacular place to hike! I definitely agree with others' recommendations to park at the Route 118 lot and head out from there, going clockwise around the loop. The steep steps are easier to climb up than to descend. Wear appropriate footwear, as everything is wet and can be slippery. Where the Falls Trail and the Highland Trails meet, we took a short walk to the Lake Rose parking area in search of picnic tables. We didn't find any, but instead sat on the ledge of the pavilion to eat. There are restrooms there, and trash cans in the restrooms. The descent takes you very close to the edge of some of the falls, and the steps are still a little steep, so if you have a fear of heights- as I do- prepare yourself for that. Swimming is prohibited, although that didn't stop several people from getting in the water (insert frowny face here). It did feel good to splash some cold water on our faces, though! We departed the parking lot around 10 am, and since I stopped multiple times to take pictures, it took us around 6 hours. Crowds weren't too bad for the first half, but increased as we went down the East side of the Falls Trail. I imagine if you go during the week, or get started even earlier, it probably isn't too bad. All in all a fantastic day!

I think this may have been the most beautiful hike we’ve ever done in PA!

It was quick easy trail to get the blood flowing. Decent lookout points to the Tobyhanna Creek.

Loved this trail. Follows the creek most of the time so you can see and hear the water much of the time. Several boulders along creek to lounge on to take in the views. Very peaceful and well maintained trails until you get toward the end where its a bit weedy. No bugs today at end of July. Nice little waterfall too. You do need to be nimble as some parts have tree roots, stones to navigate.

Walked about half a mile to the falls with kids. Loved it. Beautiful. Lots of limbs on the trail so I’m not sure whether this is great for trail running. Caveat: I am not a trail runner.

I love this place! Started the Falls Trail at 9:30..Just, early enough before it gets to busy..Because of all the rain the past week, the water and the falls were roaring along! If your going to hike this trail, the one important thing you need to do is wear the right footwear!! It’s slippery, some parts are steep and rocky.. You should definitely take time and go enjoy Ricketts Glen State Park!!!

Gorgeous! Worth the sweat!

I've been on this section twice now, once in the winter time and just this past weekend in July. it's very rocky but pretty manageable. hiking boots aren't required but may be good idea. campsites on top of the ridge get breezy so something to block wind while you sleep is recommended. on your way out stop at the lumberjack restaurant not 5 miles from the trail parking, excellent food and nice staff

This is beautiful

Great hike with the family yesterday. We hiked the outer loop and also all of the extension trails. It was a total of 8.5 miles and that took us 5 hours to complete.

1 month ago

Well maintained trails for a nice leisurely hike .Saw some wildlife and only 2 other people

Starts off steep then levels out. Only went 20 min in then turned around.

1 month ago

Nice hiking spot for taking the family on a Sunday afternoon.

Very awsome trail tons of water falls to see wonderful views

Easy hike with nice views.

Challenging trail at times. Starts out generally flat from the parking lot until you reach the falls. The steps can be a bit hard for even a seasoned hiker. Take your time while walking up hill and make sure you keep an eye on your feet positioning! There are some narrow areas of the trail that are on bare rock and become very slippery with drop offs that can be very dangerous. Since the path follows a stream mosquitoes can be a "bug"I did this hike on a Monday evening after work around 5 pm. With very little stops, this took me about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

We started at the bottom, went around the loop, and back down again. It was phenomenal! We passed several people not very well equipped for the hike, so please dress accordingly. I wouldn't recommend it for small children.

This is a great hike. Be ready for the steps up, then down or in reverse order. We took our time, starting at Rt 118 lot, it was well marked out and we finished just in about 4 hours. A Tuesday day trip did not have the foot traffic we were warned about, we started at noon. It's not for you if you want a leisurely stroll or you don't do steps well.

Best hike ever! I imagine heaven looks very similar to the falls trail.

All in all a good hike. Some amazing falls without the crowds of Rickets Glenn. We did an over night from Saturday to Sunday and only saw two other groups the whole time.

The gps took us to a parking spot on Grassy Hollow road, which left us about a mile short of the actual trail head. We walked to the start of the trail head on Jemerson City rd, and hiked about 4 miles to the water falls (Twin Falls, and another one, not sure if that’s Big Falls or Lewis). The trail is very lightly traveled and not well marked, but, it was dry and not rocky so that was a plus.

After we got to the falls (which were beautiful), we camped. The next morning we ended up making a loop instead of walking back. We walked on Grassy Hollow rd back to the car, so it actually worked out better that way.

beautiful scenery

Took 6 children ages 13-1 on the trail. All enjoyed it. No need for a child carrying pack although there are a couple of short spots that require help for the 18 month old. Not conducive for strollers.

My favorite HARD trail! Beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls, old growth forests, steep steps, narrow muddy trails and stone features.

2 months ago

Great trail! Has some incline and rocky areas so I'd def recommend hiking boots. Weren't too many people around.. saw one person briefly the whole time. We spotted a baby porcupine and a massive Timber Rattler right on the trail. Watch your step and check it out!

Went about a month ago and got there around 9:30am. There was just a hand full of people but it gradually got busier as the day went on. It is a great hike and the waterfalls are a amazing bonus. lol steep in some places but it didn't bother me. Wear hiking shoes because of slippery spots. I took my time and even ate my lunch at the bigger fall. I would do it again. I did the loop and even hiked another trail that was right there.

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