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This is a beautiful set of trails that would easily be 5 stars if the trails were better marked. The maps at the front follow an older color coding system and don't include some of the new trails on the yellow one-way loop. Hikers should beware of cyclists, and vice versa. Due to the high scrub and limited visibilty, it might be wise to put a bell on your bike.

I love love loved this hike so much wild life and just a great time you get to climb over roots and walk on board walks I absolutely loved it and so did my dog!

Loved this trail! We didn’t intend on walking the whole 7miles. But it was so beautiful out there we had to keep going. I’ll be revisiting this trail many times. We also learned that there is one camping spot available about halfway through the trail.

bug spray definitely. found rutting earlier today

Very nice hike enjoyed the water pools didn’t get to see any waterfalls but well worth the hike.

The new bottom half trail is much easier to follow and it really helps preserve the habitat on the bottom part of the falls. The new trail takes you directly to the second of the 3 falls. There is plenty of water running from the top of the falls. The weather was perfect for this great hike.

Why no Dogs?

How is it determined if dogs are acceptable? if people can go, why not a dog? the more secluded it is seems like it would be perfect place to be able to take your dog.

4 days ago

We did this before sunset & it was really enjoyable from the top. It definitely can be busy, especially during the weekends, but it’s do-able. It was pretty easy. The incline wasn’t bad at all. Just watch footing for slippery rocks.

I took the Eagle Peak Trail with my 11 yr old son this weekend. Great hike, views on the peak were more than worth the hike out. planning on falls trail after coming rains. Well worth the drive out.

Great hike for sure! Terrain varied throughout and walking alongside the river was nice. Completed under 3 hours! Will return!

Unas vistas hermosas el sendero súper bien. Agua corriendo de las cascadas ,solo si es recomendable llevar zapatos de montaña.
El camino para llegar mucha curva pero vale la pena súper recomendable el lugar.
Fuimos el 1/10/2019

on North Oslo Loop

7 days ago

I tried twice to walk the trail. Something was just not right. First time I just drove there by myself to check it out. There were other cars parked at the entrance. There were male single drivers either sitting inside or outside standing and talking. None of them looked like there were there to walk the trail. I got out of the car, checked the map of the trail. Did not feel safe to go on the trail by myself so I drove away. Second time I came back with my two college students daughters. Right after we parked 4 other cars arrived - each one with single male driver. We got out of the car but no other drivers got out, they were just sitting in the cars waiting for something. We started our hike, I almost stepped on big poop (big dogs or human) right by the trail. We continue our hike getting close to the tower. We could hear laud voices and music - sounded like a big group of young boys having a party. We knew that if we continue we will encounter them. For some reason I did not want to deal with them and we turned around and went back to the parking. The male drivers were still there sitting inside Some of them were leaving without getting on the trail. They definitely were using secluded parking for other purpose than trail. I wonder if anybody else observed strange activity in the parking lot. I will never go back there - did not feel safe.

Hike was great but the road getting there was nerve-wracking! One lane, blind turns on steep cliffs with no guard rails, gravel roads for the last couple miles, through water. Wasn't sure we were going the right way but google maps worked. Bring a four wheel if you have one and get ready for white knuckles on the Russian Roulette road but maybe I"m the only one who felt that way. So glad we made it back. Hike had amazing scenic views!

Easy for all levels. Clean bathroom facilities in the parking area. Signage is easy to follow. We had a very enjoyable 2.5 hr walk, saw lots of wildlife ( gators & birds) & very few people during our afternoon hike.

8 days ago

My first San Diego area hike. It was tough on my legs, but the views were fabulous. Folks on the trail were friendly. It wasn’t crowded, but we went on a Wednesday late morning. Puddles towards the top in the shade were frozen, but there was plenty of sunshine most of the hike.

My favorite trail in all the area. Always see new flora and fauna.

Went here Sunday 1/6/2019 for the first time. Pretty easy getting to the falls and a bit winded coming back due to incline. Not hard though. It was so gorgeous and zero people until coming back. Waterfalls were running, I'm curious to see them during Springtime. I was able to see where the other trail was and it definitely would have made for a more difficult trek, this 'new' path was nice. Great views and lovely weather once the sun came out.
One thing that I must add that was a bummer was the amount of trash at the trailhead. There's plenty of trashcans but the wind probably blows it out or animals rummaging. Cans could probably use lids.

Beautiful, quiet area to hike around. All on a levee system of wide, grassy trail with lots of birds to watch. Set up so you can walk as much as you want-short or longer loops. No shade. Looking forward to going back for a sunset.

Hard Core with excellent views hiking up and at the summit! Coming down...tough on the knees.

Amazing trail. Scenic, tons of wildlife. Even on busier days, it's still quiet and clear.

I just did this hike. it's much easier on the new trail. I jogged part if the way down and it only took 28 mins. the way back up took me about 38 mins. the falls were flowing pretty good.
Note - you no longer have to buy the Cleveland forest adventure pass to go to this hike.

This trail is pure FL. Absolutely loved it. It's varied and I saw a river otter. If you love FL, you'll love this trail.

11 days ago

Great trail to prepare yourself for some of the more difficult hikes throughout the east county.

Winter/spring is definitely the time to check this one off your list. Beautiful hike, falls were running, not many people out, perfect weather. You are completely exposed during the whole hike, so make sure you are prepared.

We did see a rescue helicopter fly through the canyon, but it didn’t stop here :).

Nice hike. Go in the spring when the falls are running

but it's hard when you go up the hills and it gives you a leg work out and makes it a muscle

it was so fun we are good hikers cause of hiking

The trail was a dirt trail with lots of shade. The trail looped around a lot so if you are looking to get some mileage in then you will end up going back through some parts of the trail you have already passed. The signs were not very helpful in trying to plan a long route.

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