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Challenging but amazing.

I did this hike for my birthday in August. A bit challenging, especially the stone stairs past Upper Eagle falls, but very worth it! To date, this was my favorite hike. I suffer from chronic pain and this hike was a goal of mine and I completed it with just a few resting points. Amazing views!!

a little off the beaten path... like 8 miles. But keep on going. it is worth it! Amazing hike and part of it is in a slot canyon.

4 days ago

nice vistas

5 days ago

This is a challenging trail. Spend time on a good stair climber if you’re over 50.

5 days ago

Short, sweet, and easy, but absolutely gorgeous. Haven't done this in a very long time, but miss it terribly.

Was a ice & easy trail. Me, my husband, kids, & our dogs had a blast.

7 days ago

One of my favorite hikes. Unbeatable views.

Don't forget the falls aren't there in September. Still awesome though, was able to cross the "falls" and go way further and higher.

10 days ago

Awesome and easy hike! Views are breath taking. I suggest getting there (if going on the weekends) early in the am between 8-9 am. You’ll beat the rush as anything past 10 am you can forget about finding a parking spot.

first 1/4 all stairs so that part is tough but it's an amazing trail the views are spectacular

12 days ago

Amazing views along the entire trail but once you reach the lake it is really something else. Worth every step.

12 days ago

Perfect views
Easy trail
Enjoy it

This trail was really scenic and a joy to walk. The only downfall is that the trail just ends. You need to be careful and walk through the big boulders and lead yourself to the cascades by the noise of the water.

12 days ago

Great trail, wonderful views, but it is not a Loop Trail. There is a small loop at the very top of the trail but that doesn’t make it a loop trail. We got a really good workout on this trail.

13 days ago

The perfect experience if you don't have too much time available to spend in this beautiful area.
The drive from the Hwy 89 to the trailhead is nice but pay attention because previous rain can create some very big bump. From the parking lot, the first part of the trail is quite easy, in a large wash with some interesting view of plants and little wildlife (expecially rabbits). The only problem is the heat: the whole section has no shade and we did it around 2 pm in september, temperature was very high so hat and lot of water is reccommend. The section when the cliffs become higher is just the prelude to the wonderful final part: a great narrow slot in the shade, very fun and atmospheric. There is a drop at a certain point, lot of reviewers rated it as easy, but at the time of our visit we had some problems (we are 1,60 mt tall) because some recent flood moved the debris used to go down, so we had to go back and use the alternate way, that starts in the same point of The Wave trail but follow another direction, just check the cairns. The confluence with the Buckskin Gulch is huge and pretty good to have some rest, take some photos, look at the petroglyphs and enjoy the silence of the place. We moved toward the left for a little walk in BG, but it was a little muddy and we heard some Coyote in the distance, so after one mile we returned back. Very reccommend place, hope to come back and walk through the BG for a longer distance.

Beautiful trail! Take the gondola down :) worth it!

Beautiful. Hike is very easy, the drop was too much for my dog but we were able to find the detour mentioned from other reviewers just look for the markers.

*very nice hike.
*beautiful scenery, and great fun finding all five lakes.
*at the first lake a mama bear and her cub went for a swim.
*plenty of dog water too.

on Wire Pass Trail

14 days ago

Great pretty easy hike. It is a fee area so have some cash. $6.00/person.
easy walk along dry river bed leading to the slot. Small climb down about a 7ft drop. Then on to easy hiking. At the confluence of Buckskin and Wire Pass you can go left up Buckskin not far until it got to muddy for us. We went to the right down Buckskin and there are water crossing after water crossing. Much better than trying to cross mud.

Great hike. If in the area one should do it.

Great short hike to beautiful views of cascade lake with lake tahoe in the background. I disagree with this hike taking 20 minutes.. we didnt bring water because we read that review =( About an hour to enjoy the stream / falls out & back. highly recommended.

Love this hike! A big thank you to whoever has marked the way with blue paint :). It has some difficult parts, but I really enjoyed the varying terrain and the views are gorgeous! It also isn’t bad that you can finish it off with a cocktail and hot tub at the top if you so choose.

17 days ago

This was no fun without the tram. It was a hot day and it's a rocky hike. The tram had stopped running on 9/3/18 so we didn't get all the way to the top, which was disappointing. Also, the waterfall and the creek were dry. Beautiful views along the way. Bring lots of water as it's very hot and truly a challenging trail.

19 days ago

Loved the hike. Pretty easy trail with just one obstacle, an 8-10 for climb down. Some people did not hike past the obstacle.

19 days ago

This was an amazing experience...We went on a cold, rainy, somewhat snowy day in March. We are so thankful that we hired a guide out of Kanab who had a vehicle that could get in and out. Rain on clay is almost worse than ice in Minnesota. The weather did not dampen the experience and the weather cleared just as we arrived at the Wave. We are glad that we dressed in weather appropriate layers. We received our lottery ticket in the online drawing 3 months ahead....and there were almost 300 in line the day before. So it really is the luck of the draw.

Beautiful views nice short hike!

Beautiful and short. Could be done in 20 minutes one way. Great view of the Cascade lake with a waterfall at the end

20 days ago

Great hike! Definitely on the harder side, but well worth the climb.

Amazing hike. Difficult but very rewarding at High Camp!

Have to do this once a year! Memorable!!

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