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Nice hike with great views but heavily trafficked.

Well maintained trail. Raspberries, and Huckleberries just off the trail. Hiked to Elk Lake, bring big spray.

Simple hike with stunning views the entire journey out to Elk Lake. Plenty of waterfalls on your way out to the Lake, and a breathtaking view of the valley once you're there. And if your hot, or bold, hop in the lake and enjoy the fresh mountain water! You won't need a coffee after 10 seconds in there!

Easy hike! Breathtaking views!!

6 days ago

As with many others, this was my first "fourteener" and it was a blast. Couldn't of asked for better weather. Stayed in Georgetown, and got to the Guanella pass parking lot at approximately 0600. Yes, it was already full, however the summit overlook parking lot still had spaces left.I'm a flatlander from northeast Ks. but went prepared. Took my time, with frequent breaks, especially the higher I got. The scramble to the top was probably the toughest part, but by that point you've gone to far to not do it. While many folks, myself included, do Mount Bierstadt because their research reports it as being the easiest fourteener. Be forewarned - if you are a flatlander, even one who is in decent shape, there is nothing easy about trying to breathe at altitude.However do not let that dissuade you from doing this hike, as I can assure you that you will not be alone. Start to finish approximately 6 hours, half hour to 45 minutes on the summit.

Great 14er for first timers and out of staters.

Went on a Saturday morning, arrived at 615 at trailhead and couldn't believe all the people there. But at least it was good company on the trail.

My wife and I made it up to 13,500 with a 2 and 5 year old. 2 yr old we had to carry the whole way, 5 yr old was able to do some hiking but we still had to carry a decent amount (she did great on the way down). This was very tough with the kids, I pride myself in my abilities to do bigger hikes with the kids. The kids had enough at this point, we stopped my wife and kids ate while I pushed as hard as possible up to the top.

At times on way up, it felt like torture carrying the kids but the views were amazing. Last section solo, pushing very hard and was getting headaches.

Views on top great. My first 14er.

Three stars for being a 14er and the boulder scramble to the summit which was a blast. Overall more of a moderate hike than hard... Lost two stars for the crowds (which are huge), exposure start to finish (no relief of making it to treeline and shade on the descent for this one), and the view (not fantastic-there are other 14ers and 13ers with better views). Do it to bag a 14er, but not really any other reason to go.

Excellent "first fourteener" hike. Trail is well-maintained and clear until the rocks; follow cairns to reach the top. parkling lot was nearly full by 4am, even on a day with forecasted storms. Really great trail with great views, very cool to see where you're going and then where you came from. Always keep an eye on the sky!

Nice steady climb up following switchbacks. Somewhat rocky making for loose footing at times. Views and several lookout areas on way up. At top, a neat natural rocky arch. Had lunch with quite aggressive chipmunks. No fear. Hikers in front of us encountered a deer. At bottom visit stream across from parking area to cool off.

10 days ago

Great workout hike with steady uphill throughout. Saw this trail mentioned as a great kids hike in a local magazine but after hiking it, I would hesitate to bring children here. It is challenging enough you might end up carrying them but more because of the steep drop offs and narrow trails throughout. Keep a close eye on kids if you do bring them. Amazing views at the top.

14 days ago

This was our first 14er (with 3 kids, 9, 12, and 15 yrs) and it certainly was the highlight of our 9-day trip to Colorado. We decided on Bierstadt since there were only 3 peaks recommended for the 1st timers and/or with kids (Sherman, Quandary Peak and Bierstadt) and the location of Bierstadt worked best with our schedule. We left the trailhead parking lot around 6:15 am and came back around 1:10 pm so it took about 7 hours total (roughly 4 hours to ascend, 30 min at the summit, and 2.5 hours to descend. My Garmin showed a round trip of 7.8 miles and 2400 ft of elevation gain). We had done longer hikes with more elevation gains before but since we had never done a hike at this altitude (we're from Chicago and we did this hike on the 6th day of our Colorado trip) we took our time going up. We had read the reviews so we were prepared for the rock scramble at the top and had all the gear we needed such as trekking poles, gloves, hats, wind/rain proof jackets, etc. It was amazing to stand at the top of the mountain with my husband and kids and look down below where we had hiked from and the beautiful scenery all around!!

Did this hike on Saturday 8/4 and it was my second 14er. It was definitely easier than my first which was Grays, but it was still a very long hike and I was exhausted by the end of it. It was so beautiful though and worth the climb to the top! Bring lots of layers and gloves since it was pretty cold and windy. We started at 430 am to avoid the chaos with the amount of people getting there and we were happy we did that even though everyone we met along the way was very nice. My mind still gets blown that people head up at 12 or 1 and think that’s a smart idea..storms roll in people! Be safe about it :)

14 days ago

Hiked this yesterday, Sunday August 5th with my sister and brother in law and family - was an incredible experience. All the comments about being clothed in layers are right on. As we began the ascent through the boulder field beneath the summit, a summer squall came through with winds up to 50 miles an hour with sleet and hail and it got downright cold. After that passed and we reached the top, the views are magnificent. Although rated as an Easy hike by some, the boulder field is a considerable challenge, more so on the way down. As a sixty-nine year old male in excellent condition, but who lives year round in New Jersey, this was all the challenge I needed. Easy road access to the trail head with plentiful parking and “rest rooms” contribute to making this an ideal climb.

This is my second 14er of the summer and the views are beautiful! Hiked on Saturday. Plan to get there very early as parking lot and trail were packed by 6:30am. Because it’s rated as one of the easier 14ers, lots of folks try to do it. No 14er is ever easy so be fully prepared for all conditions. Cold and windy at top - I was happy to have extra layers and gloves. Hiking poles were helpful until the top scramble. Large boulders that take a while to climb and are packed with people. Because the trail was so busy, it took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to summit and just as much time to get back. It was a steady line of people the whole way. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen as there is virtually no shade the entire time.

This is the first 14ner we have ever done, it was AMAZING!! People say that it is the easiest one in Colorado, not easy by any means but well worth every step. We were blessed to see a Moose couple and a Mountain Goat family. Please read the comments that are left by others, they are very helpful. I think the mileage on this on may be a bit off. Our count on Samsung Health was almost 9.5 miles. We arrived at 6ish on a Wednesday and the parking lot was almost full. It was a busy trail but everyone you meet is very encouraging and offer motivation to get to the top. Cant wait to hit the next one!!

15 days ago

Lost Orange Garmin GPS today :(
If found please call 303-717-4127

Got there 0430, plenty of parking, did step into creek right away so glad I brought extra socks! Today was rainy and super windy, please bring a down jacket and warm gloves...poles were a huge help! Beautiful! I can’t wait to go back in a clearer day :)

15 days ago

If you want to park in the trailhead lot you will have to get there around 5am. This is a very busy hike. Started the hike at 6am with temps in the high 30s. It took 2 hours to get to the top with a couple minute breaks in between. I was grateful for past reviews recommending gloves for the cold and the scramble when you get to the top. We spent an hour at the top drinking some wine and took 1.5 hours coming down. Overall, a great hike for everyone!

Don’t forget - gloves, sandwiches for the top, several layers for wind and temp, poles would have been nice to have especially for the descent.

This was my first 14er, so it was certainly challenging but the reward was worth it! For context, I’m in my late twenties, have been living at altitude for 2 months, and have done several 4-5 mile hikes before this one. We started hiking at 8am. Took 2:50 to get to summit, 45 mins at summit, 2 hours down.

The ascent was rough on the lungs but we took it slow and steady with many small breaks along the way. The hike was very crowded but we expected that after reading other reviews. You climb up boulders the last short stretch to get to the top, and the top is basically a boulder field. So we found a couple rocks to sit on that were shielded from the wind. When the sun went behind the clouds at the top and the wind picked up, wind chill was probably 35. The peak was crowded but everyone was friendly and encouraging. The decent was long and tough on the quads. Poles would’ve been nice!

My first 14er! Arrived on Saturday at 8AM. Plenty of street parking about ¼ of a mile past the lot. The trail was packed but I didn’t mind it much. Everyone was in a great mood and it almost felt like a big party. I doubted the ‘Hard’ rating when I saw 6.9 miles, but I have to say that this hike is definitely not easy. Overall a fun hike, very windy and no shade so come prepared. Also, don’t drink too much water if you’re going on a busy day. I had to run into a hedge 'forest' and relieve myself when I got down off the mountain. There’s pretty much nowhere to hide during the majority of the hike. Although there are restrooms at the parking lot

Arrived on Friday at 8am, the parking lot was full but we found street parking right by the trail head and bathrooms. The weather was overcast and had a light drizzle so I would say this kept some people away.

The first mile of the trail crosses a meadow which is relatively flat. There is hedges on both sides and a water crossing. Keep your balance on the rocks or you could get wet shoes. This first part also offers numerous areas to hide and relieve yourself.

After the meadow begins the ascent which is relatively easy but offers no cover. You then arrive at the "False summit" this is a good place to catch your breath and prepare for light scrambling/bouldering to the summit. Probably 15 minutes or less.

Given the weather conditions the summit was quite cold. Gloves help your hands from going numb. After giving the traditional high fives, fist bumps, and photo opportunities we headed down as the weather was getting worse.

Be careful during the scramble/bouldering off the summit especially if the rocks are wet. After returning to the well marked trail the decent is quite easy as there are not many areas to lose your footing.

It took 2 hours 10 minutes to get to the top and 1 hour 55 minutes to get down. This was accomplished by 3 forty year old males who live in Florida. This was our 5th 14er and probably the easiest even with the rain and wet conditions.

Good hike - solid, consistent ascent after you pass approx 1.5 mile mark. A lot of boulders / scrambling at the end. Cold at the top and wind picked up so definitely be prepared. Took us 4 hours all in with a short stop at the top

Solid. Wouldn’t do twice bc there are better views with better hikes. But 9 miles total, 3.5 hours

18 days ago

Great views the whole way up and down, trail is very well kept. Definitely a climb but the view is worth it

18 days ago

Sick hike. Definitely the gnarliest one I have ever done. In my opinion, the views from the peak are better than any other peak on the bridgers. They are are just unbelievable. Though, I would highly recommend researching ascent and descent information online from mountainproject and summitpost, as you can easily get yourself into some sketchy situations, especially coming down.

Came all the way from Michigan and took my daughter for her first 14er. Left the trail head when it started to get light around 6am. There was a huge group from Texas Roadhouse also, so it was pretty busy. The trail was pretty wet to begin, we did a lot of puddle hopping until we started to ascend in earnest. Saw a moose on the way up and a few marmot. There were plenty of wildflowers. Started to get windy and cold at the saddle below the summit, but at the top it was warm and calm. It's a really fun scramble to the top. There was hardly any room to move at the summit though because there were so many people. Some guy was dressed in an armadillo costume which was amusing. There were a lot of dogs also, but they were all very well behaved. Got back around 1pm just in time to miss afternoon thunderstorms. A really nice climb for your first 14er.

Nice views from the top and a good workout, though overall I was a little less impressed with the trail as a whole. While th views up top are nice, I do feel that I've been on better trails in the area.

20 days ago

My first 14er! Got to the lot at 7:28, we were surprised that it was only 28°...bring extra layers. We thought it was a little bit longer than 6.9 on Apple watches clocking at 7.28 (not including a section we forgot to track at the beginning but we did meander near the top). We had my one year old dog on leash, he is about 70 pounds. We made it to the top but the boulder field near the summit can be hard with a dog on leash. We would definitely do this hike again, so beautiful with wildlife, flowers and it will get your heart bumpin!

So many wild flowers and berries! Busy trail and still ran into a bear.

Climbed on a Saturday morning and it was very crowded. Started at 6:45 and the parking lot and road was packed. Took 3 hours to summit, 1.5 to come down and took .5 hour at the top. Was beautiful and a nice but challenging hike (I typically hike 6-10 miles every weekend).

If you're planning to hike to the top would recommend good hiking shoes, a waterproof jacket (it rained on us), snacks and 2 liters of water minimum. The top 1.5+ miles was very cold and windy. I would also recommend no dogs, unless your pup is a regular on the mountains as the peak is very rocky.

Overall, would do it again.

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