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Definitely worth the view... Have been hiking here for years... However, this is the first time we did the full loop with our 8 month old, Logan and trusty Kelty pack...Logan loved it, especially the waterfall at the end!

I hiked the red trail up and blue trail down. Red trail was a lot rockier and steeper. You definitely have to watch where you’re stepping. My dog, 55lb hound mix, loved it.

It was a bit challenging , definitely rockier and steeper then most reviews make it sound without trying to scare anyone away, I had a 3 year old English bulldog do the loop, if it wasn’t so rocky it would be rated 5 stars , challenging mile descent overall great , be prepared to climb over and down some big rocks

This trail was a great workout! We started on the blue dot trail and went down on the red dot and it took about 1 hour and 40 minutes total hiking at a moderate pace.

Here’s what to expect on each trail:
- River on the Blue Trail
- Rock scramble on the Red Trail
- Blue Trail is not as steep as the Red but it’s a little longer
- Generally rocky throughout both trails but Red has more rocks
- Great view at the top

I would recommend starting on the red dot and going down the blue dot. Make sure to wear hiking shoes and avoid the trail when it’s raining. Lastly I did go with my two dogs (25lbs and 14lbs) and they both did really great.

Update 9/23: Did this trail again a few days later in the late afternoon and came across a rattlesnake and a bear. Both were harmless but hikers should be aware and keep an eye out especially with dogs.

Very good trail and clearly marked, though it is quite rocky near the top. I started with the blue dot trail and went down the red dot trail; I'm glad I did because the reverse would have been much harder. Hiking boots/shoes are recommended as well as poles.

Great hike. Go up the Red dot (I would rate this as hard) and down the blue dot (moderate). After the waterfall the trail turns into the white dot . Overall it’s a very rocky trail so I highly recommend hiking boots.

Enjoyed the hike and scenary. Use red dot trail to go up and blue trail to come down. Beautiful water falls on blue trail. At the end of blue trail, take white trail [10 minutes] to reach parking lot. Hiking shoes and poles recommend for people who have knee or ankle problems. Continuous elevation.

Great hike, very easy, decent views on one side. We saw about 20 deers and some turkeys. Entire 3.3 miles took about 1 1/2 hr. We took our time.

Great trail! My wife and I had a great day this past Sunday. Met a lot of nice people on the trail. It's definitely a continuous climb to the top, but worth the view.

Steep incline. The trailhead marker looks like the flag of Japan

Not the easiest due to being hilly but links into a segment of the IAT and nearby shelter. lovely views of the area. a favorite of mine to hike in spring and fall.

I enjoyed my hike on this trail, but it should be listed as hard, not moderate. There were people old and young on the trail but it’s a very steep climb and it is strenuous. The trail is covered mostly in rocks so I had to focus on my steps at all times and the incline no joke. I loved the challenge but didn’t expect it.

Beautiful view but the trails split often and were not marked. We ended up on a trail that brought us back to the path we can in on.

Not dog friendly. Too steep and rocky for them. And if you take the red dot trail - it’s hard not moderate. The prettiest part is right off the blue trail.

22 days ago

Some parts of the trail were a little more difficult, mostly an easy hike. Lots of kids and dogs on the trail. Some parts were narrow to allow people by. All in all a great trail.

Definitely like this trail. My dog is a fan too

Easy, bathroom with flush toilet

22 days ago

Not that difficult, interesting and pretty. Totally worth it!

This was once a beautiful trail but due to the storms this year it will take years to recover

24 days ago

The rocks and tree roots are worth it. We get right up inside and underneath the bluffs.

Some great mountain top views, but was a lot of aimless walking waiting to find the waterfall and then the way out. Waterfall had trees down obstructing the view and on the upper level were a bunch of younger men in their swim trunks taking a dip. Felt uncomfortable, made us not want to get the view from the upper level. If you’re going for “a picture is worth the memory” save your time and do another trail.

Started at Swenson(red) and Blue Mountain (blue) to Sunrise Mtn. Then down Appalachian trail to Stony brook trail (brown) which ended the loop. Approx. 10miles. Trails clearly marked, steep rocky incline near Sunrise Mtn. Great views.

Wonderful day hike. Wear hard sole shoes to help navigate the rocks. it's a shared path with bikers so be prepared to move out if the way.

Nice and fun have mosquitos around the area based on stagnant water.
Also can see all over hiding dears, we got exposed to turkey chicken walking around ;)

We started at the Glenbeulah trail head and went to hwy 23 trail conditions good several rocky areas very quiet and peaceful some moderate hills overall very good experience

My daughter and I hiked this 8/23. We took the Red trail up and continued on the Blue trail back. I'd like to see what the Fire Road would be like but for another day.

The hike up is a very good workout. Both my daughter and I thought it was difficult. There are several places with high gradient over rocks. You can stop at several points for pictures and rest. You think that you are at the top or close several times before you actually reach it. Once you get there, you can scramble down ledge for best views. I wish that we would have brought lunch as the view was great from the top.
The trip down the Blue trail took some time and there were a couple of steep descents but it really is pretty easy. One could go up and down the Blue trail which while longer is most likely easier. You end up on the AT as you exit the hike.

Great hike yesterday! This trail has a challenging side and an easier side. The red dot trail is great to start and ascend up the mountain. Its very steep and rocky and challenging going up on the red dot trail, but this leads to a beautiful scenic viewpoint where you can sit and relax and take in the beauty of mother nature. Then you can descend down the mountain on the blue dot trail which is much easier but still very rocky and wet because at the bottom there are beautiful water falls and a bridge. We brought our dog and he loved the hike. It was a little tough for him going up at some parts but he did very well! I would definitely recommend this hiking trail!

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