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1 day ago

Great hike. The trail can be a little confusing but you should not get lost. We saw a moose.

If you are going on the weekend, get there early. Trail starts getting very busy around 9:30-10:00 am.

Delightful hike through the aspen trees.

As others have said, take the dirt road at Orson Park. I almost got tempted to try a different route since I live in Lehi, but looking at google images, doesn’t look like there is a fully thru way yet.
I’m not the biggest fan of the first half of the trail. It has a very dry desert mountain feel to it and gets quite steep. Once it levels out and gets into some pine, I loved it. Traversing across rock reminded me of some hikes I’ve done in southern Utah and the view of the peak is fantastic. Nothing really too tough or scary until you get to the very top. The last five minutes or so to reach the top really made me think twice. Great view though and well worth it. Took me 4 hours and 15 minutes to the top. Started at 8:15am and was at the top at 12:30.

I've done this twice, and the first time was perfect. I went alone, and appreciated all the cairns to lead the way. The second time I went with friends, and we somehow got off the path, and went 2000 ft south of the trail. Trudging through scrub oak on steep hills really, REALLY sucks. Don't do that!

Great easy hike and not busy. Parking is limited at the trailhead, but is accessible if you're staying at the campgrounds.

6 days ago

Very pretty hike with a nice scenery all the way. Also good hike for beginners that want to take a slightly more complicated path as its not very even but still easy and not too long.

6 days ago

Beautiful views, waterfall reward. Nice to get the boots off to cool down your feet at the falls. Well marked trail. Worth the effort.

Outstanding hike. Moderate at times but overall a very doable hike. Multiple shady spots to relax and take a break on the longer uphills. Suggest hiking up the falls a bit as there are a lot of places to relax in the cool water and shade of trees but also going down to the edge of the falls for the great photo opportunity. Trail head on the return is poorly marked but it's not too difficult to find your way.

Nice little hike. There are more wildflowers and clearer lakes on the south side of the canyon, though.

17 days ago

A beautiful hike! The day was perfect with blue skies and could see for miles. The view of Cascade Lake was breathtaking. The falls were still a great site to see despite from what we read that the water fall is much greater during the spring/early summer. Bring water and a snack/lunch to enjoy around the falls.

very nice trail.....if this fatboy Texan can do it......so can you !

This trail is a hoot and a half. Jacobs ladder will be sure to destroy your thighs and calf’s. Wonderful view at the top though.

22 days ago

Beautiful hike but the first 1/2 mike was all up hill. Saw a moose and a gopher snake.

22 days ago

Beautiful views of Cascade Lake and nice stone steps.

Don't trust GPS especially if coming from Provo. The GPS puts you 4 miles away from the trailhead. I was able to find a housing development being built that put me 1.3 miles away from the trailhead.
You will want to drive to Orson park in Draper, and there will be a dirt road that takes you all the way to the trailhead but be warned cars will not like that road. I would say a crossover vehicle is pushing it.

Bring lots of water! It is dry now so you can't filter any water this time of year. I went through 2 power aids and 3 liters of water and still felt pretty dehydrated the last 3 miles down.

Plan on going in the morning. I got out late (11 am) and was in the sun the whole time. There isn't much shade from trees so the sun is on you the whole time.

I would not recommend this for the first time to beginner-moderate hikers. It is a brutally hard hike that I would recommend working up towards. It is probably the most gorgeous hike of all the peaks in my opinion though.

We went up in a counterclockwise direction, going up the right fork (steeper side) and coming down the left. Somehow the alltrails gpx map (we did download it into gaia before going as the cell signal is weak here) doesn't show the last switchback on the left side of the trail (alltrails map doesn't show a true loop), and shows going over the river and going back down a part of the steep part. I'm a little surprised the alltrails map is not accurate as this trail is very well traveled. We got here at about 7am on a Sunday. There were several cars parked on the roadside, and several campers/hammock campers in the trail already. We rested at the top and enjoyed the scenery, so came down by 10am. The trail definitely got busy by this time.

Hiked solo and not enough people for me to feel safe. The hike was pretty but I started the loop around the lake to the right and was essentially walking in marsh land until I couldn’t find a defined trail anymore.

Good long hike! I got cell coverage the whole way so it was really helpful in staying on the route, plus in a lot of areas there are a ton of Carins (unlike pfieferhorn). Hiked in late July and saw about 30 other people. So it is nice that the trail is not packed (like Timp). We started at 5:45 am, took 5 hours to summit, 3.5 hours to descend. And it seems like that pace is just above average for those on the trail. Temps were perfect until it started heating up about halfway down the mountain, not sure how to avoid that.

Great little trail for the whole family. During the summer months the parking can be quite scary, most of this is due to Emerald Bay overlook on the other side of the freeway. Saw a handful of parents with kids in backpacks.

Went this morning. Climb was a incline for sure. No moose seen. Cool and crisp hike. Only saw 3 other groups.

28 days ago

Beautiful hike! The trail is surrounded by wildflowers! After a few minutes on the trail, there is a fork, we chose to take the trail on the LEFT. It was much easier, less of an incline than the right side - both trails meet at the lake.

Definitely a very difficult hike, long, grueling, and one that will push your limits. I’d recommend starting early (4-5 am) to get past Jacob’s Ladder before it gets too hot. Views are amazing and the summit push is fun but exposed, not for people who don’t like heights or inexperienced hikers

Hell hath no fury like Jacob's Ladder. That stretch of trail is steep, unrelenting, and loose. I've also dealt with multiple rattlesnakes on the trail and in the bushes. I usually climb it at night, sleep in the saddle, and summit in the morning. If you want to hike in the day, start at 5am or you'll hate your life. The scramble to the top has some exposure, but for experienced hikers it isn't bad. Awesome views. Summit is a small rock with three drop offs on each side. Not for the faint of heart.

Very peaceful hike with wonderful wild flowers and aspens. The lake had 3 families of ducks to watch. Short but good work out to lake is worth it.

1 month ago

Great hike! Saw moose and deer, beautiful wildflowers and lake. Great for beginners. Trailhead is about 200 meters east of AJ Motion Sports, on the left (marked by an engraved rock). We parked next to the road on the gravel. When you reach the first fork in the trail, the trail on the right is pretty steep and continues on a steep incline for about 10-15 minutes. It eventually levels out, but it was definitely a workout. On the way back, you've got to pay attention to the GPS or you will most definitely miss the trail back (which is an off-shoot of the main trail).

1 month ago

Beautiful hike with great views of Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe beyond. Trailhead parking area was full but no problem finding parking along street outside of the campground and only a short walk back to the trailhead. Would rate this as moderate for anyone with older joints due to the rocky trail. Trekking poles are a great help. This was a crowded trail - mentioned in local tourist news papers- so not one if you enjoy solitude along with your hike.

Great trail- ZERO trailhead markings. This app didn’t refresh right so we ended up on private property and had to walk up the road to get back to the car.

So pretty! We had a bunch of little kids with us and they did just fine. Tired at times and we had to carry the three year olds, but the others ranging from 5-10 did great. On the way down we forked to the right and ended up coming out into a cabin area and having to walk up the road to get to our cars.

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