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I did this hike solo in just under 5 hours. It was absolutely stunning. The scenery was amazing. The hike isn’t technical or overly difficult, just long and sunny. Bring lots of water and lunch so you can eat it atop Wasson Peak and enjoy the view.

Beautiful hike. Nothing but friendly people on the trail to an amazing memorial. This app made it very easy to find

This isn't about the trail but about the GPS taking us out there. It really is extremely remote with no cell service so download a map before you go. The trail head doesn't look very official because it doesn't have a sign in sheet and is totally faded with no map of the area and we thought we'd follow The GPS to where it wanted us to go just to make sure there wasn't another unofficial trail head. The GPS will try to map you a mile past the trail head, like it did us, and my high clearance SUV ended up getting stuck because continuing to follow that road will lead to more ATV type trails that are very steep, uneven, and extremely rocky. Due to this, my fiancè and I had to try to hike out of the remoteness completely prepared to hike the 22miles out. By some sheer luck I checked my cell phone for the time about 4 miles out between Ellison's ranch and mile marker 18 and had 2 bars, I may mention now that we both have Verizon. Because of this we were able to call help and were able to get our car pulled out and drive away safely but not enjoy the hike unfortunantely. So if you do happen to get stuck and have to walk, it takes about 6 hours to walk out from a little past the chasm and another 8 to get to the nearest town so if you are able to find that spot with reception I highly encourage you to utilize that opportunity because there may not be another like it. Don't bother calling your insurance if you have towing on your policy, I called mine and all but one tow company was unwilling to come out for us due to the area and wanted to charge upwards of 500 to get us out. Your best bet is to call 911, tell them your stuck, give them your coordinates and they will come out with a winch and help get you out of there. The road up to the trail head is doable with a high clearance vehicle but do not attempt trying to drive past because it is very possible you could get stuck. Also, I might mention the road is extremely narrow at parts where only one car can fit with a possibility of dropping off the mountainside if someone did come along. The drive is certainly not for that faint of heart. These are the coordinates ( 33.7918401, -110.8269091) for the area with reception about an 1 hour and 20 mins from the actual trail head but if I were you, I would start checking my phone for service after passing the ranch. Hope this helps.

went to go hike based off descriptions on here however you do need to get a permit in advance, ranger said sometimes several weeks in advance especially for weekends. better luck next time I guess.

Loved the hike.
Went there twice and will do so again next trip.

13 days ago

Great hike near Wickenburg. Very beautiful with lots of beautiful greenery and cactus. Watch out for the cactus! They're everywhere!
Moderate hike till you get to the saddle and then you scramble up some rock to the top. Not too difficult and not too exposed. Just watch where you're going and you'll be ok. Sign the register at the summit!

18 days ago

Ascended Vulture Peak today and it was not too hot and only seen one person coming down above the upper trailhead. Excellent views from the saddle looking West and East , you get unrestricted views. There is a large bee hive near the summit and the route to the summit from the saddle is about 240 vertical feet, and is class 3 with a few short areas of class 5.4.

I have climbed several mountains using rock routes and i know how to rate a climb. It's a miracle no one has slipped and fallen. I believe the route is harder today then several years ago, from the constant travel over the rock which is resulting in wearing down the holds leaving basically almost.blanks sections of slabs.

This is a mountain i will do at least once per year.

It was a nice hike but the trail wasnt very clear in a few spots. The tree was amazing to see, but very sad thinking of the firefighters.

24 days ago

I am so thankful for this resource! We are new to hiking, and I also never post reviews. But I have to post this. It took us 3 tries to get this trail right. BEAUTIFUL. But we kept getting lost, granted it was dark and before sunrise, but still. So after driving about 1/4 mile from the road, you will come to the trailhead and a bathroom. Head down the trail, then go 50 yards, and you will see the gate on the left to enter. Head that way, and you will eventually find the next entrance, where you can sign in a second time. From there, it is about 45 minutes to the saddle. We tried to climb to the peak on the fourth and last attempt, but discovered a very large beehive in the rocks almost to the top. We did not want to risk this, as we were not prepared. We went when it was not hot, so heat was not an issue and had plenty of water. This is a fairly difficult hike because the hike to the top is rock climbing. I have found I am pretty good at climbing up, but feel nervous climbing down. Thank you to the previous reviewer that mentioned that someone had taken down a sign, because walking on the ATV trail is not fun, and you start to feel lost because there are several parallel "washes." Thankful for this trail. Absolutely beautiful! Oh, and I agree. Do not take your dogs or plan on not hiking too high. The jumping cactuses sometimes have a few spots where it could get stuck in their paws.

Hiked this trail 8.8 miles yesterday in mid Nov in upper 60s F in 2018 and it took 5.5 hours round trip with flashlights starting around 1 pm and ending at 630pm. With moon out, Flashlights was a must. I stopped 4 times just to switch shoes and eat a snack twice while changing shoes, and having a small towel to dry feet is highly recommended. I only gave it 2 stars for scenery, BUT I have hiked many incredible places like Zion and the Grand Canyon and Flatiron, Flagstaff, Sedona, and seeing some yellow fall leaves still on the trees along the creek and a few red rocky canyon areas and some wide, knee deep creek areas was nice, but nothing to write home about for me. I also didn’t think it was hard; but did it when cool outside, and I am in great shape, but doing in summer would be much harder. I was a little disappointed in lack of signage, too, but was very grateful for restroom at the parking lot and a few shady trees there. If your dog hates getting wet in freezing cold water, probably not the hike for your dog unless don’t cross any creeks and just hangout along first crossing. Difficult enough to cross this creek 3 times without holding a dog, and wind up at creek again at very end of the trail. There is no signage at parking lot saying trail name, no map either, long walk before see actual sign saying West Clear Creek, then descend to one of the most scenic creek areas right away. The first 2 creek crossing are very close together but if switching shoes like I did, keep wet shoes on till cross creek a third time because 3rd crossing is not real far away either. In my opinion, hike is not worth continuing to very end passed third crossing because just wind up back at same creek and it looks pretty much same as all other creek crossings, and canyon views are just same for most part as well. I was expecting to see a 8 ft or higher waterfall at very end or something more spectacular along the way, or an area to swim or require a tube to float around in for 100 feet but I guess I missed it, unless it was a 12 inch waterfall at the very first river crossing. I am not sure I would consider that a real waterfall, but whatever. I brought tubes, but didn’t see a need to use them and not exactly sure how. Definitely couldn’t use one to cross any creek areas that I could tell. (I would like to compare this hike to Bell Trail and Verde Hot Springs because all nearby Camp Verde, and then figure out which was best. Bell Trail sounds like hiking to a big cliff diving pool. Verde Hot Springs sounds like a flat much shorter hike to a natural hot tub that could require crossing a thigh to waist deep river, depending on which road you take and one road has gate closed from fallen rocks.).

Much of the views are looking Southwest into the sun in early morning.

Much of the views are looking into Southwest into the in early morning.

We took a high clearance SUV that we weren’t prepared to drive the last mile to the trailhead with as we were scared of getting stuck. The last mile to the trailhead is the most difficult part of the drive. That being said, this hike has it all, scenery, bouldering, crazy elevation gain, a creek, with the biggest payoff being the ruins. I will say that it is physically challenging and serves as a full body work out. The trail is fairly easy to follow and we did leave additional cairns for those future venturers. The 20 plus mile off road was worth it.

Excellent hike with amazing views. Was very happy we didn’t take the pups, a lot of cactus and very rocky.

This was a great hike. It was a beautiful drive to get there-I don't recommend driving a wimpy car, though, as parts of the road are pretty rough, including loose gravel and lots of holes, etc. The hike itself is really diverse and beautiful, starts easy and then builds up to steeper inclines with rocky terrain. Must have hiking footwear. We saw three people coming down when we were on our way up and that was all. After going through the gate at the top, you can continue to follow the trail down, but we kept eyeing the mesa and really wanted to try to get up on top of it, so we found a very narrow path and followed it. It got super steep and we had to help each other in parts because it was very loose ground and steep-nearly straight up. We had to walk along the edge until we found a part that we could climb without equipment. Once on top of the mesa, it was exhilarating! Awesome! The top of the world! We could see forever! Getting down was a bit of a challenge, but we found sturdy enough walking sticks to help us with that. We never did continue all the way to the ruins, but getting on top of that mesa was the best! We will have to try to find the ruins next time!

Fun hike with beautiful views. The hang gliding launch area was interesting to see. Moderate for most of the hike with above moderate in some areas. would definitely do it again.

Peaceful trail, nice memorial to the firefighters.

1 month ago

This was the first trail I ever hiked. I did it as a teenager on a field trip with my church. Beautiful views of the Vulture Mountains! Don't forget to sign the guest book at the summit. There is a camp ground with facilities at the base of the mountain. Fun place to spend the weekend with friends and family. An Arizona State trust land permit is required to camp at the facilities.

The launch point for hang gliders is an amazing view. The trail can be in full sun, if you do this trail in the summer be sure to take a hat and put on sunscreen.

1 month ago

save the Dells!

beautiful hike, a little difficult to find the actual tree, but some nice people marked the trail with arrows made of quarts showing the way. very cool idea and overall a great hike

We did not do the Bull Head Ranch trailhead, but rather took the Bald Hill Road instead. This 1 mile long road ends at the trailhead, but I would caution that any vehicle without good suspension and/or clearance avoid driving this last mile. We were in a car, so we parked at the beginning of Bald Hill Road (also called FR 214A) and walked the mile to the trailhead

This trail is a killer. Especially getting down into the canyon, which I believe is called Copper Canyon. Very steep trail down with too few switchbacks and too many sandy spots to slip on.

Once you get to the bottom, seeing the trail is hit and miss since it's not maintained. But it's not possible to get lost since the canyon funnels you along the creek. If you are headed to the waterfalls (Maiden Falls and also Supai Falls), hike upstream.

The waterfalls are about 3 hours upstream, after rock scrambling, river wading, tree branch swatting, and inner tube floating. It is very slow going, so it's hard to gauge distances.

Do bring an inner tube in your backpack, so you can blow it up when you get to the impassable section (this section is maybe 100 feet of paddling). We sat on the inner tubes with our backpacks in our laps and paddled with our hands. Wasn't too bad, but the water is COLD!!

Also bring about 3 liters of water. And even then, I finished my water during the hike out of the canyon. And bring plenty of snacks, including electrolyte/salty snacks

You will get wet on this hike. Rock scrambling serves you to a point, but there will be times when you must wade in the water. Usually less than knee deep.

The most enjoyable way to do this hike in my opinion is to backpack partway into it and tent camp, and then finish the hike the next day. Otherwise you will be very sore for a couple days afterwards. There are a few "designated" campsites that others have used by the creek. I'd recommend using these so as not to create more vegetation disturbances/fire rings.

The bottom of the canyon and the creek are beautiful. Lots of trees, mostly shady, steep canyon walls, tons of butterflies, clear bubbling creek. But it takes quite a bit of effort to get down into it and is technical in rock scrambling for 3 hours before finally being rewarded with the waterfalls.

As long as you are prepared and know what to expect, you will have a great time! Not recommended for children or anyone with bad knees or poor stamina. Dogs would have a difficult time as well.

Not very well marked but it was a beautiful setting when we eventually found it.

2 months ago

Would have given more stars but.......
If you follow the trail it is difficult, hot 100+, uncovered, and long stretches without water. At what appears to be the end of the trail, the way down to the creek is extremely unsafe (with a full pack) requiring navigation over a narrow ledge and 20ft drop.
If you follow the creek it is slow going and your battling loose rock, deep pools, bushwhacking through tons of poison ivy and spider webs, fallen wood and twigs which create trip hazards, and encounters with wildlife like snakes and spiders.
Next time I’ll check out the east entrance to the canyon and see if it is easier. The camping is great. Encountered many other people on the trail and deep in the canyon. I would do this again when the weather cools off. This would be a great hike 20-30 degrees cooler. Bring a fishing pole. Saw many large trout swimming in the deeper areas.

Very pretty trail. I recommend NOT bringing your dog though. Tons of cholla/jumping cactus on part of it, two of my dogs got severely pricked and we had to turn back. Went back with my friend and did the whole trail later...minus the pups! FYI: they were on leashes, the cacti were even on the trail.

rock climbing
3 months ago

I did this March 7th 2017. This is a awesome trip with 2 miles of easy trail followed by a very steep path to the saddle, about 800’ of gain in 0.6 miles.

At the saddle their are great views. I started mountaineering at age 20 and the gulley up to the summit has some risks. There are a few very steep short steps up slabs with very little holds. It’s friction climbing and there is exposure that there is enough air below you, that a fall could be fatal.

I would rate the 240’ gulley as class 2 with a few short exposed sections that are class 5.2. There is a great view from the summit and this is a peak i will be doing every year.

If your not comfortable on steep terrain please stop at the saddle. Another issue to be aware of is the gully is perfect for rattlesnakes, where there are crevices and brush. Also i expect in a matter of time a fall down the slabs. Because of this risk it’s best not to be directly below strangers in the gully.

Also they can dislodge rocks that can cause you significant injuries, because of the speed along with their weight. Wait until the gully is clear before ascending it.

I may sound like a overly cautious person, however this is because of four decades of climbing, i have responded to lots of accidents, when i was in mountain rescue.

To summarize, Vulture Peak offers a lot, and will be a yearly trip for me.


Very scenic hike - from the perspective of the mountains themselves, the breathtaking views from elevation, and the vegetation. Not difficult from a climbing perspective, but a long slog with virtually no shade (was like a long cool drink of water when a cloud passed over on the way back) - recommend doing in early morning or when temps are a little lower.

Nice trail! Loop consists of multiple trails. With several side trails taken for picture opportunities, we traveled about 10 miles to complete the loop. Beautiful lake scenery and in the middle of the pines.

Beautiful Scenery. Most of the hike is in the creek. We saw Deer, Black Hawk, Monarch Butterflies, lots of Yellow Butterflies and a Blue Herron. We saw no one else which totally awesome. The paths are narrow and hard to find at times. Be ready to just walk in the the creek. There was plenty of water and at times knee deep. Wear Hiking Boots made for water. Mine kept getting rocks and sand in them which was uncomfortable. I will definitely do this hike again. It was our first time and we stopped and took a lot of pics. 6 hours to hike in about 4 miles and back out again.

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