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22 hours ago

After a grueling hike 2 days ago, looking for something a bit more manageable. The first 1.5 miles or so are a gentle walk through some new growth and many downed old trees. Once you reach the signs say that the trail is not maintained beyond that point, I strongly recommend you continue up either the left trail to the top of the central cliff wall face or the right side toward the towering falls on the vertical face to the right. It is a loop, so you can go around. You will be rewarded by a magnificent waterfall through the center of the canyon and many new falls that cannot be seen from the end of the maintained trail. Views of valley below and many peaks around are stunning. Many different geological features and just plain gorgeous. A new addition to my top 5 favorite hikes.

First half of the hike to Lake Agnes was heavily trafficked, although the view from the lake is incredible. The second half, toward the Big Beehive, is more strenuous than the first, but well worth it. Not as many people, and views of Lake Louis on one side, and Lake Agnes on the other. Incredible, incredible hike.

The first 3km on paved road are boring (even if we saw a black bear). The canyon trail is great but a LOT of mosquitoes so be prepared.

This is a great trail run or walk. Although the views on the trail aren't really remarkable given the location, the views from the top are unforgettable.
For a 1-2 hour run/walk, you couldn't choose a more convenient one with such great views. Also, there is a $35 buffet at one of the restaurants at the top in-case you need to fill up on energy.

Be sure to bring your own water or water bottle as the bottles at the base are sold for $3.

As an even better end to most hikes, you can go to the hot springs which are located at the foot of the trail. Bring your swimsuit and leave it in your vehicle!


We did this trail yesterday and we’d do it again. The paved portion of it is ok but once that stops and you begin hiking along the creek, it’s beautiful. We went through the interpretative at the trailhead and I’d recommend it. That surfer spring is where the entire Canadian National parks started. Pretty neat. Take bug spray for sure.

3 days ago

Great hike! Warned that after the 6 k mark the trail is not maintained. After, there are 2 ways to the glacier, I recommend using the one on the right, as you can scramble up to an amazing waterfall. watch out for loose rocks (scree) coming down as it is easy to fall

Lots of people, trail is very dry, the switchbacks were overall manageable until I reached a couple of very narrow points on the path.

Great hike! Started out early, so really didn't see anyone until we started heading down. It was non stop people by then. Arrived just in time at the parking area to stop a guy from blocking us in to our parking spot - guess the overflow on the road wasn't to his liking and double parking seemed to suit him better. Recommend weekday - morning to hike this.

Awesome hike, very worth the views.

Today I did this hike with 3 of my kids age 8, 10 and 13. Trail is steep but I would still consider it moderate for difficulty. We got to the parking lot at 8:30am, lots of places to park, the hike took us just under 2 hours with lots of short breaks. Trail was mostly switchbacks and lots of trees so not a lot of open views, that being said the trails were wide and easy to walk on. We thought it was closer to 6km one way. I was super surprised to see how big the crowds were when we got to the top And it was only a Thursday. We did ride the gondola down just for fun. When we arrived back the parking lot was packed and so many shuttles of people.
Try this hike but do it early to avoid the large crowds!

Went up the back route, was minimal traffic and pleasant scenery. Lots of chances to see the scenery from a wide service road which is currently in disuse. Lots of opportunities for pictures, rest, with a moderate incline that is consistent throughout. Came back down the front (75-90min) side which is very highly trafficked. Overall a decent hike.

Great Hike. And tremendous views. Highly recommend.

An easy trail until the sign warns that beyond is not maintained, from there it gets to be a hard go. The easy section is a narrow trail with gradual switchbacks with roots and rocks on the path. Short tree growth allows views of both the valley and river. Once across the bridge the incline increases but still an easy go. I watched for the flowers while my husband was counting the butterfly species that crossed our path. Once we got to the end of the maintained trail we went to the right as was suggested. Definitely a scramble hike up to the ice caves and beyond to the glacier. The trail is unclear at many times on the right but rock cairns helped us navigate to the top. Once at the top we sat on a rock and enjoyed the gushing water and sights all around us. We descended on the left side which was a mix of loose rocks and a steep incline to a trail that was somewhat packed and easy to find. I agree that I would climb the right and descend the left as I find it easier to get a footing on loose rock going up than down. One of the most spectacular hikes we have been on in the area. Water falls, rivers, glaciers, ice caves, alpine meadows, rock beds, it has it all in one location. You can pick and choose what you want to see and what you will do next time.

Incredible hike, it has everything from peak-a-boo views of Moraine Lake through the forest, beautiful 360 views of 10-peaks range in Larch Valley and breathtaking mountain views at the top, snow melt lakes and streams - it has it all. The switchbacks up to Larch Valley are a killer but keep going past the tree line and the views are well worth it - even if you don’t make it up to the top of the pass the meadow is incredible . The final switchbacks up to Sentinel Pass weren’t too bad although it is quite steep along the side and may prove a good challenge if heights make you nervous. Trail was very well maintained though and as long as you have good hiking shoes and take your time you will have no problems. Favorite hike in Banff thus far and spending a day near Moraine Lake is a must do!

8 days ago

We were here on Canada Day. So it was kind of busy. It was raining by the time we got here but then it stopped raining as we started the hike. Few folks on their way down told us they experienced hail when they were at the top. The initial part of the trail needs more effort compared to what is required in the second half of the trail. So an easy to moderate trail overall. It becomes harder, steeper and less defined by the end. So quite a few people turn back from there while few take up the challenge to venture out further. Provides incredible views all along.

We are not very fit at all, but we made it to the top in about two hours. Fantastic views from the top, especially from the Cosmos station. We did cheat and take the Gondola back down, which saved time and my wife's legs ;-)

Loved it. Not too bad of a hike. Very dog friendly. Amazing views

10 days ago

Full disclosure--I probably wouldn't have stopped here but my wife suggested it on a cloudy day when other more iconic sites were obscured. I'm glad I listened to my wife--the pools of yellow, orange, and green are incredibly vivid and reflect the shadows of the surrounding trees like some kind of psychedelic artwork. And we had the place to ourselves, which was rare on our trip to the area in July. Your shoes/boots will probably get muddy on the trail but I liked it as a reminder of the interesting colors in the sediment of this area.

Once you get out of the crowds of lake Louise the ascend is breathtaking. After the tea house, the crowds begin to shrink and the hike/views can fully be enjoyed.

A tad bit more challenging than you would expect for the ‘moderate’ rating. Limited opportunity for views on the climb and the trail can be a bit repetitive given all the hairpin turns. But spectacular views at the summit.

Highly visited trail especially given the increase access due to the gondolas on site. Ok to do this hike solo - limited chance of running into wildlife.

Stunner and a burner. Well worth it - amazing views!

Beautiful easy-moderate hike, good for all fitness levels! Bring bug spray in the summer, I did the trail yesterday and am covered in bites but it was well worth it, some beautiful views once you get to the Canyon the Sundance trail was a bit longer than I expected and the pavement wasn’t helping with the heat!

The official trail is a nice easy hike that starts with about 11 mellow switchbacks. The low new growth makes for some nice views. The end of the official trail is where the real fun begins, with a climb up the valley walls to the plateau and glacier at the end. We took the trail on the left side of the valley up and the trail on the right side down, I’d probably ascend the right side trail if I did it again. Wear good hiking boots and would recommend poles (we didn’t have any and the descent on loose rocks was extra slow going). The views are incredible, from the end of the official trail and the plateau.

Jaw dropping views. Price of admission: the destruction of your quads for a 48 hour period. Totally worth it.

Damn sweet hike
Excellent for running
You will come to a sign at the top saying you reached Stanley glacier but you can then make your own trail to the top. So sweet! Just be careful on the way down lose rocks and steep

Too many people in July.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump, and a dozen switchbacks, cross a creek or two, a bit of meadow, a walk through snow, and a half dozen more switchbacks.

My legs are crying.

Stunningly beautiful hike. This is my top rated hike near Lake Louise region. Went last year so I can’t comment on current conditions. There’s nothing technical about the hike but the many switchbacks and distance will get your blood flowing.

Absolutely my favourite hike thus far!
Get to the parking lot early. We were there at 6:55 am and within 5-10 minutes the parking lot was filled up! (This was July long weekend).
I found this hike to be challenging in several areas - during the initial upward climb, the snowy area climbing up to the summit and the snowy area descent. We wore yak traxs and had hiking poles. I felt quite nervous about the snow, if it were not for the yak traxs and poles I would have fallen on my butt. Initially I was sweating on the climb up but by the time we reached the top it was chilly and it started to snow.
Views at Larch Valley, on the way to the summit and up at the summit were absolutely breath taking. If the hike is difficult for you, definitely don't give up. It is totally worth it!
Met with some cute chipmunks at the top who were not at all shy and very hungry :)

17 days ago

I recommend this hike because it offers a variety of sights and terrain. Personally, after using this app quite a bit in the Rockies, I would rate this hike as a moderate for sure.

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