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Beautiful hike! Knee deep snow once you get to Lake Catherine, but so worth it.

Nice trail. Very muddy right now with melted snow. A lot of downed branches across the path at the moment.

Beautiful trail. Nice to take breaks around the lakes. Lots of fun! Saw moose right before getting to lake Mary. Incredible views.

20 days ago

We hiked this on Labor Day and it wasn't overly crowded. If you have the time I'd recommend going all the way to the Green River-- the scenery is gorgeous. I'd happily hike this again. It is a bit of a drive from Vernal but worth it for a mini adventure.

24 days ago

I did the entire 18+ mile round-trip today from the trailhead close to the reservoir to Mormon Flats. The weather was great, a little cool early but that's better than too hot. I saw several deer and three of them bounded across the trail about 20 feet in front of me. If one of those animals hits you you're in trouble. The trail is very rocky but well marked and well traveled, there is no way you'll get lost. As for Alltrail's directions to the trailhead, you're on your own. It costs to park at the reservoir trailhead at the day-use area, but Alltrail doesn't mention that or where the day-use area for the reservoir is located or how to get to it. If all else fails just drive Highway 65 and look for the parking lot and fee booth above the reservoir. If you want a slightly shorter hike, drive on and look for trailhead markers along the highway. Eventually you'll see one for the Mormon Pioneer trail. The elevation gain of 3000 feet is well distributed over the length of the trail so it's manageable. I went all the way to Mormon Flats and tried to imagine what it was like to have been camped there in 1847. Why are there no markers for Fort Wells? As for bikers, several passed me in either direction and only one yielded to me. The rest slowed but made it plain by their actions that I was going to get hit if I didn't get out of the way. If you're a biker, please obey the rules.

1 month ago

We started at the trail head up top by cell towers and hiked down to Mormon Flats. It was about 4 1/2 miles, nice gentle downhill hike. We left a car at the bottom. Beautiful hike with fall colors starting to come out. Fun that this was a Pony Express route, trail of the Donner Party, and the first Mormon Pioneers. It was a lovely hike!

1 month ago

Gorgeous trail. Fall leaves beginning - probably a couple weeks to peak. Few people on the trail although 10 or so eating at the lake. Hiked with a 9 yo who was awestruck by the views and had no trouble with the uphills, the rocky areas nor the gravel downhills.

Fairly easy hike, first part is a steady slight incline, eventually it levels out and then its just cake walk. Trail gets busy with runners and bikers but views are beautiful.

Loved this hike. Camped at Ostler lake, and hiked to Amethyst the next day. The scenery was spectacular. I agree it was well over 11.7 miles. From the bottom, to Ostler we clocked 6.5 miles. The next day it was about 1.7 miles to Amethyst Lake which was spectacular. Definitely worth the trip.

1 month ago

Nice hike, but a long day trip. I agree with the prevailing sentiment that it is absolutely 13 miles, not 11.7. I was actually trying to go to Kermsuh lake, but went left when I should have gone straight. I didn't see any signs, but I have screwed up before. For the last mile, I am not sure what is represented by the track shown here on AllTrails. Any trail matching that track is very subtle. The obvious main trail brings you right by the small, unnamed triangular-shaped lake at about 5.5 miles. There are well constructed campsites here, and then it is another mile and some significant additional elevation to Amythest Lake.

The whole hike is scenic, passing through forests, meadows and along a running stream with waterfalls. The lake is absolutely beautiful. No mosquitos at all right now. The elevation gain comes in fits and spurts, with parts that seem almost flat and other parts that are strenuous. The first 2.5 miles from Christmas Meadows requires some care to avoid mud in places and is lots of up and down, which is fine at the start, but a drag when you are coming back at the end. There is a sign at the trailhead warning that the trail is obstructed by downed trees. Not to worry, because the trail elves have cleaned them all up, bless their souls.

I don't think there is a clear trail to Osler Lake, but it might be fun to find it another time. People climb up to Osler Peak from there, which looks to be an adventure way beyond my comfort level.

1 month ago

Very beautiful lake, with many scenic places along the way.
Went backpacking in mid July there and the temps were very moderate. The trail was definitely muddy in many places, but using logs, rocks and higher trails made it easy to keep my feet dry. When you arrive, there is a very small lake on your right about 1/4 mile away from the actual lake. If I had to do it again I would have camped there. The bugs at Amethyst Lake were absolutely terrible, it was mostly flies and gnats, not many mosquitoes. The lower lake or pond had no bugs, and better trees for hammocks. It's not as scenic, but better a better spot to lay down the fort.
It gets pretty steep after the fork, but definitely doable.
Beautiful place, would do again.

mountain biking
1 month ago

For the love of all that is holy, follow the TRAIL markers, NOT the map that All Trails gives you! This was my first time using the app as my map and guide. When I came to the first fork in the road starting from Dell Reservoir, the All Trails map tells you to go right on the larger road while there is a small trail marker indicating the left trail. I’ll give you a hint - don’t go right. If the trail starts to get really narrow and somewhat overgrown, if you’ve crossed a bridge right at the beginning, you’re on the wrong trail. I met a lost hiker up there, too.
Anyways, once I finally figured it out and biked back to the beginning, it was much better! It’s a steady climb up from the reservoir, but the ride down is super fun! I didn’t see any hikers, just bikers. I went up past the road and bathroom, continued on the other side up until a little ways past the campground. The road is close and you can always hear cars, but still fun.

It is really cool at sunset

1 month ago

Great hike and destination. It can be a day hike or overnight backpacking trip.

If coming from the Kamas side pick up your recreational pass at the Chevron in Kamas or if you have exact change at the spot where the old ranger station was. It’s a couple miles up the canyon.

If hiking to the meadow below Amethyst Lake (to the east of Ostler Lake) then I think the mileage of about 11.5 miles is correct. If hiking further to Amethyst Lake then I believe that’s at or around 12.5 miles.

It’s about 2.5 miles from the parking lot to the turn off for Amethyst lake. The sign is located on a tree at the fork. At this point and for about the next mile it’s fairly steep and rocky. After that it’s a fairly consistent rise with small bouts of steeper grades.

The trail is muddy at many spots. Generally with well positioned steps you can get through without any issue. I hear mosquitoes and bugs can be a problem but our late August trip had none.

As a reminder, it does get cool/cold at night and storms are known to roll through even if the day has looked great. We had bouts of heavy rain, lightning and thunder even though it had looked clear and the forecast was calling for good weather. Always be prepared in the Uintas.

I camped at Amethyst lake but still hiked Ostler peak. If you want great views it’s worth the effort. Most climb the north ridge from Ostler lake and I would recommend this. I decided to go up the main chute on this mountain. As you reach the top I exited the chute to the left and then climbed up to the saddle. Took the west side of the peak to summit.

I would not call this an easy hike. We stuck it out through 0.6 miles of basically straight uphill before we turned around. The Mill D trail in Big Cottonwood is rated Moderate and was easier than this.

My favorite! We stop off at little spots for hikes along the by way.

My favorite trail to run on the Wasatch front- never steep, great views alternating with shade!

Easy hike, but great to get out door's.

we did 4 of the lakes, well worth it. saw a huge moose about 15 paces from us, as well as a lot of other wildlife. lake mary was moderately trafficked, but catherine and the smaller one we saw only had one or two others in sight. we only saw two other people on the actual loop (they worked for the watershed) but there seemed to be people both going to mary or catherine, just not via the loop.

For a beginner like me; this was a great hike with amazing views!

very beautiful and very well trafficked.

Good views of the city. No shade after the first climb.

We loved this saw Provo river falls on the way to the lake then walked the trail around the lake

2 months ago

This trail is much tougher than some of these reviews would have you believe. Check the elevation charts and you'll see what I mean. It's also the only time I've backpacked in the High Uintas and had to deal with multiple large groups of campers. That said, there is a reason it's so popular and busy. The mountains, lakes, and meadows are absolutely stunning. I prefer solitude, so I'm not sure if I'd go again, but it's a beauty for sure.

Loved it! Lake Mary is stunning.

I love coming to Millcreek canyon. It is so beautiful. I've done this trail a few times. Great for trail running but it is novice so it gets busy. lots of mountain bikers on this trail.

2 months ago

Definitely worth pushing that last mile or so past Ostler Lake to Amethyst. The water is strikingly blue! Temps are prime this time of year, plenty of great places to set up camp!

2 months ago

Great backpacking trail/lake. Heavy use, so please make sure you pack in/pack out. The ranger at the trailhead told us open fires due to the “Extreme” fire danger rating. Unfortunately the people around us didn’t get the memo. The pit next to us re-sparked with the wind- luckily my friend and I were there to put it out.

Closer to 7 miles each way. The water spots along the way were my favorite. The steep part is steep going up, an slippery going down. Saw 2 moose (at separate times). Weather was mild and didn’t go below 44°.

This is a great Trail if it wasn't for the middle part being so Steep and Rocky I would give it 5 stars.

Great hike. 7 Lakes. Started at Silver lake , Solitude, up and over to Twin Lakes, over to Lake Mary, Martha, Cathrine, and Dog Lake. Caught the tail end of the flowers.

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