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Such a quick trail to a fun and freezing swimming hole.

Took our Cub Scout den yesterday. Had a great time. Fall colors were perfect !

Loved it! It is a very beautiful place!

Very easy hike but too crowded with people.

Beautiful in the early spring. Note there are multiple starting points for this trail. The longest is around 10 miles

Even on a cold and rainy day it was still worth it.

Beautiful falls, easy hiking, trail with heavy foliage. Quite and tranquil. We didn’t see anyone on the trail, it’s well marked with the white markers with in about 50 feet’s of each other. The little wooden bridge is a cute touch, Cumberland isn’t to far but not accessible from this trail, we ended up driving to that location since we were able to hike there. But the trail is beautiful one I would recommend to an avid hiker or beginners.

Good trail. Good signs. Hung a hammock in the pavilion and was able to hang in three states at the same time. Pretty neat! We’ll be back.

very beautiful Trail Falls is awesome at the end Trail is a little rough. as we went down last time we seen some Bear Prints in the mud on the trail.

on Yahoo Falls Trail

28 days ago

Fun trail! It has some really cool features: small caves, an arch and a waterfall. I’m going back in a couple of weeks to explore some of the off-shoot trails and see the fall colors.

Fun. I personally like the eagle's nest trail.

29 days ago

This is a great little trail. As has been hinted in other reviews, there are parts of this climb that might not feel "easy," but it is in truth not that difficult either. The views are well worth it, and it's pretty unique to be able to hike in three states on the same short hike. The NPS has put a lot of work into this park and there are numerous historic and interpretive signs on the trail. This makes it fun and educational for kids and adults alike!

1 month ago

I don’t know what kind of joke y’all are trying to play but this trial isn’t easy or moderate. This trail is one that you have to be an expert hiker in order to climb it. Not to mention the directions in order to get there are terrible...cause there are none. Best of luck to whoever attempts this trial.

Good trail... lots of litter though :-/

Hike is beautiful with big open trails, beauty all along the path. The finale is the waterfall at the end with the luxury of a comfortable bench on a platform to enjoy the view.

Great trail that everyone in Kentucky should go to

1 month ago

Such a gorgeous trail! You can skip the loop and go straight to the falls without doing the whole loop. Took 4 kids and the water under the Falls was perfect for swimming. Deep and refreshing on a 86 degree October day! The area around the falls was fun to relax and explore. We scaled the giant rocks and explored by the river. Tricky getting back up but worth it. A fairly easy trail but lots of steps. Uneven footing and steep drop offs so maybe not great with little children. Gorgeous view of Cumberland falls.

Beautiful hike. There is some high Cliffs and it is a pretty steep drop when you get to the top of the falls. There are a lot of kids on the trails and I brought mine but there were a few instances it made me a little nervous with them.

Loved this place, just went today definitely a good hike and picture taking place. Seen one snake other then that no problems other then saying wow a hundred times lol....

1 month ago

Beautiful views but the trail is rough!


My girls and I loved it. Definitely a must see..

really liked it. I would not call it easy though... should be rated moderate in my opinion!

NOT an OFFROAD drivng trail, Hiking ONLY!

There are two trail heads, we started at the furthest point out on the gravel road 198. This is about 4 miles one way. There was recent heavy rain so conditions were wet. The trail is not currently well maintained, as there were several fallen trees and the last section before the second trail head is grown over. However, it was all passable and an interesting hike. The falls was awesome with the rain. I would consider moderate due in part to distance and condition.

There are actually 2 trailheads. If you begin at the entrance that has a trail back to the lodge across the road, which means you will take the trail counter clockwise, it is a much easier incline to the top. The entrance just about a half-block up the road takes you clockwise and is steep uphill and challenging. We hiked it at the beginning of the fall and it was like walking through a jungle.

Really pretty and short - but definitely moderate (not easy) hike between the climb on the way back and the uneven surfaces. We were mostly alone mid afternoon on a Friday, but as we left we passed at least a bakers dozen of college students on their way in with (open on the trail) cheap beer, so perhaps less delightful late in the day on a Friday!

2 months ago

Love this hike but not a,easy hike ticks steps and climbing was great ..

2 months ago

Yahoo is definitely one of my favorite places. The trail is definitely a hike, but its perfect for Fall!

not easy. 1/2 mile but either up or down, no flat.

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