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We did today!!!! It was FANTASTIC but EXHAUSTING!!!
We hiked on a new trail and we made it there for 3hours and 30 mins and 3 hours going down. Yay!!

Very solid hike! Many switch backs and increases in elevation. Bug weren’t an issue for me on 8/4/18. If you are out of shape this could get pretty difficult. Last stretch is a pretty steep incline. Go Early. Tons of people arrived in the afternoon. Going back down sucks.

Did this one back in may, beautiful wilderness area, lots of switchbacks..

Closed for Search and Rescue.

Looks like a beautiful trail. However, it is closed for SR. I hope they find her safe.

First and only hike I've been on. Very hard for a first timer but was worth it. Bring water and snacks. Also something to place in the mailbox on top.

14 days ago

My car was broken into at this TH, nothing was taken cuz there was nothing to take. What a waste.
Trail is rough.
Views were beautiful at the lake.
Saw a plane take off.
Heard zero humans all day.
TH is a bummer.

Steep at the end!

18 days ago

THIS IS NO GEM! The trail from the road is easy to find and it is just a turnout (it is one of those high maintenance turnouts though so you do need a Discover! Pass). The first half of the “trail” is just a logging road. The views in the distance are great, but up close is nothing but clear-cut hell. Getting onto the real trail is VERY difficult. I found several cairns in incorrect locations, so I think that some jerks are messing with people. The first part of the trail runs along the worst clear-cut that I have ever seen. It most have been the worst loggers in the world to have left such a mess. I have never seen a chop job like that. No person should feel proud of participating in that destruction. The rest of the trail is steep, but pretty. The lake is nice, but not worth all the effort and ugliness that you have to endure to get there. There are many other options in the area that offer better lakes and better views.

We had a great time! Getting to the trailhead was a little odd because it didn’t seem like the directions or my GPS accounted for the new roads but we made it without much trouble.

Met a few people going up and coming down but mostly had the trail to ourselves. The new trail is great! Very well done and makes for a great climb up. We stayed cool until we left the tree line behind. The boulder field was more of a mental game than actually physically challenging but the last half of a mile or so to the peak had some very challenging parts. I’m sure experienced hikers find this type of thrill common place but to the faint of heart or people (like me) still getting used to the heights of the mountains in Washington, the last part felt like I accomplished climbing to the top of the world!
We had a lovely clear day and the bugs weren’t bad.
HOWEVER it is very warm and sunny right now so bring lots of water and don’t forget sunscreen and several snacks that will help bring your energy levels back up.
And if your furry buddies aren’t used to this, leave them home on such a hot day. We watched search and rescue go up after a buddy who couldn’t make it back down on his own.

My absolute favorite hike! Breathtaking views! I actually have found a lot of hikes much harder then this one. I like this hike because there are switchbacks but there are what I call recovery patches I.e. not uphill the entire time! I will say that the end is a steep incline to the mailbox but I’ve done worse i.e. bandera is worse to me. This hike is much longer than listed I.e. 12+ on new trail there and back. Killer on the way down, should have hiking shoes, preferably boots. Wild flowers are out! Would totally do it again!

This hike will break you off! However, the views are worth the hard work! I completed the trail with two friends. The out and back measured at 11 miles using the new trail. The trail is well maintained. I would bring insect repellent as you may need it. Make sure bring more than enough water and food to eat. You will want to take a break and replenish your body once you reach the summit. I highly recommend a hat as it it exposed once you reach the rocks. Once again, this hike is amazing and definitely worth it!

25 days ago

Hike at your own risk.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy solitude.

This is an unregistered trail and is not maintained.

Pack it in, pack it out.

Leave this magnificent place better than you found it.

Thank you.

26 days ago

Beautiful trail! Old forest. Saw a black bear driving on the dirt road. The mosquitos were aggressive at the 2 mile mark and kept this up to the top, then disappeared. The little flies on top came in waves! Very little snow on the trail. A few running water flows lower but didn't even wet the boot. Tiger Lily growing on side of trail about 1.50 miles up. There is a washed-out section about 0.4 miles in which you can navigate easily. Trailhead potty out of TP. Moderate difficulty.

Fantastic hike! The views from the top are stunning and the mailbox truly is iconic. We went up and back on the new trail and my watch clocked it at a bit over 11 miles. This seems to be a trend for this hike, but I'm not sure. Would still highly recommend, just know what you're getting yourself into. That being said, the trail is incredibly well maintained, making it easy to hike--especially towards the top/steepest part.

29 days ago

This hike did not disappoint. The 40 switchbacks were strenuous but worth it. The path is well maintained and I did not experience a lot of bugs, only one mosquito bite and I did not need to use bug spray. Bring your suite, the water in both lakes is perfect for swimming!

29 days ago

Nice walk through the woods. Could see the distant peaks today along with Glacier peak, Vesper, and Barring

1 month ago

It was a beautiful hike. But for dog owners beware of the rocks that could be too hot for your dogs paws.

Great hike. Hard at the end but totally word it. Breathtaking views.

Still snow on the trail as of JY 11, 2018. Even though it didn’t interfere, I recommend not doing this hike before mid-JY

1 month ago

Went on a Monday, only 8 cars in the lot. Saw some snow at the top, bugs were aggressive, but totally worth it! Stunning views.

Went Tuesday, great trail, took the new trail up and back. Had 3L camelback full and used all of it. Bring a lightweight jacket and bug spray for the summit.

Alright so to caveat off another review here, this trail is definitely not 9 miles. The loop is 9 miles, which is goin up the new and down old trail or vice versa. If you take the new trail up its 6.58 miles ONE WAY! We used a short section of the old trail cut it down to 4.87 on the decent. I suggest updating the trail length. Definitely a tough trail but it was fine. Gorgeous views.

The falls are magnificent.

1 month ago

Wish they hadn’t clear cut so many trees. Great Mountain View from the logging road, then very steep once on the trail which is hard to follow. We got turned around a few times. Probably 10 logs or so you have to go over or under, a bit overgrown. The lake is nice, but was very windy, so we hung out on the rocks by the top of the waterfall instead, which was pretty cool. Only passed one other group which was nice.

Grueling hike to the summit. Beautiful falls on the way and an awesome view at the top.

Great tough hike.

Holy crap the last half mile or so is a beast, Apple watch clocked me at 11.5 miles.

I’m seriously out of shape and my stubbornness made me summit.

Good hike overall, last half mile or so was pretty challenging. Views from the top were amazing on a cloudless day. Definitely a fun trail, would do again.

Lots of switch backs. Went in October and the trail had all the weather patterns, fall colours to rain, sleet and snow at the top. Shame there was a foggy view at the top, couldn’t see a whole lot, but will definitely do it again!!

Very tough trail, bring plenty of water. Spectacular view at the top. I got a great picture of my dog in the mailbox.

It took me 3.5 hours to get up and 2.5 down, average hiker. Make sure to check out the beautiful North Bend / Snoqualmie towns after! Lots to see, eat, and drink.

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