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I got to see a massive flock of ducks and birds it was amazing!

This is a nice, open trail. It is good for young horses and even had a bridge to practice crossing.
Please, if you are on a multi use trail and horses are allowed, try to be polite and courtious to riders. We usually meet really nice runners and bikers who understand to slow down, say hello. Today we had the unpleasant e experience of truly rude trail runners. When I called "hello" they wouldn't answer and when they did not slow down when I asked, I stopped my horse and waited for them to pass. As they passed one made some nasty comment about us. Really people! So rude. Then later they were on part of the trail above us and yelled at us that we shouldn't have untrained horses on a trail. Totally unnecessary. Any horse, well trained or green, we would like you to speak to us as you pass so out horses know you are human. That's why we say hello. So, if you can't just be polite, head for a trail that doesn't allow horses.

trail running
1 month ago

I have run here in every season and at every time of day. It is spectacular no matter what. The prairie dog colony on the back side of the lake is a fun addition. Great views of Longs Peak and the surrounding range.

Lovely walk.

The trail is just a gravel path surrounding the lake. That si ok. Take every boardwalk you come across as you will get to view lots of wildlife. My highlights included a bald eagle, 2 falcons, and 2 deer that were about 10 yards off the board walk. Very surprised at how much life was in the area!

3 months ago

Great WALK (definitely not for hiking...if you are coming to hike here, you will be disappointed, as it is flat) this is a nice walk around the lake. I have lived in the area for a very long time and the park keeps getting busier and busier. It makes me a little sad, but I am glad to see people out exercising. There are fish, potential birds, and the lake of course!

3 months ago

Nice easy stroll. Very limited shade, so it can be a bit hot in the middle of the day.

This is a nice trail for a run or for an easy-going walk. There are a few rolling hills, but it doesn't have anything too strenuous. True to its name, Coal Creek meanders near much of the trail, which is nice plus. The Louisville section has a decent amount of shade, but once you get to the prairies in Lafayette towards Erie it is pretty exposed. The prairie dog field is fun to run through, though. Really nice view of the Flatirons in Aquarius open space going west towards Louisville. Overall, I wouldn't go out of my way for this trail, but it is nice for those who live nearby.

Hot. Very exposed trail with little shade. Halfway the trail dips down and it was water covered so we couldn’t do the whole thing. Pretty disappointing!

4 months ago

I love this easy trail around the lake

4 months ago

3.5 miles around the lake. I wanted flat .No shade but it was cloudy and breezy and pretty.

Very easy trail. Not sure how but I got lost into a private property LOL
It is my very first trail!!

trail running
6 months ago

Nice views, wildlife and birds, mostly level with lots of people. I live close by so this is my morning run.

super easy with nice views!

I did the 4.5 mile out and back. Not very challenging, more of an endurance trail. Well marked. Not much shade so bring plenty of water. Enjoy.

This is definitely easy. But you can get some good steps in since the trail circles a pretty big lake. Great view of the mountains. We also saw a lot of prairie dogs and the lake is very nice.

good bike ride along creek and homes. nice views. not hard

6 months ago

Easy flat beautiful, lots of wildlife and an abundance of views.

super easy trail for running, walking, and biking. Not too scenic but a great trail for a quick 3.5 mile run.

Nice relaxing gravel trail, beautiful views of longs peak reflecting on the lake, lots of birds, fields, etc. Great Sunday afternoon walk.

trail running
6 months ago

nice loop, pretty with mountains in background. Too much cement on the east side. good in town run.

Nice easy path, very pretty right next to the river

on McIntosh Lake

7 months ago

Easy ‘walk in the park.’ About a third of the trail is paved, the rest is very well maintained dirt/sand pathway. Great Rocky Mountain and foothill views that stretch from Fort Collins to Golden. Compliments to the city of Longmont for creating this great local open space.

It was great I. The morning, not busy. I’m a beginner and this was more than doable!

We hiked this from 95th. Somewhat flat and boring but constant view of the mountains. Almost right in between 95th and 75th is an elevated rock ledge with a fantastic view of Boulder below. May try a night hike from 75th to take in the lights.

Nice trails well maintained with great facilities around some nice ponds and next to the south platte river. Saw lots of birds.

Beautiful trail however this trail doesn’t allow dogs on the whole trail. Dogs are only allowed on the gunbarrel loop section that’s more north. Went with my three dogs and had to turn back to do Teller Farms instead.

amazing. where else are there bald eagles flying overhead all hike. beautiful.

great trail, just make sure u have nobs and not street tires like my self.

Just an easy ride after work. Nothing notable just a nice path.

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