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Hot. Very exposed trail with little shade. Halfway the trail dips down and it was water covered so we couldn’t do the whole thing. Pretty disappointing!

20 days ago

Dog owners please be cautious! Unfortunately last night our dog was bit by a rattlesnake in the tall grass around Coot Lake. We LOVE this area and go there 3-4 times a week and never had an issue until last night.

trail running
24 days ago

Like some of the other reviewers have pointed out, don’t go here if you are looking for a hike. But, if you’re looking for a great 5k trail run on a nicely kept gravel path this place is perfect. I live nearby and run here often with my dog. Be sure to check out the smaller food paths down to the creek, and check out he nature center too!

beautiful views for a short hike

1 month ago

Nice trail. Great scenery.

1 month ago

Short flat loop around Harper Lake is absolutely beautiful in the late afternoon sun. Lots of geese!

would not recommend

Nice wide open space with lots of happy dogs and a lake. no elevation to speak of so not really a work-out, but certainly beautiful.

on Coal Creek Trail

road biking
2 months ago

Fun trail for riding all-road or endurance bikes, but a little crowded with children and pets to safely bomb through. Still, a great local gravel trail for getting in a solid weekday ride - just take it a little slower and little more cautiously.

A couple nice sized bull snakes hangin around sunning themselves across the trail lately too...

It's like... a path to get from one place to another place without having to walk on the street. Really boring for a hiker. It's a path you'd run, or walk your dog if you live nearby, or ride your bike to go somewhere kind of a place. Which is fine, but don't expect a "hike" or too much to look at. (also, lots of sun, so dress accordingly)

Nice relaxing gravel trail, beautiful views of longs peak reflecting on the lake, lots of birds, fields, etc. Great Sunday afternoon walk.

3 months ago

Very easy walk about a pretty lake with lots of crawdads

3 months ago

Great, short foothills hike. I’d lean towards a hard rating as the loop is pretty steep. If you want more miles, the Foothills Trail crosses this route just before the loop junction(All Trails map does not show the north section of the Foothills Trail, but looks like it might go a couple miles).

Nice pleasant hike with a lake and lots of happy dogs in it. Best during the week.

3 months ago

This is my 2-3 night per week exercise loop while the kids clean up dinner. It is very pretty and more of a neighborhood area. I add on some of the coal creek trail to make it an extra mile or so. Nice at sunset and sometimes you'll see coyotes.

It was great I. The morning, not busy. I’m a beginner and this was more than doable!

Yuck! Bugs everywhere! Doesn’t seem to be in a great part of town ether. Water was also gross.

Great little hike to get some vert in with nice views of Boulder Valley. No snow on 3/31, but there were a few muddy areas. All were easily avoidable except the very beginning, where the tunnel under the road was a massive puddle.

great trail, just make sure u have nobs and not street tires like my self.

5 months ago

Great for a morning hike to get warm and ready to take on the day.

Nice paved trail and dog friendly

Good for a short but scenic walk.

Pretty spot, but the loop trail is under construction. Now a short out and back. Check construction status before going.

7 months ago

This is a sweet little open space that feels like the midwest. If you go across the street to the trails on the west side, there are fewer people.

Sweet little area. Feels like the midwest.

8 months ago

No dogs allowed after the first 0.5 miles west of the parking lot. Ranger gave the couple in front of us a ticket and they were only 100 ft passed the no dogs sign. Bummer. We'll be back...

Wow, one of our favorite new mellow trails. Great place to see fall color especially if the twin peaks have snow. Quiet, not too busy, super easy to get to from Longmont. Photos have dogs off-leash but there were very specific dogs must be on leash signs- if it were off-leash it would be one of our faves!

9 months ago

Definitely a favorite spot to take our dogs off leash. Views are as beautiful. Usually a few people fishing and lots of other friendly dogs. If your dog likes to swim, he'll probably just ask you to leave him there and come back tomorrow...dock for jumping and loads of easy entry places.

9 months ago

Easy flat walk around a reservoir with open space all around and flatirons and foothills in the background to the west. Saw a bald eagle and lots of waterfowl.

10 months ago

Beautiful sunset walk around Coot Lake with amazing views of the flatirons in the distance.

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