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My favorite! We stop off at little spots for hikes along the by way.

Smooth ride, very straight and level for the most part. hooks up with legacy trail for a little while in Farmington, then splits apart in Centerville. Scenery varies from city, to suburbs, to ranches and farms and back again. lots of streets to cross which slows you down a bit. very well kept!

Easy hike with beautiful old trees and wild flowers. Lots of shade gentle incline.

trail running
8 days ago

walked/jogged this trail but it’ll be better off in a bike than walking

11 days ago

nice easy shaded trail for a quick getaway.

We loved this saw Provo river falls on the way to the lake then walked the trail around the lake

Great hike to do with small kids. Fun to read different signs that talk about the ecosystem. Has a pretty view of the forest at top. Mostly shaded with easy incline and decline areas.

Did a herb walk at peak flower season.
Most excellent.

so great for family day, beautifully floral time.
dogs love it...kids love it.

Beautiful hike but the path is very unclear at many points and is not good for kids, especially in a baby carrier as you need to balance and use your arms multiple times. Otherwise the hike is the perfect distance and mostly in the shade :)

Ok, so maybe if you only go to the first waterfall it is moderate. We hit that and decided to continue on. We read the sign going along the creek and said no way, went towards pretty valley but didn't read the reviews before going so wasn't sure it made it to waterfall and turned around about 1/4 mile after the big rock. we took the trail to hell hole from there. After several steep sections made it to another waterfall a bit past the campsite. Perhaps on a heavier water year it would have been worth it. On the way back we figured let's see what the other trail is like. It cant be that bad going down. Several super steep sections some with ropes not all. Motto of the story, stop at the first waterfall or prepare for a hard hike.

29 days ago

Very nice trail!

I tried to like this trail but you're just stuck behind a deer fence. I used to live in Logan and gave it a few tries. It feels like you're ether in a zoo or in some large prison camp or something!

Short easy hike. Fun for kids and the wildflowers are so beautiful!

1 month ago

Great trail, good for kids, we took our ten-year old and six-year old. A good view of the lake and some interesting signs too. A lot of shade.

Great quick hike. I would enjoy this a lot more on a mountain bike. Restroom at the start.

Edit: Walked this again last night for a quick hike and I came within 4 ft of a rattlesnake. He saw me before I saw him on the trail Bamberger(sp?), which I assume is the main trail. Just something to keep your eyes out for.

1 month ago

This is a super fun and easy hike perfect for the family. It is worth stopping if you are passing by. It has lots of shade and signs that explain different landmarks and vegetation. It is very easy.

This is a great hike. Just remember you are following a creek up the canyon, not going straight up the mountain. There is a sign that points to the trail going up the mountain but this trail turns left at that point and starts going down into the canyon to the red bridge. Our kids loved it. There are some steep places, not dangerous but have to slide down a little bit. The water is cold and refreshing.

1 month ago

Shady, paved, easy walk with nice views of the river and golf course.

on Lagoon Trail

1 month ago

Great family walking trail that we've been using for years. Wide and paved, can be used for strollers and bikes. Added bonus, passes by a section of the Lagoon zoo. Wild berries and fruit trees along the way. A couple of bridges over a stream with no water access. Great place for a photo shoot.

This is a great hike! Great for all ages it can keep everyone's attention it has some great signs that kept my kids wanting to read more. It has benches along the way to take a break. It is a very beautiful hike.

This is very similar to Bloomington Lake, but the road is paved all the way up to the lake. The drive is gorgeous. There were many, including us, taking our kayaks into the water, and many fishermen. It was very quiet and serene. The air is so fresh and crisp with smells of foliage. The Cliffs next to the mountain lake is gorgeous. We went in July and the wildflowers are all in bloom of a rainbow of colors, all around the lake. On one end we found a large, gorgeous beaver dam with a beaver residing in it and coming out late in the day. There was a young male moose near there at the edge of the water. Many people were swimming, the water is very full of plant life and fish and bugs on the water, we did not desire to swim, but wade and kayak and take a quiet break just looking. On the opposite end is a thick wooded forest with tall evergreens perfect for hiding from the heat of the day and putting up hammocks to take a nap and read. Beyond there is a beautiful campground. It is worth going and enjoying for all ages. There is a path around the lake. On one side it is well worn and cleared that a stroller or wheelchair can even make it around to the forested end. This is a a gorgeous hidden away spot we fell in love with.

Its a good easy hike to just get out side with the family. A nice mix of forested areas and open meadows.

My husband and I completed this hike on July 1.

The AllTrails map is accurate in terms of getting you to the trailhead and starting you on the trail.

However, there must have been some error, because it led us way too far past the petroglyphs. We had never done this trail, and we walked past the glyphs without noticing them, just going off the app's guidance. We hiked way deeper into the canyon and through some very sketchy obstacles. We finally decided to turn around because it was getting too dangerous, even though we hadn't found the glyphs. On the way back, we finally found them.

For those doing this trail.... the glyphs are on the left side as you're hiking up the waterfall area. They are at at a slightly higher elevation than the trail.

Not sure why the app didn't work for us. I think we would have had a better time if we hadn't exhausted ourselves going so far past the glyphs. Be careful, everyone!

This is a nice little trail, but not a kid friendly trail. I never want to take a toddler here again. Up to the bridge, it's okay for 5 and up. Past the bridge, no one younger than 12 or so.

1 month ago

The trail was great but the directions weren’t. Make sure to head left once you meet up with the main trail. At the end of the red bridge turn right and head up the mountain. It took me a couple attempts to actually find it.

Easy trail, but holy cow the views are incredible. This was the trail I used to break in my new (to me) FJ Cruiser and it performed perfectly. I saw some cars going up the first half of the trail, but when you see the fork to Francis Peak, that's where they are probably turning around.

mountain biking
1 month ago

The trail follows a deer fence.... is mixed single track, double track and is overgrown in many places. The trail and fence attempt to follow the lake Bonneville shoreline, in a due north south line so the trail goes up and down. Trail is exposed to the sun with little shade, nice view of Cache Valley to the west.

It is so beautiful and very easy for kids to hike! Definitely one I will go back to!

1 month ago

Lots of cotton! Like coated everywhere, looks like spider webs, and being next to lagoon it sounded like people dying screaming! Kinda hysterical except my 2 yrs Old was scared!

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