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Combined this with Fire Tower and it was a good hike. Pretty forest views. Good if you want to work on your cardio and just get some miles in. Trail is mostly flat with tree roots. A few rocky areas.

nature trips
28 days ago

One of my absolute favorite places. Beautiful scenery and trails with perfectly clear markers. Wide trails with lots of places to stop and look at animals or wonder. Great park!

This is a nice, easy set of loop trails my family and I completed on 7/14/18. Unfortunately, this area has been very dry for the past few weeks to a month and the waterfalls are mostly dry rock with small trickles here and there. The trails are well marked and very well maintained- easy to follow. Due to the dry conditions, the stream crossing from the Blue Loop to the Orange Loop was on dry rock all the way across. We look forward to returning later in the season to hopefully enjoy the beautiful waterfalls this trail is known for.

Hiked this July 1, 98 degrees after hiking Gore mountain. This loop is incredible but difficult. Shoes with some grip are a must. Would not do alone. Very steep and rock climbing is part of it. It was extremely adventurous and can’t wait to bring others on this hike. Views were amazing from many look out spots. The pond on the other side is beautiful and wonderful to cool off in. Proved to be a lifesaver on such a hot day. Hiking down just as hard as going up. Will definitely do again.

I live within the reaches of Crane's shadow, & as a frequent High Peaks climber, I foolishly overlooked Crane, thinking 'what's so special about that?' Needless to say, I learned my lesson. Elevation doesn't equal charm!

A great blend of sharp & steep with views of the Southern Adks; and oh yeah, a fancy pond.

Overall a moderate 3.5 mile hike, great for any day.

1 month ago

The description says kid friendly but if you plan to take kids younger than 7, Hang onto them! This trail has very steep drop offs most of the way around.

Great hike if you're up to the challenge! The second ladder is tall and a bit sketchy- especially when you get to the top! If heights bother you avoid the ladder section. The rock scrambles are fun but also demanding! A short but very vigorous hike. Beautiful views. Go early as the lot fills quickly. Overall very worthwhile!

Easy trail, great for younger kids. My 4 year old loved seeing the deer, turtles, and eagles. Able to walk down to the water on the SE end of the island. Lots of shells and more eagles. Trail is wide open with plenty of intersecting trails that cross the island. Beautiful views and lookouts throughout. Bring your gps and find some geocaches too.

the climb up was very steep and there was a lot of rock climbing involved, not to mention one tall ladder. but the view at the top was well worth it! loved this hike!

great time

Saw a bald eagle, two fawns, chipmunks, a snapping turtle and a beaver today!

Very well maintained trails, all dirt and wide enough for about 4 people across. We took the perimeter trail and the deer run trail. We switched because the second half of the perimeter trail wasn't mowed and the grass was a little tall. there's some nice views of the Hudson and small waterfalls. Pay attention when parking because the lot is easy to miss before the one-lane bridge. We saw a doe run past on the deer run which was exciting! I would return.

Great easy hike. Lots to see along with Lock#2 waterway. Eagles nest are across the river, so l recommend binoculars. Someone offered us there's to take a look at the nest. Decent place without lots of travel time to get there as well.

Wanted to provide some more information here on the cave that many seem to have found and others have missed. It's located quite close to the junction of the blue trail and the jeep path that goes to the main parking lot, and is right before the steep rise of the face of the mountain. It had a stream running through it and the trail actually went over the cave forming a natural bridge. I found it was easiest to access from the north side of the blue trail, and after climbing down into the sink/pit the cave had formed, you encounter the stream flowing through. The stream continues to the right, off into some unknown fissure that I didn't explore but could be possibly squeezed into. Going to the left up a slight crawl, the cave opens into a sizable room which I could stand in. It is decently dark so a bright waterproof flashlight or headlamp is handy. The stream flows into this room by a waterfall which was right at the end of the first sink where the stream dips underground. You could climb out this end but it was pretty steep and slick with the wet rocks.

The cave was cut through dissolution of the marble rocks, in much the same way as a limestone cave, and revealed some interesting features of slate layers and large quartz crystals within the rock from the metamorphosis of the marble. Marble caves are quite rare as compared to their limestone counterparts, and this is certainty an interesting place to explore not far at all from the trail.

Excellent hike!! We were so impressed with the variety of that this hike offered: lake, streams, scrambles, ladders, breathtaking views... this hike has it all!! Do it and it’ll be one of your favorites too.

It’s tough and you need good hiking shoes! The summit is really breathtaking. The second ladder is a little terrifying. Two hours from the top to the bottom but I feel as if I hiked for a full day! Good workout.

This is a tough hike, but so rewarding. I can’t wait to do it again in the fall.

Don't let the length of this hike fool you, not 'easy' but if you're capable and willing to do some rock scrambling you'll get rewarded with an excellent view. Next time I'll be bringing trekking poles. Definitely recommend the 'loop' (we thought loop meant avoiding the rocky section on the way down from the summit- not true, but you will avoid descending the ladders if you continue past the summit and down to the pond (more roots than rock here). Nice big parking area, too.

Beautiful and easy trail. We took a nice leisurely walk around the perimeter and saw Bald Eagles and their nest on the next island over. Next time we know to bring binoculars!

had lots of fun here, lots of waterfalls of all sizes to see, the blue trail is extremely lacking in trail markers so taking a picture of the map is definitely beneficial

tough for us old folks but it was a blast and what a view!

Note: this mountain has no gas stations or cell service for many many miles around. Be sure you have a full tank of gas and that someone knows you are hiking here. This trailhead and mountain are VERY remote. The second ladder is very tall with a very small area from which to step off it when you get to the top. Definitely would not advise young kids or pets.

great trail any level

3 months ago

extremely difficult especially coming down
loved it

Great views on the perimeter trail of the lock and river. Some nice lookout spots. Good view of a bald eagle nest. Only downside is there is a ton of people

Loved it.

Perfect leisurely hike with great views. Good for kids and dogs.

3 months ago

They have this trail labeled as "Easy" but I would rate it more as "Moderate". It wouldn't be a trail that would be easy for the elderly or very young, due to the following, and one of the most important, in order to stay on the trail you have to cross the creek, which can be hard to do, if not impossible, depending on the depth/height of the water. When we were just there, the only way for us to cross was to shimmy across some fallen trees and then find our way back to the marked trail. There are some steep grades and a lot of the trails are uneven due to exposed tree roots. The trail markings aren't the best which can make some parts of the trail hard to follow. This is marked as "no dogs allowed" and that's also posted right at the beginning of the trail, but there are definitely people that don't pay attention to that restriction. I guess the big highlight to this trail is the waterfalls, if that's what you're looking for, it's not a long walk to get to them, maybe 15-20 minutes.

Nice little mountain to pop up, short and sweet! Be prepared for some steep climbs though!

Great easy hike. Didn’t see a soul. Nice little stream.

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