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The Palmer Trail and the Susan G. Bretag trail wrap around the outside of the park to offer some great distant views of the rock formations! Great opportunity to get away from the crowds.

Short trail, mostly covered by stairs. There are some decent views up at the top with scenic viewpoints. There was little water when I was there, so there wasn't much action from the cascades.

Fun little hike! Wasn’t expecting the stairs, so keep that in mind, it is a very man developed trail and there are a lot of steps, some are slippery because of gravel. Brought my 2 & 4 YOs and my 12 YO dog, and they loved it, we made it all the way to the top! We had a blast sliding down the “slippery” rocks at the top and enjoying the beautiful views!

mountain biking
11 days ago

This is my go to trail at Landahl, since I'm still fairly new to mountain biking. I do Family Trail going out and then Will's Wanderer (the actual trail name) coming back. They're not too hard but both definitely have some tricky spots. The trail was changed this year to make the end a little less challenging and to avoid some huge rocks. Dave's Maze is another great trail that connects to these two and is about the same level of difficulty.

Great views, close proximity to information post.

we have tried this trail twice with our kids and get a bit confused after we cross mail road and follow it up to park area. we have no idea where to go from there and we even asked a park ranger, who said he cuts the grass on trail, and said it's not a loop but in order to go back to parking lot, you have to walk same route back?

So beautiful. Park in the Nothtrailhead Parking lot and cross the street to start the trail. :) if you start on the right, you'll come out on the left and vice versa. follow some of the recordings.

Easy hike with lots of varied green views and close to the city!

there is no hiking trail. you start by walking through a hay pasture then between a few trees then fight through tall weeds and thorns then I went back. wear pants and boots

Excellent. Variety of options to veer off. Beautiful terrain. Kids 9 and 13 handled it.

1 month ago

Easy to start off.

Kids loved it- twin 6 year old girls and 11 year old boy! Perfect for our fam!

Very easy hike and has water in the spring time. My boys (7 and 5) had a blast on this one.

on Devil's Kitchen Trail

2 months ago

We actually hiked portions of Devil’s Kitchen, Colosseum, Castle and Spring trails. The Ranger tied them all together in a loop (see photo) with one short distance reversal, totally around 4 mi and we did it in less than 2 hours with photos and a few breath-catching stops during/after the 300+ stairs. It was a great way to see the various features of the park, but overall, I think we liked the Devil’s Kitchen portion slightly better because it was denser and very little traffic. Very nice hiking, possibly 5 stars for our home state of MO but we reserve our 5 star ratings for awesome national parks. :)

Beautiful views of the formations. Early morning or weekdays are the best way to avoid heavy traffic.

2 months ago

Wish the trail was marked a little better; but it was very beautiful and peaceful.

Beautiful morning walk. For a lovely hour-long hike, I recommend taking the Mesa Trail to the Quarry Pass Trail to Red Canyon Path. This will allow beautiful views of the Garden of the Gods, a reservoir, and the quarry. Leave your car in the second parking lot and hike from the left (east) end of the first parking lot. This is the only hike we did at Red Rock Canyon, but we were amazed at the beauty so close to town.

Awesome trail system... Views are amazing... has some nice elevation change and really didn't see any other hikers once past a mile out. The hike I downloaded was a bit short so took some of the other available trails to add a bit of distance. shout-out to alltrails pro... makes altering a route on the fly easy!

Beautiful - always love Red Rocks. It seems that we choose another path each time we go. So happy that CoS turned the quarry into something we could enjoy time and time again.

Great little trail with one great view after the other.

Not a very difficult hike. Park is pretty crowded and this trail is a nice break from the people.

In town for work decided to get out rather than sit in a hotel room all weekend. The trails were good but I have to agree with the other reviews that it’s a little difficult to navigate. Luckily a couple running the trails guided me to the best way back to the parking lot.
Wish I had my mountain bike with me looks like these trails would be fun on two wheels

Not a good trail, it is not mark, it’s dirty!! it’s sad when people does not respect nature. Beer cans and bottles all over.

3 months ago

very nice hike! some areas could be marked better for the beginner but overall a great hike.

Good tourist trail. Gets better and more adventurous with steep trail, rock, and gravel if you continue past the ending where the stream begins to thicken and people begin to sit on the rocks. Have to be careful going past that part though as the gravel is very loose, going down especially. Worth it for the views if not doing any other trails in the area. My biggest complaint is that there is no big sign saying don’t drink the water due to giardia. We didn’t see the small notice on the chalkboard windows of the visitor center until after the hike and after our dog had refreshed herself with spring water. Now she has diarrhea :(

Great hike again. Trails are marked and well defined. Lovely wooded setting. Lots of Honeysuckle. The smells were amazing. Saw lots of poisen ivy too. Will definitely be back.

trail running
4 months ago

Great place for trail running!

great trail. Well maintained. could use better signs for trail crossings.

nature trips
4 months ago

amazing you may take a nature walk and have a picnic or hike in the tougher trail higher up.

Easy and beautiful hike, but the trails are horribly marked and it is easy to take a wrong turn (or be on the wrong trail altogether) to a different trail. The good news is that it is hard to get lost since you can see the road and parking lots as you meander around.

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