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13 hours ago

Hiked up with my parents who are inexperienced hikers. One used trecking poles. This was my second time doing this hike and I really enjoy the views at the top.

Great short hike. I thought it was a little more on the easy side than a moderate level. My five and nine year old did it without complaint and neither struggled at any point.
directions I found most helpful to find the yellow trailhead: park at the administrative building and wall about 1/3rd of a mile north along Lake Eileen (nice road/path). after you walk past the chapel, you can't miss it, there is a clearly marked trailhead on the right. short hike up and then if you'd like a longer, more scenic path down, ar the summit walk in the direction away from lake Eileen and enjoy a long, but nice hike down. a few creek crossings, but we managed to do so without getting wet.

Beautiful! Steep, but so much fun. went with our 6 year old.

Beautiful trail. The lake and trail that loops it are worth the climb. Be sure to check out Lonesome Lake Hut! There are bathrooms there and places to change if you want to swim!

This is a really nice hike in Franconia. Although the incline is steep at parts, it levels off shortly after. Definitely less strenuous than the trails up the ridge across the highway.

At the lake is a lovely dock that gives views to Franconia Ridge and Cannon. This is a great place to stop for lunch. Curious and friendly resident ducks on the lake may come up to you, but don’t feed them! They are fun to watch though.

It can get a bit muddy around the lake, but bog bridges help mitigate that.

I took the Dodge Cutoff Trail back down. It was less developed than the LL trail up. No staircases on Dodge. Less people though. I’d recommend going back down the way you came though.

Really nice hike, a good way to pass a few hours.

2 days ago

Gret amaxing wonderful trail. its a loop one. not hard. Great to families with kids and pats. nice atmosphere of the wild forest. Very very recommended. Its rated as Moderate,however its very EASY. we enjoyed very much (family with 12, 15 years kids)

Tough uphill, a little muddy at the top. Nice views.

7 days ago

We did this with our two children age 3.5 and 5.5 y and it was a big success. The young one was in my back for the first half and then he wanted to climb on his own. It was a lot of fun. I recommend this trail for any family with minimum experience. Hiking boots are a plus since some sections are somewhat rocky.

10 days ago

I definitely enjoyed hiking here. lots of nice trails to explore

Great hike with wonderful views! It is my go to hike when family visits and wants to go.

Awesome begginer hike to get you fitted for more bigger hikes. Trail gets steep for a ways. Beautiful lake and hut. Recommend doing the full trail around the lake. Great views!

Fun for kids!

If you feel as though you aren’t seeing marks on the trees, don’t worry, keep looking...especially if you see many fallen trees around!

Great view at the top (though there are trees so it's not 360). We went when there was a ton of rain so the trail got flooded (we were literally creek hiking so the return was slippery). There's a lot of rocks on this trail so you have to wear good shoes. I would also definitely make sure you are wearing hiking gear because we saw a couple snakes at the top (so don't sit idly at the top...they creep up behind you! lol). Otherwise, this was just amazing. It took us 2 and a half hours total to hike and 30 minutes at the top so we spent 3 hours there.

Great hike! The section between the two falls is steep, but very manageable with good hiking shoes and poles. The view from the top is worth the effort. It opens up to see the highway far below. The red blazes are visible on the trees and rocks, just keep looking ahead for the next blaze.

on Lonesome Lake Trail

16 days ago

Steep climb most of the way up with many roots/rocks. Went with our kids and they made it but it was tough. Overall a great workout and many people were getting winded making it to the top. View of lonesome lake was nice with a surprisingly strong breeze to cool us off.

We enjoyed our outing - however the second part of the trail to Harvard falls was very challenging with children- it was practically vertical. Trail is extremely poorly maintained- lots of downed trees on the path and hard to find the red blazes. The Georgiana Falls hike was much easier and there was a nice swimming hole we really enjoyed. If coming w young kids, i would say skip the second part of the trail.

The first section of this trail is wide, clearly marked, and gently slopes upwards, but after about 20 minutes of hiking the blaze marks become harder and harder to find so it’s easy to wonder off-Trail. The upper section between Georgiana Falls and Harvard Falls is nearly vertical
so you’re constantly looking for roots to use for toe-holds. The view of the Falls aren’t worth the hassle of hiking this poorly maintained trail.

18 days ago

Even though the uphill climb was a bit rocky it was well worth the lake views at the top!

love. short but tough hike with an exceptional reward waiting for you at the top. Seeing the water sparkling through the forest was a joyful sight and swimming in the soft water felt luxurious. The walk around the lake was dense and a bit muddy but gorgeous views all around.
my dog enjoyed it too.

I was wondering why this trail was kicking my butt and then realized I gained 1000ft in half an hour! Once you get past that it’s easy, and the view is amazing.

23 days ago

Hi, I was wondering is there parking?

This was a pleasant surprise as we were looking to pass some time while we waited to go zip lining. Steady incline to Georgiana Falls, which were nice. The better views are about .5 mile further up, but the climb gets a little trickier and more strenuous. I'd still rate it as moderate. Total trip took us about 1 1/2 hours with very few breaks and a short stay at each of the falls. Definitely worth the trip.

28 days ago

Long steady climb but i've seen worse in the area. I would rate it moderate and worth every step. The panoramic view of Lafayette,Lincoln and Haystack was spectacular. Great for pics. The walk around the lake was so peaceful and serene. Love love loved it!

Beautiful finish. Lots of roots! Be careful.

30 days ago

I grew up hiking this mountain at least every year, now I take my son up here at least a few times in the summer. He’s 8 now and we’ve been doing this since he was about 2, I had a kid carrier backpack for when he got pooped out, now he practically runs up the whole thing. The blueberries were amazing on little blue job yesterday, we picked huckleberries and raspberries too! This is a very accessible little hike for families with amazing views and on a clear day you can see Mt Washington.

1 month ago

Not maintained paths off trails not marked past waterfall a joke

Trail is not marked well and pretty steep towards the end. Beautiful though.

Great hike with kids ages
5,6 and 9

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