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Fantastic hike featuring two major waterfalls: Cane Creek Falls and Fall Creek Falls. Also several gorge overlooks. Hardest part is the Base of the Falls Trail, which is steep and/or rocky for most of its distance. Start at the Nature Center for an extra Cane Creek Falls view and an extra adventure: walking over a high, swaying suspension bridge. Overall, best hike at the best park in central TN.

1 day ago

We do this with day packs as training for long hiking trips. Not necessarily a pretty hike - just keep on slogging!

Nice trail - a bit strenuous/slow if you have little kids with you; but we made it all the way in and out with kids aged 3, 5, 6 and 8. They enjoyed it :)

It's in my way to or from home. it's easy enough to stop by for some relaxation after a bad day. The Day Loop is my favorite. My goal is to backpack and stay over for an extended weekend. I was there earlier this week, lots of fungi also bullfrogs in "the pond". I have quirky ankles and find I can do this trail easily. Enough people around to feel safe, not so many people to feel crowded. Lots of places to swim as well.

The Bells Bend Loop is completely open, no shade to speak of, so I was very lucky that I happened to try this trail on a beautiful overcast day. Othewise, I am sure I would have been miserable in the open sun. The hills offer nice views of the valley especially by the pond near the beginning. The day I was visiting, there was fog rolling over the high areas. Closer to the Cumberland River, there are several vantage points for viewing. Another reviewer said there was no access for dogs or humans to get to the banks which isn't entirely accurate, but you would need to be very confident in your step to attempt the climb down! I saw a large hawk fly from the woods near the river, and I suspect bird warchers may really enjoy this spot. Many people have complained about there not being markers anywhere on the trail which I did not find to be the case. Some of the signs are hard to read and badly in need of updating, but I had an easy time navigating the park. As a matter of safety, one should always have a map and/or GPS as a backup for any trail. Choose the day wisely, and you'll enjoy the open fields.

13 days ago

Great place for hiking, definitely get a stick to take down the spiderwebs. Also, wear plenty of bug spray, especially around your ankles. We stopped to fish a few times and got covered in Seed Ticks. Nothing 10 days of antibiotics can’t solve.

trail running
13 days ago

A good, moderately challenging trail. The last 2 miles or so before you reach the campground do need some maintenance as some of the markers are tough to see, obscured by several fallen trees.
But, I will avoid this trail on warm, sunny days. The party boats in one of the coves were blaring country songs so loud I lost my concentration several times. :(
At the first split, I took the right side (the forest side) of the day loop, then ran to the camp ground, and on the way back when I connected to the day loop again, took the lake side of the loop to get back to the parking lot.
My Nike app marked that as 13.2 miles.

My friends and I enjoyed the hike, but the waterfalls are a little lackluster if it hasn’t rained for a while. The best part was the excursion to the bottom of the gorge - definitely the most strenuous mile (round trip), but so worth it!

I'd say this trail was moderate-hard, especially for a not-so-seasoned hiker. The trail was a little hard to find, but there were plenty of friendly people along the way to point me in the right direction - must get down to the dam, go left, across the little suspension bridge and then you start climbing up on the white marked trail. At one point the trail is literally climbing up rocks. Like everyone says, there's a couple of lookouts where you can see the Alexian across the way, but you have to keep going a decent ways before you get to Edwards. Overall really awesome hike of about 4.5 miles, and I wouldn't recommend wearing chacos; although it was nice to step in the water on the way back.

29 days ago

Beautiful trail. Definitely a favorite. We always do the Day loop option which clocks per my watch at 3.8 miles. It is super dog friendly. There are some rocky spots that give the trail so much beauty. Only down fall is during the summer it does trace a popular party cove so you are going to get some noise and nonsense from that. Other then that we love it.

29 days ago

Great hike, moderate inclines, be sure to bring water! Stopped towards the end on a secluded bench to have a picnic lunch!

30 days ago

I loved this hike! There’s a parking lot on the right side
Of the road by the CT sign. There’s a single wooden portapotty there also if you need. The trailhead is on the left. Go to Indian Rockhouse and end up at Snoopers. It’s a fantastic hike and that view never gets old! Best sunrise in Chatta❤️

It’s a pretty great hike! Not a lot of signs once you get passed rainbow lake. The view at Edwards point is amazing! A lot of people had dogs. I would suggest that they need to clean it up a little. There was trash in some parts. Rainbow lake is cool but the water was dirty looking. Overall I would go back. Be ready for a lot of brush in the trail.

An awesome trail! Put my 2 yo in the Tula, 5 year old walked. Was a little bit too much for 5 year old. As we got closer to the end on the way back, she got whiney from being tired. Tons of places to stop and rest. One of my fav hikes ever!

Definitely worth the 2.5 hour drive

The waterfalls are so awesome. Worth the drive out to see them!

1 month ago

nice trail

Trail start was confusing and blazes could be better marked. View was gorgeous. First rock outcropping is not the final stop. Keep going and you will see the beauty of the Tennessee River, wilderness and even saw a pair of eagles.

1 month ago

Very nicely marked and kept trail. Nice lake views along the way and some interesting rock formations as well. Some nice elevation changes. Will definitely do this one again. GPS clocked 3.8 miles.

Loved it! Great trail! The sign says 10.5 miles I ended up doing 14.3.

1 month ago

This is a great long trail my dog loves coming here

mountain biking
1 month ago

More technical than most mid TN trails, lots of rocks. Love it though and have been riding this trail for a long time. This is the first local mountain bike trail that I remember.

Again Yekew is incorrect, hikers, runners, and dogs on a leash are allowed. No horses, no motorized vehicles.

Pedestrians have the right-of-way, cyclists do not.

trail running
1 month ago

An enjoyable trail run that turned into a hike. I went after office hours on a weekday and saw appx 6 people on trail.

not what I expected

The trail was ROUGH, but totally worth the effort. Took three dogs, they struggled in certain areas, but had a blast. If you’ve been to Cummins the trail is harder, I thought this trail was closer to strenuous than moderate because it’s really rocky.

1 month ago

If you enjoy adventurous woodland paths, this is not for you. It was like visiting a farm where they'd used a large mower and had mown paths without any real destination in mind from field to field, then put up an outdoor center, and called those paths, "trails". There are no markers, so you may want to use a map or GPS and bring water on hot days. There is no water around, except the river, which is not accessible or humans or dogs.

Must do!! One of my fav hikes in Chattanooga, beautiful sights and challenging routes. Also connects to waterfall and other trails for longer hike.

gorgeous view and fun water hole to play in

Mountain Biking only.
You will get hurt if you are hiking and running and will be responsible for accident and damages to bikers property.
Nice rock garden!
Helicopter Landing pad for bad accidents.
follow maps on MTB PROJECT

2 months ago

Great hike if living in the Nashville area. I enjoy it because it's easily accessible after a day at the office and can get some good incline along with miles without it being too far outside the city. I recommend bringing hiking poles. There are some steep areas and the poles make it nice. I hiked it during dusk and you see all sorts of wildlife at that time.

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