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My adult daughter and I day-hiked this trail in late September 2017. It is nice little trail. No water. The trail is well marked, especially the u-turn at the north end. It would be easy to miss the turn if not for tape marking it. Some very nice glades and views of Black River Valley along the eastern section of the loop.

3 days ago

This was my first big trail hike and it was much better than expected. I hiked this trail in late September and the Missouri weather was pleasantly warm. The hike was challenging but not too rough for a first. The campsite we chose had an amazing view and plenty of space for an secluded tent site.

Always good to see after a rain

Waterfalls were beautiful! Fun trail! Great day for a hike.

My wife, daughter, granddaughter, and I hiked this trail last Sunday. It was a great hike, but a little longer and tougher than we expected. The falls were beautiful! The trail after the falls was mostly inclined with lots of rocks just the right size to twist an ankle. Well marked trail.

20 days ago

Great, short hike w very impressive cave. This would be a great hike for youngsters because of the cave, huge boulders for climbing & it’s a fairly short walk for kids.

This trail needs some maintenance. There are 20-25 fallen trees that are down on the trail. For someone day hiking this is not an issue but there are camping sites along it which requires more gear and larger packs.

Pretty beautiful trail but it is a little rugged! We were supposed to be on another earlier trail , but we got lost, so we were on this trail! The falls on the half way are worth to visit! Gorgeous
My 4 year old son made it! Proud of him


1 month ago

This is a terrible trail. It is not marked at all so you end up walking on game trails half the time. The trail has not been cleared for years and has thorns everywhere and a ton of fallen trees blocking the trail.

very nice

The trail started off level near the trailhead and became steadily rockier as I continued on. By the time I reached the first glade, the trail was very rocky.

The waterfall was breathtakingly beautiful. It was partly frozen, but still roaring.

The trail was well marked with blazes and I thought it was moderately difficult.

This is one of my favorite trails in Missouri. Beautiful views, great for an overnight backpacking trip. Great length for taking out first time backpackers.

Unfortunately, someone broke a window on our vehicle with a rock. There was nothing in the car and beer cans left in the parking lot.

Just wanted to leave a heads up here for people heading that way.

I will definitely hike this magical trail again despite this misfortune!

1 month ago

Great trail! According to my Fitbit it was closer to 8 miles... will definitely be back!

Lmao what a joke. Yes a good trail for this part of the country, but THE DRAMA of inexperienced hikers/reviewers. I get it, not everyone has climbed a mountain or even done a 14er. But the clamorous reviews of some group needing to come down because of a little rain and thinking they were about to die...really ridiculous.

Fairly easy hike, can be done in 1 day, more fun in 2.

4 stars because it’s the best you’ll get down there. -1 for the drama, but if this was in any other part of the country...it would be 1 Star. Btw there is some wildlife, no bears but “little bears” that may get into your pack. So pack smart!

1 month ago

Hiked this trail yesterday (11/24) after we had quite a bit of rain and it wasn’t too muddy! The trail head was pretty confusing, and I completely lost the trail at one point as well, but all it all I did really like this trail! Loved all of the moss especially!

1 month ago

Nice little trail. Can’t wait to see the waterfall in full force. Nice walk in the woods and a fun trail.

Rugged trail.

Absolutely wonderful views.

Wow! The cave is incredible and the boulders are huge! Very easy trail and I will be back.

Great hike. Definitely a good work out. Due to the time of year though, the trail is very easy to lose because it’s completely covered by fallen leaves. Definitely be aware of where you are and periodically check the app if possible. Topographic map was very helpful. The view was great and very pleasant.

Very short hike but awesome rock formations. Great for photo ops.

Great trail. It is quite rugged, but the views are worth it. We hiked it right after a snow so the falls were flowing beautifully. Would recommend having plenty of time to navigate the boulders and explore. Would definitely do again!

2 months ago

Beautiful hike with various terrain changes. We went 11/3, early AM, after rain, many new leaves on paths, if it weren’t for trekking poles would have fallen four times. No ticks, skeeters, spider webs, nice. Trail head (TH) marking, signage poor. We took off from area 1/2 mile off TH. We finally found the TH, which we thought was end of trail but it wasn’t; very confusing! We were temporarily bewildered (lost) and walked 3/4 mile on road to get back to car. Blazing’s are confusing, and not very generous.

2 months ago

Short little hike up to an impressive cave.

such cool rock formations on this trail! definitely recommend if you haven't seen it before!

we do this trail all the time. its more moderate in my opinion. lots of variety of views. great option - not uber challenging so all can enjoy it, but still a good workout. in spring, the wildflowers are amazing. in winter, the frozen waterfall is gorgeous.

2 months ago

One of my favorite hikes so far! My husband and I hiked this today and enjoyed the cooler temperatures and for gorgeous fall foliage colors. The waterfall was fairly dry but still beautiful. Next time I would like to hike the additional 2 miles down and back to see the Devils Toll Gate.

Beautiful views at the top and unique rock formations. I will definitely go back.

best during cooler season,less bugs

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