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Part of trail unknowingly closed "until September" after I read it supposedly opened around August 1st. Arrived at 5pm from 4 hrs travelling, and a citation issued on the windshield of our car the following morning for camping d/t campsite being closed, but too far in to hike out after arrival. Embarrassed to be escorted out (on our way out) by Park Rangers (eldest with 3 months experience after telling us we would be cleared of citation for not actually having been 'found camping.') Beautiful sights, however. Do your research more in depth than I did, apparently, before staying here or hiking past 5pm.

Spectacular vistas for relatively little effort. Direct route = harder. Fire road = more gradual.

on Dismals Canyon

1 day ago

Too short, too expensive!! Nothing special!!! $12 / person is for my opinion not worth! I think it deserve maybe only Parking fees or $5 / person. I mean there are a lot of FREE amazing and breath taking places. Sad about !

Great hike, would classify as moderate difficulty. You follow an old fire access road for the first 40 mins which is quite easy, the "shortcut" trail to the left is fabulous with some steep spots but tons of roots which make great natural steps and not too many rocks, the trail is also wide and well trafficked. Once you are up in the Alpine Meadow it is very easy to go off the highlighted route, but you won't get lost. A number of paths allow you to cut down the intended route which adds flexibility to your day. Most rewarding section is the western-most ridgewalk! Be advised you are not permitted to bring even small dogs as the alpine meadow is a caribou breeding ground, who are very easily disturbed. Even your fiery chihuahua may be perceived as a predator.

2 days ago

Beautiful property. Terrible customer service. The weirdest hours I’ve ever seen for a park. I’m rating it a 5 because the property is gorgeous & I enjoyed it very much!

Most of the trail is meh, the falls are great. Be sure to keep going back until you see the large drop off that’s impassable.

Nice short trail

4 days ago

A lot of hard sweat and bugs on the way up and down but the bit at the top was well worth it. Outstanding views and not too busy. Early start recommended.

Nice trail. Taking the advice of other reviews, I started at the bottom and hiked up to the lookout instead of driving up to the trail head. Not having exercised in a good while it was more moderate than easy but still doable.

8 days ago

Great trail. Tough at some parts, but that’s the point! Lots of fun and plenty of resting parts/shelters.

Over the past two weeks I've started a hike from the north and also from the south. The trail is overgrown, in some places the grass is above the knee and it is hard to see what is around your feet. Our hike from the south ended about 0.5 miles in when my dog was bit by a copper head he/I just couldn't see because of the overgrowth. The area is otherwise beautiful, but the trail is just too overgrown for me to hike again in the summer which is a shame. If you do go, heavy pants/boots/snake gaiters are recommended.

I took my 4 year old in early spring. We loved it! Climbing down the creek bed is difficult so take your time. Beautiful views once you get down the the bottom. Overall nice trail to bring young children or fur babies.

Amazing hike! The beginning is not that interesting, just a casual walk in the woods, but after the forest, the path through the hills offers fantastic views on the Maligne Lake and other mountains :) definitely recommend, the hills has some good ambiance!
Tip: there is an unmarked trail but clear and simple at the south, where the views are even better

Did it twice, once in each direction! Not too buggy, rocks are (not surprisingly) slick in the shade but easy enough to keep your feet dry.

great trail for little bigger kids 5+ be prepared for kids to swim in the summer.

Loved our mid-summer hike. Was steeper and more difficult than we expected but are definitely going back in the fall. It’s amazing that this beautiful area is tucked away here in the Midwest. Wear good hikers and bug spray for the valleys.

Relatively easy hike in general but was rough this summer. There’s some large trees down in the first mile of Nubbins that makes it nearly impassable in some sections but clears up if you keep on. I saw a lot of muscadine grapes near the trailhead and there were tons of small daisies in bloom. If you’re doing this in summer, wear long pants because there’s A LOT of ticks (my dog who is on medication carried home 56 in his fur 濫). Also be aware there’s some active predators in this area- many piles of scat full of fur and even found a partial boar skull.

Aside from that it’s pretty steady but not steep elevation gain. Pretty water falls and reliable streams. Some folks have mentioned to me the trail is hard to find nearer to its end but imo it’s pretty easy to stay on as there is good signage. Like somebody else mentioned I typically do Nubbins to Odum Scout to the Pinhoti as an in and out- I think it’s like 7 miles total? There’s a huge campsite at the Pinhoti Scout intersection that’s great for large groups.

22 days ago

The trail is a great way to see the beautiful canyon! Some of the creek bed can be rather steep and slippery so be sure to wear the appropriate footwear. Once you descend into the canyon the mosquitoes do get a little bit bothersome so remember the bug spray.

Always a great trail.

Actually backpacked this last summer. We brought our dog and I would recommend staying on the top of the ridge to ravens point if you’re hiking from sycamore falls. Hiking into the valley is quite treacherous with all the boulders, especially for a dog.

We followed the route counterclockwise which minimised the traffic. Fire trail is a bit of a drag but alpine is superb. We went beyond the all trails route to a second “summit” on an unmarked but clear trail. Totally worth the extra 2Km or so.

Trail was very easy and short. It was very beautiful, the waterfalls were not what I was expecting but still beautiful. The only negative thing I have to say is it cost my daughter and myself $20 to hike for a couple of hours, just seems like too much. Especially on our way out the older lady that was working was yelling at my 6 year old and I that we had 3 minutes to get our while we were walking up the steps. I think I will stick to the free outdoors but worth seeing once.

1 month ago


Great trail, but difficult for older and beginners. Enjoyed it!!!

1 month ago

My family and i have been several time. This place is absolutely beautiful. We usually take our lab also he loves playing in the water!

Took the short but more steep route. After reaching the first rest area, continue to the summit for more amazing views. You will see Maligne Lake from the top of Bald Hills and the beautiful Opal Hills. Worth going! (Be prepared for your windbreaker because it can get pretty windy up there).

nice trail but alittle grow up

Great hike in the Maligne Lake area of Jasper. Steep at times but overall a moderate hike. Difficult rating may be due to technical challenges in this hike to reach the summit -trail becomes a bit more tricky as you climb the peak. Moderately traveled trail - not teeming with tourists. Good opportunity for running into wildlife so better to travel in groups of 3+.

1 month ago

This a spectacular trail that starts off with an easy rock path that doesn’t have that trail feel. Just wait, it gets better! Nice ridge paths and you have to climb up and down some pretty slippery river beds. Beware if you bring a dog, make sure you can lift them. Some parts of path they will need help. When you get in the canyon, be prepared, bring some good mosquito spray.
There is a nice mix of gravel, dirt with a dash of mud and sandstone. Great for all ages. Kids would love this trail. To things to remember, water and keep kids on trail. Copperheads and rattlesnakes are off trail and can be aggressive. Enjoy!!

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