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12 hours ago

Great hike! Tough hike out with a 4 and 1 year old in tow but definitely worth it!

Interesting trail to hike. Has 2 rope bridges which are fun. also a mossy waterfall. also the main waterfall which is pretty has 2 shoot offs the ridge. Saw a copperhead snake. well marked path. It was shady. also lead to rattlesnake point which is a great overlook.

Stinging fork falls is 3 miles round trip, with a a 30-foot (9.1 m) high waterfall. the more tranquil and picturesque swimming holes

many sections are narrow, rocky, and have steep drop-offs into the gorge.

10 days ago

As my phone had no service and I used the trail map provided by the park, my experience was not what I was expecting. This hike was not difficult, and it was similar to the hiking in Oklahoma around Stillwater, the change in incline was less than I experience in Kansas walking to the river from my house.

We love this trail but be careful this trail can be difficult make sure you have the proper foot gear on and bring water and a snack. There a lot of Kool pictures to be taken on this hike so you might be stoping a lot. When we there a women fell off the side of the trail about 2 stories down into the creek. EMS had to come and get her some of the trail is a little thin on the way to the falls. And she will be ok broken ankle and wrist. But this is a good opportunity to say hiking is fun but be prepared for the worst : )

17 days ago

This is a rather beautiful hike with some falls just off the trail and a well maintained path. The campgrounds are nice, and I have stayed overnight here as well. I will say that some of the views were mediocre, and I would not recommend this for children, but for the most part I would definitely put this on your must-see list.

we did a punt to point today. this trail is much longer than the listed 8.2 miles..... he prepared for a hard hike if u go here. the creek was super muddy today and the falls were meh... I am glad I checked this off my list. Not sure how soon I will be back. this trail kicked my butt and I just hiked my. leconte in the smokies in June. I dont advise taking small kids on this trail at all. unless u wanna carry them out.

If you are looking for a challenge, this trail might be for you. It has all the ticks you could want, no source of water, decent shade in the first 3.5mi, then no shade. i decided to do this hike on a cloudless day, with 97-100° temps, and 3.5 liters of fluid....bad idea, lesson learned. i ran out of water on the way down, about 4 miles from my truck....that was a very long 4 miles. Cramped up pretty good when i finally made it to my truck. Trying to change clothes and look for ticks with cramped legs sucks!!! I had gatorade and water in my truck, thank God. I am happy to say i completed this hike, so i can scratch it off the list.

This was a fun hike, lots of centipedes all over the place though

This was a great little trail. Flat and easy till the split then becomes moderately tough. Turn right to go to base of the falls. The trail to the left is starting to get overgrown a little bit but has a pretty view from the top. Part of one of stairways was blocked from a fallen tree on the way down.

great hike

Slipped over for a walk after work. I never tire of walking this loop. Only takes a little over an hour or so, well worth the time. In the summertime, the stretch along the creek is probably 10-15 degrees cooler than the trailhead. One of the prettiest spots in the area.

Had a blast there this past weekend

Peaceful walk in the wood with so much to see in such a short loop

Love love love the CT!

Nice hike, but trail not marked clearly on the left fork. Almost stepped on copperhead snake at the fork in the trail...great photo op. Bring a walking stick.

Beautiful hike. Lots of rocks and roots though-wear appropriate footwear. Will definitely be back!

I would rate it a little more than moderate due to the rocks, roots and narrowness of the trail. but it's very scenic with nice waterfalls and swimming holes

Beautiful place to go to! Walk further down another trail and you can get to Martha’s falls and jump off cliffs!! Great adventure

The section between the labyrinth and table rock is in poor condition which adds to the difficulty. The views are excellent.

Narrow trail, but amazing views!

1 month ago

Great hike! Not too challenging and lots of pretty sights to take in. You can take your time or breeze through it!

Wanted a trail not too far from Chattanooga with some water. Had an afternoon to kill and couldn't resist the temptation of a waterfall! Started at Heiss Rd around 2pm on a Sunday and finished around 8 (small gravel pull-off on the side of the road). A group was leaving as I started and only ran into 1 other person. The trails are blazed but no signage for miles and no indication of some of the loops/side trails. Study the map first. 2 beautiful shallow pools with cascades to cool off in within the first 0.5 mi. Loads of rhododendron and wild blueberries. I hiked to Imodium Falls - coming back was tough I won't lie! The elevation changes are dramatic. Not many overlooks, just beautiful woods. Loved hiking with the sound of Possum Creek in the background. Campsite looked pretty basic and a little walk to get down to the water. Heavy rain had washed out the trail in a lot of places and growth was crowding the trail (wear pants if you don't want things brushing up on your legs). Hiking against the backdrop of the giant stone walls was refreshing. And Imodium Falls is paradise! I'll be back for longer next time.

Awesome trail - water fall was well worth the hike - will warn you to have bug spray and if allergic to oak or ivy be prepared it is over growing the trails - and bring you stick - the trails are closer to hard than easy on the moderate scale

Easy hike! Beautiful area

This is my favorite so far! Climbing up and down the rocks was a bit exhausting but even as a beginner I still managed to make it to the waterfall at the end. It's a great spot for a swim so bring a bathing suit!

It was a good hike but slippery on the rocks. It had rained before we went. We saw two deer and One Turkey. Also they’re was a bench at the waterfall that someone had broken and thrown part of it up and it was stuck on a tree limb. It was a hot day when we went but upon reaching the waterfall the air was a lot cooler. It was like an air conditioner.

The trail itself was beautiful especially by the river but there are A LOT of ticks. I highly recommend you and your dogs are treated for ticks before tackling this hike. The trail head actually begins in the state park just beyond the lodge and cabins.

2 months ago

This was a very, very, bad idea.

I thought it was going well for the first mile or so, pretty boring, but still with the hope that it would improve as it went on. Well holy shit was I wrong; almost immediately into the first mile and a half I remember the advice that a reviewer gave about the ticks, only to look down at my shirt to my complete and utter shock, not one, not two, but four of the vampiric little creatures climbing up my shirt. I walked a couple hundred more feet thinking that I had just gone through a bad patch, boy was I wrong.

Now, I live nearly two hours away and lordy me can I tell you that having the idea of these little blood sucking creatures latched onto me did not make it any shorter.At this point I'm just about to call this trail a bad omen, considering that my car was drenched in fire retardent on the way down the switchbacks and that I nearly had several head on's through the mountainous roads. I'm scared of what disastrous things this innocent looking trail can bring onto others.

I would only recommend this trail if you think that nearly dying of blood loss on the way home is enjoyable.

edit: I guess one of the upsides to the County Fire is that all of the damned ticks in the area have burned. Too bad the trail seems to have been involved in the burn though, I would have liked to venture during the Spring season when the ticks have calmed themselves.

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