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2 days ago

Absolutely beautiful trail. Hiked this with family which included 2 kids. It was a challenging short hike that rewarded us with the most incredible views! Highly recommend!

5 days ago

Quick easy hike with amazing views. I'd recommend this trail for sure. We lucked out and got there before a large group of people, so we had the summit to ourselves for a few minutes.

Hiked orange trail up with three kids(13,11&10 yrs). This was their first real hike. it was steep enough to get a little winded and make your legs shakey but completely doable It took us a good 1hour 30 minutes to summit. Beautiful views of the lake. On the way down we took yellow trail. great hike

what a nice little trail along the lake and through the woods. though trail is relatively flat, good walking/hiking shoes a must as you cross over small rocks and tree roots often.

Fun walk. Short scramble at the top on they way down was a nice surprise

Super fun little hike. I’ve done it a few times and each time and it seems to be more fun than I remember. Just this past weekend I hiked it after a heavy rain. The run-off only added to the enjoyment. (The lack of people due to the rain certainly didn’t hurt either.) Take the dog on this one. They’ll love you for it. One very active, high strung puppy slept all the way home.

we went up through Brook trail(yellow) and came down on boulder loop(orange). Our way up was moderate, there were lot of water streams and small falls that actually made climb tricky as the trail got slippery at some points.

Boulder loop was one of toughest descents we have ever been to. Lots of rocks and steep climbs. I suggest carrying an extra pack of socks just in case your socks get drenched in water!

it was a fun hike

18 days ago

Pretty steep hike, but it's quick and you are rewarded with great views!

18 days ago

We were unsure if our Fiat would make it to the trail head, but the roads weren't bad! Once at the trail head, we chose to go up Coot Trail. It was a steep and rocky climb to the top, but the tree coverage kept us shaded and cooler. Once we got to the top, we were greeted by the fire tower and beautiful views. The climb up wasn't easy, but the payoff was worth it. There's a path nearish to the picnic table on the right-hand side that leads to a ledge with some great views. If you're not afraid of heights, you can also climb the fire tower for more amazing views. We took the Bobcat Trail back down. It was definitely much more wet and slick than Cooter Trail. The rocks are abundant and slippery, so take caution as it's a steep descent. It was nice, however, to be able to try both trails!

My daughters first mountain hike. It was a great hike :)

Great day hike. Amazing views of Alton Bay and Lake Winnipesaukee

Quick up and down! Great for a hike that is moderately challenging but doesn't take long

Did this one on Friday, 7/20. Once you turn off of Rte 3 you travel 8.5 miles on what appears to be a logging road. The first half of that ride we travelled at about 30mph. Once you turn, the dirt road narrows to one lane where we travelled an average of 18mph! We did meet a couple of cars and much to our surprise there were 6 cars parked at the trailhead. We went up Bobcat because that was the only trail marked. It was a steady ascent. We came down Coot which comes out right near the toilet in the parking area. Coot is much shorter and I guess more steep? There was one big blow down about 3/4 of the way up Bobcat, but there was a fairly decent “path” around the left of it. The view from the fire tower was nothing short of amazing!

I had fun! Went up Main Trail (Blue) and down Brook Trail (Yellow). The final ascent on Blue is steep, exposed rock face. I had my sticky trail running shoes, so that made the climb easier. The Yellow is easier on the knees coming down, but definitely longer. Went the morning before thunderstorms were scheduled to roll in, so trails were not heavily trafficked. In wet weather, the Yellow trail down was a better choice - rocks get slippery when wet! I'm an average dayhiker and pushed my ascent pace to beat the weather; took me about 1 h 45 min for the whole loop including a five minute break at the top. Folks who don't hike a lot or who are hiking with little ones will probably need to budget more time.

Great trail! Amazing views! Still dealing with ignorant people with their dogs off the leash. Wish something will get done about this. I wish people would start thinking of other people, it’s a shame! I will be doing this trail again for sure! My wife got bit two years ago because of this, so that’s why it bothers me so much.

We've done this one twice so far and it is really beautiful and not terribly crowded.

Awesome rocks. Wide trail. Went to the summit with my dog. He had a blast. It gets steep toward the top and it rained a bit during my hike. Rocks got slick. Great views. I took the blue trail.

Nice short hike
Awesome views from top

Blue dash trail is steeper and more challenging with smooth rock faces

Very well marked trail, quick and easy hike. I hiked it with a pulled Achilles and it didn’t irritate my calf any further. We started b 8am with 70+ degree weather which was nice. LOTS of blueberries at the top!

Super easy trail and very well marked for the green trail, Great views from the top, you can see the chairlift at the top of Gunstock from the firetower. Very good trail for dogs!

Very well marked and easy hike. National Audubon Society is right there with educational birds of prey, so nice way to finish off the hike with the kids.

1 month ago

Went up the yellow and down the blue. Glad I went up yellow. Hard for me since I am out of shape but it was doable. Coming down the blue trail was very steep and made me glad I went the longer but less steep route. Beautiful view at the top.

Took the yellow trail up and orange (boulder) trail back down. Even with added distance, it was still less than 2.5 hours with a short break at the summit. Great views as expected, overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. Not too many views or cool rock formations aside from the summit zone though. Steady climb past the first mile, but thoroughly in the middle of "moderate" range. Limit time on the blue trail to avoid the crowds.

We did this hike a few weeks ago and it was great, not too hard for someone like me with a desk job. ;) Saw lots of kids and dogs do this trail no problem as well. The views from the top were awesome! Everyone like a good view of the water, right? Definitely will be coming back to do this one in the fall for the leave change!

Moderate and rewarding hike. Gets a little steep on the rocks near the top, but the view is well worth it!

1 month ago

Great mountain! Very rocky and pretty steep in some spots. Amazing 360° from the top of the fire tower.

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