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23 hours ago

Only a third of this trail is a hiking trail; the rest is a ATV trail/road. This means you’re sharing space and dust with trucks and buggies. It’s a steep up with some good views of granite cliffs. The lake is pretty and gives this another star but it’s man-made and warm so muddy. BOULDER LAKE ROAD IS CLOSED BEFORE YOU REACH THE TRAIL HEAD. YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE A MORE CIRCUITOUS ROUTE THAN GOOGLE MAPS OUT. On the AllTrails app these roads are marked as Jeep trails. They’re a bit rutted but okay. Use the satellite map to see what is truly roads. When at the bottom of the hill the trailhead is to the right.

2 days ago

Well maintained easy trail, downhill going out, uphill going back. Beautiful views! However, if you're looking to hang out at the base of the lower falls, be warned that you have to do an easy level of bouldering (I had two 12 year olds with me that could do it fine).

Starts with a beautiful walk in a valley and ends with a fun but tough scramble up to the falls (the route on here doesn’t include the scramble). The stretch in the woods inbetween is unspectacular.

Trail description very accurate. Downhill to falls, uphill coming out. We just took our time and it was fine. It seems most hikers stop at the bridge. We walked the additional 1/4 mile to the falls and no one else was there. It definitely was worth the effort. Both the view of the creek from the bridge and the falls further on...beautiful!

11 days ago

This is a really great and beautiful hike, but hard to find. The trail which is actually only 4 miles in total was not located where the gps sends you. The best way to go is using directions from google. Once you get to the location on google it is down a road to the right about 50 yards. There is a sign that points out the trail and the trail is pretty well marked. Hopefully this will be helpful because getting there is the hardest part.

12 days ago

Moderate hike with wide and nicely maintained trails. The hike to the lake is uphill for almost the entire time. The hike starts with crossing a river across a few logs, so wear good footwear and be aware if hiking with small children. The lake is beautiful and we basically had it to ourselves, although we found the fish to be elusive that afternoon ;) Overall, a very nice, not crowded hike that I highly recommend.

Well, this is a beautiful trail. The first part of the trail doesn't have a whole lot of shade, but there are places where there is a creek bed where dogs can cool off. There is a fairly short section that has an incline, but not too bad at all. There is a river crossing that does have some logs across it that make it possible to cross without wading through the water. After the first river crossing; the trail is super easy and well shaded. There is a wooden sign attached to a tree (not sure on distance from the river, but a mile-ish...) that directs you to the right to get to Bridal Veil Falls. You will go down that trail a short distance and come to another river crossing. This one doesn't have logs across it that I found, so I just took my shoes off and waded through, definitely was a nice cool down! At this point however, is where that 5th star left my rating. To get closer to the falls, it is a very steep and not really well marked or clear trail unfortunately, so I didn't feel comfortable enough to go all the way to the falls (was by myself).
I still love this trail, and will do go again. The views are amazing!!

Excellent hike great workout

We decided to do Lady Face falls which I cannot seem to find on all trails as it’s own thing. Lady Face falls is in a nice cool canyon just right off the path about 2.4 into it. The flat first miles with views of McGown peak are nice as well.

off road driving
26 days ago

I have driven this my entire life, I always enjoyed it and the nature and the river.

26 days ago

Normally I hate these kinds of "trails" however, the forest service did a great job to make you still feel like you're in nature and not just walking on a boardwalk. Plus, the wonderful waterfall is a bonus.

27 days ago

great hike
waterfall and creek provided
great views
I hiked to the goose creek campground and back up to the snowmobile parking area
below average rocks to negotiate on the trail
hike back up is intense
moderate overall hike

Beautiful hike! Lake was full of fish

Beautiful hike. Some open fields in the beginning with gorgeous views of McGowan Peak. The hike itself is very easy with little gain. We never really got a good view of Brideveil Falls, but there is a little trail off to the side before you reach the rover crossing to see the other set of falls that were good. You can climb down on the rocks to get a really good view here. The river crossing was easy, but it did go up about 1.5ft and was about 20ft across (and is quite cold). We could have turned around at the crossing and it still would have been a great hike.

1 month ago

It's a hard hike back for beginners. being that it's all up hill. It's difficult to get to the bottom of falls. The trail ends at a large steep rock. the climb down to bottom of falls should only be down if you steady footed. The bridge has a beautiful view and very small pool to soak your feet. Beautiful views the whole way and very shaded.

Very beautiful trail, plus very easy.
Explore around at the lower falls end of the trail and you can find trails leading to the top of the falls and a little further down the river. But wear shoes with decent tread if you want to do those- they are steep and slippery.

beautifull!! the falls is breath taking..

Very beautiful! Easy hike and a lot of areas to take photos of.

Beautiful. River crossing was a little difficult. Got wet. Never really found the falls but...

Great hike today with perfect weather. Approximately an hour in and a bit longer on the way out. The road had just been graded.

Beautiful hike! The road is definitely rougher so I’d recommend taking a SUV, a sedan could make it but you’ll want to take your time. The landslide mentioned a couple years ago isn’t much now so don’t let that stop you from continuing to the TH.

The hike itself is great, I wouldn’t say it’s challenging. You get a lot of breaks with flat parts. The ground is pretty soft and compact with lots of larger rocks that act as aids in stepping up steeper parts.

Lake is beautiful, MAKE SURE to bring Bug Spray!!! We got eaten alive by mosquitos when the sun went away. My husband fished, there are a ton of fish up there.

We took our 5 week old and 22 month old kids up there so parents, bring your kids on this hike!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Awesome ride,

This is a great spot to take little and not so little kids on a little walk down to beautiful waterfall views. This is a favorite spot we take family from out of state when they come to visit.

Hiked on 6/12/18. Had to take boots off and wade across two crossings, but other than that good trail.

The trail to the falls themselves was rather steep so I'm not sure it's recommended as the view from the bottom is just fine.

I attempted this hike on Thursday, May 24, 2018. No issue with snow but from what I understand you have to cross the creek in order to get to the falls, that wasn't going to happen, so I had to turn around. I tried to find another way across but to no avail. Had the trail all to myself, not a soul in sight. I'll post a few pix...

Loved hiking into this forest with a raging rapid river along the way. At the end of the trail we saw a mighty waterfall from the river! So beautiful and scenic.

trail running
2 months ago

Great run especially going clockwise. The ups are in a lot of sand, but worth it once you hit the ridge. Great valley views and then some great downhill bombing at the end. Great loop and even more fun to do it twice.

2 months ago

Difficult hike for beginners but I promise the views are so worth the climb out!!

2 months ago

beautiful hike!

The trail head is super easy to find and there is a ton of parking. The trail is almost 95% shaded the entire way to the falls. Like others have said, the way into the falls is pretty much all down hill which makes the way back up hill. But it isn't too bad. Had my 8 and 6 year old daughters do the whole thing without issue.

All in all a great little hike with an impressive waterfall. Spring is great for seeing all the run off coming down these falls.

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