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Absolutely beautiful hike and location. This was my first hike in Virginia and it did not disappoint

Our hike was cut short because of the ever fickle recent August weather. I still managed to enjoy and take beautiful photos though. My friend who goes to VTech recommended this place and I was sold immediately after I saw the photos she took this past winter season. Will definitely come back to finish the hike and see the frozen falls next year.

Steep steps towards bottom. Down all the way in, up reverse. One of the nicest falls in NC. Well worth the hike

9 days ago

Excellent trail. We hiked after a rain and it was muddy in places, but the waterfall was well worth the wait.

Great trail. Lots of people though. Didn’t expect to be that crowded. Nice waterfall.

10 days ago

Quick hike to see a waterfall off of the Blue Ridge Parkway! We did this hike in a slight rainfall and it was perfect weather! Falls were the best at that time too.

14 days ago

Plenty of parking available.
The trail was very well marked, and despite having rained earlier in the day, it wasn’t overly muddy or slick.
The falls were gorgeous! Definitely worth the hike to see. I strongly recommend hiking the full loop...there are beautiful views all along the way:) took less than 2 hours altogether, including time stopped to enjoy the breathtaking waterfall.

16 days ago

Pretty steep towards to summit... The View Is Well worth the hike...TAKE treking poles!!!!

Very good trail after a hard rain. No muddy boots or paws! Only one mile, but good views at the top.

The Falls were beautiful and worth every step of the hike. If you have children be very careful as the lower 2/3 of the trail has very jagged rocks and exposed roots. Will definitely hike this trail again when we are in the area.

20 days ago

Don't hike this during the summer! I'm sure it's nice during the winter/fall, but it was far too overgrown when we went. There weren't any markings, so it can be confusing to visitors.

Loved this hike. Was so worth the drive. Second half is a bit harder, but some really pretty viewpoints. Also some nice rock formations to see.

23 days ago

Fun hike with beautiful views at the top. Will definitely be back!

This trail offers amazing views, wild ponies, and lots to snack on in late summer. We had blueberries, black raspberries and blackberries within arm’s reach nearly the entire way. For the hike itself, you can expect a short climb, with the trailbed being packed earth and rocks. There are several rock outcroppings for the adventurous. Everyone should visit this park at least once.

24 days ago

It is an easy trail and it has beautiful flowers, views, and wildlife to enjoy along the way. It’s a bit rocky so if going with toddlers, you may want to consider having a carrier with you.

29 days ago

Fairly easy trail to hike w a section making it moderate. Also the number of rocks on the trail would make it a bit more technical than easy rating. Be careful if it’s wet since there are plenty of rock to twist an ankle or slip. Great pet trail. Saw some deer on drive to/from. Brought my dog (4” legs) and he had no issues.

1 month ago

This is a beautiful trail to an even more beautiful waterfall. Like everyone else has said, it is so much prettier than it appears in pictures. It was well worth the walk. Definitely take the rest of the loop back to the trailhead as the additional water access points are worth the extra effort.

Moderate, short hike only 15 minutes outside the town of Wytheville. I spent 1.5-2hrs on this trail, with a good while at the top to enjoy the view. The trail is steep at times and will get your heart pumping, but is overall not too challenging and the view at the top is well worth it for tourists and Wytheville natives alike. I will do this trail again in the spring when the rhododendrons are blooming. Highly recommend!

Short hike to the falls. I’m used to really strenuous trails so this trail is very easy for anyone to do. The rocks are slippery so I would just be careful if your going to walk up close to the waterfall. Beautiful waterfall off of the blue ridge parkway.

good trail

The view at the end is spectacular.

on Crabtree Falls Trail

1 month ago

Such a beautiful waterfall!! Picture doesn't do it's justice! Bring a hammock that you can wrap up around trees and there is perfect set of trees to tie it up on right beside waterfall! More than relaxing and refreshing. Hike back up is incline and a great workout.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. The falls is extremely gorgeous.

1 month ago

Incredible trail with multiple waterfalls! Pretty easy hike.

Gorgeous right after a good rain! The trail was very natural, lots of rocks & logs, so be careful with your footing. Be prepared for the uphill hike on the way back. It was a lot on my dogs, they were completely give out & were wanting us the carry them before we made it back, so I probably wouldn’t take them on this hike again.

After about a mile up the service road you reach the fire tower. The trail continues into the woods (blue blaze markers) at the bend in the service road right before turning to go up to the fire tower. However, the Trail is still VERY overgrown. I hacked about .2-.3 of a mile into it John Muir style but it just wasn’t worth it. If you are looking to get to flint rock for the overlook just take the flint mill trail instead.

on High Rocks Trail

trail running
1 month ago

We were passing through and thought we'd try a trail. We went out to run it, we did more walking than running because it was wet. Beautiful trail, only went about 1.5 miles in, a little overgrown at times.

We had a wonderful hike. We hiked on a Sunday afternoon so it was a little crowded. Overall nice hike for the family
16, 10, 8. Beautiful falls and fun swimming for the kids.

The falls are very pretty. We did this last minute at the end of a long day and we weren’t prepared for the uphill journey ALL the way back. It’s downhill all the way to the falls and then of course uphill going back. We didn’t do the loop because it was a longer trail and we were short on time and energy. Thousands and thousands of rocks and roots along the trail...be careful not to twist or break your ankle! Probably wouldn’t take my 5 year old for that reason.

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