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Well-maintained and in the fall extra special with the changing of the leaves. We made it in time to venture up and inside the CCC fire tower and although it was foggy the view was nice.

6 days ago

All in all a nice trail. (I backpacked from Janice landing to fairley bridge landing.) Although it could use a little maintenance (a lot of trees blown down in the recent storms we have had and very grown over in places) and a few well placed bridges over the more treacherous water crossings would help. *mile markers would be awesome*

Loved this trail! I would like to point out that the trail is very close to cliff edges so I wouldn’t recommend bringing children.

6 days ago

Nothing to add to the reviews, except watch out for Town of Trumbull parking enforcement! Ridiculous.

Really pretty in some areas. Thickly wooded. If you're by yourself it's an easy hike. However, it's DANGEROUS if you have two big dogs with you because the a large portion of the path is narrow (my dogs were shoulder to shoulder) and on the edge of a cliff.

trail running
6 days ago

Probably my overall favorite running spot maybe because it's so close to my home but also maybe because this whole river valley has so many interesting things to see. The real fun is south of Whitney ave. on the single track trails. There are 4 main trails, red, yellow, white, and blue. All will take you from Indian Ledge park off Whitney ave., south to Park Ln. and Daniels Farm road, approximately a 2.5 mile journey. These are famous mountain bike trails (famous enough to have been listed years ago in mountain biking guide books of the best rides in the north east!) The different trails feel so far apart from each other. They're not. But they seem like they are. In fact the whole place gives this wonderful impression of being much bigger than it is. You feel miles away from civilization even though you are probably no further than a half mile from a highway to the East and a river with a short climb to houses on the West. It's like a whole microcosm of terrain shoved into this one 2.5 mile stretch. There are spots that are charming, almost magical, and the place begs you to come back to do more exploring.

A couple of things to be aware of:
1. If you hear pistol fire, it is from a local police shooting range alongside a section of the red trail. It's not used frequently but when it is . . . you will know. The area is enclosed by fencing and there are small barracks and targets etc. So it's not a concern on the trail.
2. The trails are trafficked by mountain bikers and a significant enough number of hikers of all ages that I have never NOT seen at least one other person on a trip. In fact, I've often seen some of the same people on different occasions. Most of this traffic is on the white trail and blue trails.
3. Many people walk/run their dogs here (including me sometimes) and they are almost always off leash.

Great little short hike. Leaves were turning nicely and the views were awesome. I've lived in this area my whole life and never tire of this beautiful place! To me it's easy, the other folks we were with thought it moderate.Any way you look at it, it's worth the jaunt. You'll be glad you did it!!

fantastic in the fall. easy trail. bring a hammock. lots of good spots to enjoy the views. definitely going back with a crashpad.

1 month ago

Did about 6 miles round-trip but never saw lake. Must be close to the end of the trail. Very easy.

Used to be good when it was maintained and well kept. Too tall of grass and bridges are out in various places.

Good flat hike. Lots of scenery. The back 6 needs to be cleaned and fixed up though.

Great hike with wonderful views. Lots of little trails to go on and get great pictures. Not a strenuous hike. Watch your step once out on the rocks. There are cracks and holes one could fall in. Wouldn’t recommend bringing the kids. I would recommend doing King’s Bluff while there.

easy and great short hike!

I have no idea why this is rated hard. Not even sure it’s 1.5 miles. So.... we did the outer loop also and added part of the Gahuti trail to make it a 5 mile hike. If I were to do it again would start at the main Gahuti parking area and hike over to Fort mountain and do the inner and outer loop, then back. The outer loop is pretty nice.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Is it good for mountain biking beginners

Easy hike, not much elevation gain or scenery to view. Not recommended for anyone looking for anything strenuous or scenic.

We arrived about 10:00 am, only one other car in the parking lot. The park in and of itself is beautiful, the drive up very scenic. The trailhead was easy to find, good signage. This trail offered not only well kept paths and views, but quite a bit of history about the Stone Tower and a prehistoric stone wall. As always my Alltrails app. worked flawlessly. This trail is rated as "hard". I wouldn't rate it as hard... maybe moderate. I saw several retired groups walking along enjoying the trail. That's not too say it's level, it has a few stairs and inclines, but not really hard.
My daughter and I love to hike and we love scenic views. Reaching what I would call the halfway point was one of the best placed observation decks ever. It juts out get enough to get a 280 degree view, and at around 2750' elevation it was quiet a view. This hike did not disappoint. The observation deck is a great place to have lunch, snacks, or just enjoy nature.
Note: as of 10/03/18 no leaves were changing color yet.

1 month ago

Very nice hike when combined with Preachers rock.

great little hike around the base of the mountain beautiful setting lots of shade. Recommend for everyone.

2 months ago

Nice for trail running, shady and cool in the morning, watch high grass areas that creep up around 4 miles in, 5.7 out 5.7 back is what I got in, start at the opposite trail head so you can wash off and change at the park there as there are no facilities at the 49 trail head entrance. Be prepared to get your feet wet and a lot of spider webs across your face. Other than that a very easy level chill 11.4 mile out and back.

great for a relaxing stroll. heavily under rated

trail running
2 months ago

Well maintained trail on Rucker that isn't busy. Lots of shade and it is paved the whole way. 3 different distance options make it nice depending on what you're there for.

Beautiful trail. It is hard, but doable with plenty of rest stops.

We took the yellow trail. It was moderate/hard on the north side due to the rocks you had to step up on and at a few points the trail is narrow. Make sure you head to the scenic over look it’s beautiful.

Amazing experience! Offers easy and hard side! Incredible views at the peak!

3 months ago

kid friendly, spiders, beautiful views
easy to do just bring water, some spots are covered

Never been here before and really loved the trails offered, even for a quick walk around... can’t wait to return!

Great little hike. Most of it is easy but about 1/4 mile is uphill. Nice camping spots along the trail!

Over the past two weeks I've started a hike from the north and also from the south. The trail is overgrown, in some places the grass is above the knee and it is hard to see what is around your feet. Our hike from the south ended about 0.5 miles in when my dog was bit by a copper head he/I just couldn't see because of the overgrowth. The area is otherwise beautiful, but the trail is just too overgrown for me to hike again in the summer which is a shame. If you do go, heavy pants/boots/snake gaiters are recommended.

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