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Great trail conditions! Beautiful views.

1 month ago

I started this hike in the clockwise fashion and that put the steepest part of the hike first. At the one mile marker there is a cattle gate you have to open to get through. At 1.3 miles you’ll come to a junction and there’s an open well, be careful not to fall in! Once I got to Dry Gulch Road I saw multiple signs that the rest of this hike was closed so I just followed the road back to the TH. All in all I did 3.6 miles with 1,085 ft of elevation and it took me almost 2hrs due to the multiple stops in the first mile. Beautiful fall day, clear blue skies, gentle breeze, but it is a high desert landscape, not my favorite.

Today, I randomly picked a local hike off my AllTrails Map and it happened to be Corrals-Bob’s Trail Loop. I loved it! Parking was easy; there’s street parking across from the trailhead (on Bogus Basin rd) for about 7 vehicles and more ways to access the Loop nearby. At first glance on the App, I thought the loop was short and easy. Upon starting the hike, I was pleasantly surprised at the distance (~8.5 miles) and elevation gain (~1,500 feet). I started at Bogus Basin Rd, went through two gates and took a right onto Highlands Trail, choosing the counter-clockwise path around the Loop. Highlands Trail zig-zagged down to a culdesac and took a sharp left onto Bob’s Trail. Bob’s Trail followed a dry creek bed and climbed all the way up to Corral’s Trail. Corral’s Trail provided great views of the treasure valley and continued up to over 4,200 ft elevation before descending back and around all the way to Bogus Basin Rd, passing along Jeep Trail on the way. You have to pay attention as there are several forks in the trail along the Loop. Overall I got more than I bargained for, but I’m an experienced hiker and this hike provided a good workout. The weather was Sunny, Windy, and 53 degrees; perfect for a fast hiking pace. I was hiking solo so I finished quickly in 2 hours 20 minutes. If hiking in a group and enjoying the experience, it would likely take about 4 hours. This hike would be a totally different experience if there was water flowing through the stream beds. So I’ll surely be revisiting Corrals - Bob’s Trail Loop in April. I would suggest doing this Trail in the Spring for full effect!

Start early and do the loop so you get to see the bird observatory and the views from the back of the mountains are amazing.. you may have to closely follow the map as there are some three ways trail intersections along the way

This was a beautiful loop, even in the middle of the summer. The creeks were dried up but still plenty to see. He cautious of the multitudes of bikes on the trail. But those we encountered were very friendly. There are a bunch of forks in the trail that give a lot of options, Bob's Trail was our favorite part of the loop, I recommend leaving this trail for the end of the hike for the surprise of beauty!

4 months ago

We started at 5am. I wouldn’t start any later in the summer because it’s exposed. It was a nice wide trail. Well marked. Wish the loop continued in the foothills and didn’t hit the street at the end but regardless it was a well marked, well maintained, and well traveled trail. Boise State has a bird research area at the top and we enjoyed learning about their program and releasing birds after they were banded. It was a great hike. Bring lots of water. Start early.

trail running
5 months ago

LOVE this trail. You get a variety of terrain and views to drink in!

Coyotes reported on trail June 2018. Be careful with your dogs. Fish and wildlife think there is a den there with pups. When gown, probably less of a problem.

on Lucky Peak Loop Trail

5 months ago

excellent trail. little traffic. about 1km elevation gain.

Good, clean fun. A solid trail.

6 months ago

Good trail. Would definitely advise going very early because almost all of it is not covered. Also, very challenging. Lots of incline. Gorgeous views.

on Lucky Peak Loop Trail

6 months ago

attempting this hike next week. where is a good place to park the car? I'm new to Boise :)

hike up is a steady incline, challenging with great views

what a beautiful day to hike Lucky Peak. Sunny as we started, climbed thru the clouds, ended on top cloud covered and 20 degrees cooler. truly enjoyed the trail.

This trail is great for an early spring, lung expanding cardio workout, especially when you have been limited to the gym and machines all winter. It’s the path least traveled so going at your own speed will not be a problem.

I love this trail!!! Beautiful, and challenging!

7 months ago

Crestline is one of my favorite loops, which I recently realized joins with the riparian trail that leads up into the Upper Hull's Gulch area. It's a beautiful hike, just bring plenty of water in the summer and watch out for cyclists!

The trailhead is at the end of Council Springs Road. About three minutes from the coordinates given here! The road ends with a gate at the end.

7 months ago

From a somewhat novice, but enthusiastic hiker:

The driving directions provided took me right to the start of the trail on the map. I thought it was a very pretty hike overall. I have no sense of direction, so I made sure my phone was charged, so I could stick to the map. The GPS totally ate up my battery...started out at 85% and by the time I hit the spot where you move from Corral’s to Bob’s trail, my battery was down to 10%. It was a little confusing which sign went to which trail at that point and I ended up having to backtrack a bit. Not going to lie...I was a little terrified at that point and felt like I was out in the middle of nowhere...luckily, I very kind couple, who knew the trail system well looked at my map for me and told me that I was, indeed, now on Bob’s Trail, which would end at a culdesac in a subdivision. Highlands trail starts there and if I took that trail and stayed left at every opportunity, I should make it back to my starting point on the map. It almost worked...following those directions, I was almost murdered by a mountain biker, traversed up a slightly heartbreaking zigzag of trail up to the top of a ridge (which seemed never-ending enough, that it caused me to start rationing the trail mix), where I could finally see the parking lot where my car was, but could not figure out how to get to it...so I hiked down to the parking for another trailhead and hiked up/down Bogus Basin Road to the lot where my car was parked...very pretty, nice hike...slightly heartbreaking at the end....glad I wore waterproof hiking boots...would’ve twisted my ankle a few times had I not worn mids and had to cross a stream somewhere around 6 times. The climbs are not as steep as Table Rock...

nice easy hike with great view
some blind spot on cyclist.

Stayed in an Airbnb within walking distance and tried all the trails surrounding us. Loved it!

Beautiful scenery, within walking distance of our Airbnb. Perfect hike for a beginner from Louisiana!

**The trail I suggested to AllTrails with the following description is NOT the Freestone Trail but AllTrails placed my suggestion here.** (AllTrails - You are going to get people lost!) Here is my description of Cottonwood Creek to Ridgecrest to Central Ridge to Shane's Loop, about 8 miles total and winding further away from trailheads than the real Freestone Trail: Lovely hike in the cooler seasons. I was very lucky to have an early February day in the mid 50s and a dry trail. See Cottonwood Creek review for info on riparian habitat, flora, and fauna. Follow the Cottonwood Creek Trail to Ridge Crest Trail, winding up and northwestish. Ridge Crest T's up with Central Ridge Trail. I veered west on Central Ridge to meet up with Shane's Loop. This trail can be easily accessed from downtown Boise and within 30 minutes hike I felt like I had left the city for backcountry, high desert wilderness. The Foothills seemed to roll on forever in front of me. I shared the trails with dogs and mountain bikers, and a few other hikers. Good idea to check the Ridge to Rivers, Boise local website for trail conditions. There is NO shade in the hills so bring a lot of water in the summer months. Trails can be muddy or snow blanketed in winter.

11 months ago

We followed the directions to the trail head but there was no parking there. You basically had live in the neighborhood in order to hike the trail.

Nice trail, a bit of climb at first but mostly downhill on the way back. Well kept and fun to ride with nice views of Boise.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Great loop, some good vertical. A fairly heavily trafficked loop. I started at Bobs trail and then did Corrals and Highland.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Strenuous, but worth it! Very neat to observe the changes in the ecosystem as you gain elevation. It was cloudy up top and we couldn't see more than 20ft, but I imagine the views are spectacular on a clear day. The descent offers pretty great views of the reservoir.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

map not accurate....not a loop had to retrace steps ended up being an 18 mile horse back ride PHEW! When you come to the rock pile on the ridge turn back! pretty ride though

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

mormon cricketville

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