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Good hike, but do it early in the day if it’s going to be hot. You are exposed most of the day.

This was a nice, quiet trail. Ends up being a pretty good workout if you keep a good pace.

No water in the falls two days after the rain. The dry ground sucked it all up. 

If you are looking for a nice hike with a mixture of ups n downs along with some straights, this isn’t your trail. Good, clean trail but it is an all up hill hike and steep at times, so if you’re looking for a workout trail, this is it. No coverage, so you’re pretty exposed but nice views beyond.

1 month ago

The trail is fire road the entire way which makes Beeks Place easy to find and there is plenty of room for both hikers and cyclists. Park near the gate at the Black Star canyon road entrance and just keep heading up. There is some shade at the beginning and there is shade at Beeks Place but the majority of the climb has no shade. Late fall through spring is the best time to go. Take lots of water. We started at 50 degrees outside temp and ended at 88 degrees- I went through 3.5 liters of water. Some in my group used poles and found it helpful for the steady climb up. The trail is moderate - but this hike should only be done by those who can handle the climb up (about 2300 ft) and no shade. Trail runner shoes were fine.

To quote Homer Simpson, the end “Sucks Diddley Sucks. Almost 1/3 of a mile on PORTOLA PARKWAY. Put BS!

Take plenty of water. Wear boots not running shoes, it’s steep with loose footing. This trail was opened up by the dozer line from this summers fire. Connects to main divide at the top.

Definite work out. Pretty steep downhill. The trail coming down is the fire break.

1 month ago

Great but go early, gets hot!

Amazing walk among all the beauties of fall colors and amazing reflections

Gorgeous views especially in fall with all the colors.
Great easy hike for dogs

Be prepared to see wildlife!

Great place to run. Lots of challenging trails Trails are well marked.

Great views and bring a walking stick

Easy hike with beautiful views!
But you do not really need to go anywhere from the parking lot to see the most beautiful view

2 months ago

This is not skyline. This is the dozer line that was opened up during the fire. Skyline is just to the north. It’s hot and steep. A good workout.

Easy and enjoyable trail along the lake. Parked at the Marina and took the walk around the lake as I waited for sunset. Small stream at the back of the lake where you take a boardwalk over it. I started on the right of the Marina and went counter clockwise. Be sure to stop and look back every now and again because the views really look differently from a different angle.

Nice easy walk around the lake. We didn't run into too many people. It was nice and peaceful.

3 months ago

Good trail to hike up with no shade . Be sure to bee enough water during hot season, moderate hike you can run down hill after the Dobler “Big white round ball at the peak”
There’s are some fun trail along the fire road.

beautiful walk around Convict Lake...the altitude makes it a bit harder to do but take your time and enjoy the spectacular scenery and you'll not regret choosing this trail...

Dog friendly and awesome views.

On 30 Aug at 19:45 my wife sighted a mountain lion near the entrance before the creek at the time of exiting

Great short day hike with lots of awesome views! Dog friendly too.

Did this trail couple weeks ago and I loved it. very easy and just gorgeous views. The water is just so clear.

very nice trail

Gorgeous hike! Pretty easy. The back area is no longer flooded. Just had to cross one little stream. We even saw a couple of dear.

4 months ago

Awesome trail. Gorgeous views.

4 months ago

Fun, short hike! Only took about an hour. Can definitely add other trails to it to get more hiking in

GORGEOUS hike! Awesome bridge over the inlet to the lake and the most stunning views, though there was a small stream we crossed via downed logs (easy). Could have just waded through as the current wasn’t very strong and it was shallow, but didn’t want to get our socks wet! Very comfortable hike, only started sweating in the last half mile as the sun came out. Otherwise very well shaded. Definitely recommend to people of all abilities

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