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It’s a great hike with great views! Be sure to take water because it can get very hot.
The hike can be done as an out and back or a loop by continuing past Pillbox #2 and hiking the ridge. The trail will dump you out on Luika Place. CAUTION!!! The trail gets really steep and narrow, the last 1000 feet or so. If it recently rained, forget about going as the trail will get slick and muddy.

Takes a little effort to find the trail after getting to the arch but well worth the uphill hike for the view at the top. DON’T climb over the arch unless you have climbing equipment or are an adrenaline junky

Steep quick hike with amazing views at the top. Cool WWII bunkers as well. Crowded and exposed so bring sunscreen and water.

The views are amazing at the top, as are the WW2 bunkers! It started raining as we were coming down and if it is wet, it makes it very slick coming down in the mud! Be prepared to slip and slide if wet.

The view is insane! The trail is not so hard but with the heat it could be rrally difficult for some. Bring a lot of water!

Awesome place to watch the sunrise. Pretty heavily trafficked at times but the views are worth it.

Quick, easy, and amazing views (especially for sunrise)! Recommend to anyone hiking in Hawaii. There are a couple parts that could be a little slick if wet, but just make sure you have decent shoes and this hike will be no problem.

Definitely go when it hasn’t been raining! Great hike and the views at the end are awesome. This trail can be very muddy and a challenge at the beginning and end. Not many look-out spots and also nicely shaded.

10 days ago

Nice view from the top. In my opinion the second pillbox has a much better view. The first Pillbox has more space in the bunker though. Great photos and great place to watch the sunset from.

This is a fantastically fun hike with a 360 degree view at the top. The trail is steep and a little bit of rock climbing is needed to get to the top, but still I think most hikers can reach the pillboxes no problem. This is a popular hike so the traffic was moderate along the trail.

11 days ago

Some spots are challenging but the view is absolutely worth it!

11 days ago

Decent trail...VERY Muddy at the beginning going up - that said - super sketchy going down!! The Pillbox has a Pretty View of the Ocean but Nothing that I think is “Noteworthy”! Definitely NOT a Lanikai Pillbox View which you’d think from the name!! There is suppose to be 2 Pillboxes but only found 1. The AllTrails App is a MUST for this outing because there are SO many other trails!!! All woods!! So have Bug Spray on!! I had kids ages 9,7,6,3 (baby wore 3yrold) and they enjoyed it but said at the end it was kinda boring because there wasn’t a Spectacular View at the end!!! Definitely NOT worth an Hour drive (Coming from Kailua)!! Lanikai Pillbox Hike offers MUCH more Viewing!! Although a This would be a Great Nature/Woods Hike!! Very Pretty inside the Woods!!

Always a beautiful hike, even on the 20th climb. Yesterday, we decided to hike the entire ridge, mostly out of necessity to evade the 100s of ill-equiped people at the pillboxes. The ridge is significantly less traveled which made it even more awesome. No drones. No music on speakers. No crying. The hike became 2000% better as we advanced beyond the pillboxes :)

Nice view to the beach and mountains!!

Great trail, very muddy, and amazing views at the end make all the slipping around worth it. Make sure you have god hiking shoes or spikes to go over shoes to make this an easier hike on yourself. Ropes are along the trail in the rough spots, but if it’s been raining then shoes are the better beat.

Amazing views of the ocean and unbelievable colors. Once you get past the second pillbox, you’ll have very little company on the trail. As others have noted, parking is impossible. I was dropped off, then walked back to the beach to meet my party. A lot of people on the trail that probably aren’t experienced hikers, i.e. inappropriate footwear and slipping after not paying attention to their footing - but also a lot of trail runners who’s mountain goat-esque skills will make you feel inadequate. A couple sections have ropes to pull yourself up, which is helpful. I flew my trekking poles out with me and they came in handy in a few sections.

Incredible views. Ran short on time so only made it to the second pillbox but views were amazing all the way up. Highly recommend this hike. Made it up to the second pillbox and back in about 45 minutes. We went just before dusk and sun was behind hills so morning\sunrise might be better yet!

The views are awesome. Good luck finding parking that’s anywhere near the road the trail is on. This trail is impossibly crowded. Please know, there’s a LOT of erosion and loose gravel. A woman slid today on one of the less steep parts, nearly breaking her leg. The constant use of this trail has resulted in poor hiking. Beautiful views, awesome pillbox, too crowded. I probably won’t do it again.

Awesome views but slippery when wet!

Great hike, not difficult, fun for the whole family. The trail was dry today making it even more enjoyable!

Difficult in the beginning but it gets easy. Best views of a blue ocean

it's not hard at all. short easy hike.

I run this trail daily. Great exercise and incredible views. Fast trail. I run to second pillbox and back down in 15 mins.

18 days ago

Pretty good. Do the full loop, worth it

The trail was very muddy! I think it will would have been more enjoyable if I had brought some hiking poles. The mud didn't bother us, but it makes the trail really slick. Nice views of kaneohe and Kailua

amazing views. I did this hike with my 3 year old. she walked half the way the other half I had her on my back. We all loved it and will be doing this hike again.

Great hike but steep entry and exit points if you go do the wholw trail so be wary of that

rock climbing
21 days ago

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I live in Honolulu and I’m an avid climber. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice.

I did this hike November 17. Manini Pali is not something I wouldn’t recommend, especially since the reward is not the greatest. My partner and I got lost many times along the way up and down. We eventually found a rope section after an intense rock limb. We basically had to make our own way out before dusk. Very overgrown, a lot of scrambling, rocks you cannot see. Take a machete if you plan to do this hike.

on Ehukai Pillboxes

22 days ago

Very muddy today. Don’t wear shoes you dont want to get ruined. It was pretty slippery and difficult going up (and down), but once to the top it was beautiful and a nice easy loop. Grab a hiking stick for the way down, so slippery!

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